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openload alternative Openload is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms on the internet. It allows users to upload, share and view videos without any restrictions. In addition, It offers a large selection of movies and TV shows to watch, as well as tools for downloading videos and watching them offline. It allows users to access its website via a desktop or mobile browser. It does not require any software to be downloaded or installed to use it. However, some users are still looking for better service and need to find websites like Openload because they have a problem downloading movies from these sites. So in this article, we listed seven of the most popular alternatives to Openload to watch movies online.

What to look for Openload Alternatives

Suppose you are looking for a sites like Openload. You must need to consider the standards that we listed below. These standards guide to choose the desired and perfect tool for you. You can check them below before proceeding to the seven websites alternative to Openload.

  • It doesn't contain too many ads. The first standard you must consider is that the website doesn’t contain too many ads. Suppose the site where you want to watch a movie does have many ads. It can interrupt your watching experience until you can be annoyed and stop watching.
  • Free to watch movies. The Openload replacement you may choose is you can freely watch the movie. Find a site that is free and doesn't have a paid version. Also, it enables you to watch unlimited movies.
  • Support most Genres. Another standard you must consider in finding a sites like Openload is that it supports most Genres. At least you can choose what genre of movie you want to watch.
  • The video and audio are in high quality resolution. Lastly, the most crucial standard is that the site supports high-quality video and audio. Because if the movie is of low quality, you can't enjoy it because the video is blurred on your screen, and you can't recognize them.

Review of 7 Alternative to Openload

1. 123Movies

Top Features: It enables you to download the movie in HD quality.
Need to use VPN: It is optional to use a VPN.
Disadvantage: Many reports came from users that this site distributes malware and viruses.

123Movies started as a simple streaming site, but it became the most popular in the streaming world years after. On this site, you don't need to pay for anything to watch because all movies are free to stream. Also, you don't need a high-speed internet connection to stream the best movies and TV shows. In addition, you will find movies that have high quality, like Blu-ray, HD, and more. You will see this in the picture of the movie. And about the ads, when you play the movie, another page will open, close it and click the play button again to start watching.

123movies main interface

2. FMovies

Top Features: Any content on this site is user-generated, which means some users can put a movie.
Need to use VPN: It is also optional to use a VPN.
Disadvantage: Since it's user-generated, it is also possible that some users upload malicious content.

FMovies is one of the websites like Openload. You may discover practically any newly released film or TV program. Furthermore, you can search for a movie in its interface and enter the title in the search bar. Also, in the upper corner of the site, you will see and allow to view trending Tv shows, movies, and more. They also offer the best quality in many genres, and you can view them classified by country, genre, and Top IMDB. They update every title every day to ensure that you enjoy using this site. You can watch more than 10,000 movies for free online. However, this site has minimal ads.

fmovies main interface

3. PutLocker

Top Features: It has Torrent Streaming services.
Need to use VPN: It's non-compulsory to use a VPN.
Disadvantage: Putlocker has a truckload of advertisements placed in all corners of the website.

If you are looking for a website that gives you access to a comprehensive collection of movies, PutLocker is for you. It is a site whose interface is only a search bar. It enables you to search for movies and TV shows. Also, it supports most genres, just like other websites. You don't need to log in/register when you use this site. Plus, you can search for a movie directly; another page will open with the movie you've searched for. On that page, you can see the trending movies and TV shows that are a new release. Just tap the three horizontal lines at the site's top left corner. About the ads, it doesn't contain ads that users want.

putlocker main interface

4. LookMovie

Top Features: There are both subtitles and dubbed versions of many films.
Need to use VPN: It would be best if you used a VPN when downloading a movie.
Disadvantage: You can watch the movie that is available on their site only.

LookMovie is also an Openload movies alternative that you can use. When you open this site, you can see three tabs: Movies, Shows, and episodes. Like the others, it supports most genres. Moreover, it shows different "Featured Movies/series" every week. Those are the top-rated and most-watched films that the other streaming sites reviewed. Although, you can't be able to search for a movie because it doesn't have a search bar. You select a movie that is available only on their site. Plus, if you are a fan of an ongoing TV series, LookMovie is for you. They update the latest episode as long as they have the copy.

lookmovies main interface

5. GOmovies

Top Features: Every movie is played in the cinema, and you will find it soon after on this site.
Need to use VPN: It would be best to use a VPN when downloading because some of the movies on this site are infected with malware.
Disadvantage: Some movies and dramas here are infected with malware.

GOmovies is one of the best websites for watching free high-quality movies. In its interface, you will see a search bar for a movie. Also, it enables you to pick a genre, new release movies, specific country, latest added, and TV series. Just click the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the site. Plus, you can see the quality and what movie episode is uploaded in the movie's picture. Furthermore, if you play the movie in the lower part of it, you can see the "available in HD" tap on it to watch the movie in HD quality. About the ads, it has too many ads in its interface that can confuse you.

gomovies main interface

6. LosMovies

Top Features: Los Movies 2023 has unique movie sorting and downloading options.
Need to use VPN: It is optional to use a VPN.
Disadvantage: It contains many malware and viruses that can harm your PC and mobile phone.

LosMovies is a popular website that you use as the Openload replacement. On this site, you can view it in categories of Movies, TV shows, Top Movies, and even movies with subtitles. Also, there are more than 25 genres available, and each genre is subdivided into TV shows and movies. Plus, there are more than 2,000 pages of movies that you can watch. It also enables you to search for a movie that you want to watch. Furthermore, this streaming service can sort your favorite movie by year. However, LosMovies has so many ads that every click will redirect you to another page containing ads.

losmovies main interface

7. Popcornflix

Top Features: It is also available on mobile devices.
Need to use VPN: It is optional to use a VPN.
Disadvantage: Some TV series are outdated.

Popcornflix has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows to watch and stream. The menu has three buttons on the top of the page: Homepage, Movies, and Series. Like the others, it supports all of the movie genres. However, when I watched one of the movies, it had the same quality as a DVD. It doesn't allow the users to change the resolution/quality of the video. Thus, while watching a movie, there are ads before it starts to play and throughout the movie. And sometimes, the site is down. But don't worry; there are clone sites you can visit and begin streaming movies.

popcornflix main interface

Comparison Chart

Features Supported Genres Subtitle Require to Log in
123Movies Adventure, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, War-based, etc. Yes Optional
FMovies Romance, Sport, Thriller, War, Horror, Action, and more. Yes Optional
PutLocker Action, Comedy, History, Horror, Animated, Family, etc. Yes No
LookMovie Comedy, History, Action, Action, and many others. Yes No
Features Supported Genres Subtitle Require to Log in
GOmovies Adventure, Action, Animation. Game-Show, History. Etc. Yes Optional
LosMovies Sci-Fi, War, Superhero, Action, Adventure, Family, Romance, etc. Yes Optional
Popcornflix Comedy, History, Horror, Animated, Action, Action, etc. Yes Optional


Openload is one the most popular streaming sites on the internet. However, some users look for a better service than Openload gives. That's why this article contains seven websites you can visit and can be an Openload alternative. We also listed some standards that you may consider when choosing a website. Make sure you look for them to find the perfect website.

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