How to Convert Netflix to MP4

convert netflix to mp4 Netflix is an excellent video streaming service and is also a great source of entertainment. It allows you to watch your favorite TV series, movies, and documentaries that will surely while away your boredom. And if you are thinking about how you would be able to watch the episode that you miss watching on your TV, Netflix is all you need. On top of that, you can enjoy all its videos in HD and Ultra HD quality. Despite that, all of these impressive advantages come with a price. You need to pay a certain amount to avail of Netflix services. Also, it will require you to subscribe every month. Hence, before your subscription expires, saving them onto your local storage would be your best option. And most of the time, Netflix download not working making it hard to save videos. Therefore, in this article, we're taking a look at the best tools to download and convert Netflix to MP4.

How to Download Netflix Movies to MP4

Netflix is considered one of the most popular movie streaming services we have today. It is the epitome of online movie streaming as it popularized watching movies in the comfort of our homes. With that, many movies or series have been released on this platform. With its rapid popularity and increasing demand, Netflix has a 30-day trial for new users, which is beneficial to access the tool for a month free of charge. We all know Netflix's subscription is quite pricey compared to its competitors. Luckily, we have video downloaders that can save you from your future demise of losing a subscription on this platform. You can download every bit of movies and series that you want to watch. With Cleverget Movie Downloader, you will be assured that your favorite videos on Netflix will be downloaded. How? This tool comes with an advanced technology system that parses a video on its platform once you have logged in and previews a video on its interface. With that, it can easily get the Netflix series that needs to be saved for future offline streaming. It also comes with high-quality video formats, which include MP4 and more.

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Step 1 Get CleverGet on Your Computer

What needs to be done first is to acquire the file installer of CleverGet Movie Downloader on your computer. You can access the download page of the tool on your web browsers or tap the visible button above to acquire it quickly. After that, access your computer's download folder and run the file installer to launch the tool.

cleverget netflix download interface

Step 2 Open Your Netflix

You have two options where you can get your desired Netflix video; you can get the link to the URL from your web browser and paste it on the tool's interface. Alternatively, you can also log in to your Netflix account on the tool and browse as many videos as you want without the hassle of copying the videos' URL one at a time.

open netflix on cleverget

Step 3 Download Netflix Movies/Series

With its batch download, you can download movies or an entire series simultaneously. You can get more than five videos in one download process. Simply select the quality output presented on your screen, and you can get the Netflix movies or series.

download netflix on cleverget

Step 4 Preview the Downloaded Netflix Video

Lastly, once the download process has been completed, the video file will be transferred to the new tab. Hit the video icon at the upper rightmost part of the computer application to locate it. From the list of downloaded files, tap the Netflix video you have acquired and preview it on its built-in media player.

preview downloaded netflix on cleverget

How to Convert Netflix Files to MP4 on Windows/Mac

The first tool on our list that can record and save Netflix videos to MP4 format is the AceThinker Aqua Demo. This tool is a reliable and robust screen recorder that can capture videos in 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolution with lossless quality. This tool also allows you to annotate shapes, lines, texts, and arrows on the video while recording it. It also has a unique feature called "Task Scheduler," where you can automatically set a date and time to record your screen. To see the guidelines on how to use this tool, see the steps below.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Download and install the Aqua Demo

First of all, click one of the "Download" buttons above to get the Netflix MP4 converter and recorder. Then, run the driver to go to its installation process and follow to install it on your computer. After that, open the app and choose "Video Recorder" since we will record videos on Netflix.

netflix recorder sgp interface

Step 2 Change the default format to MP4

Next, click the "Gear" icon to go to its settings tab. Go to "Output," and click the "Video Format" drop-down button and choose MP4. Then, click the "OK" button to apply the settings.

netflix recorder sgp settings

Step 3 Start recording Netflix

After that, you can choose the recording mode in full-screen or region mode by referring to the buttons at the leftmost part of the toolbar. Then, click the "REC" button on the right side of the tool to begin recording. Once started, go to Netflix and play the movie or TV series that you want to record and start to record Netflix on PC.

netflix recorder sgp recording

Step 4 Watch the recorded video

When the video is done playing, you can also end the recording process by clicking the "Stop" button on the left side of the floating toolbar. Then, the tool will open its built-in media player, where you can watch the recorded video. You can also keep the video to your computer by clicking the "Save" button or overwrite it by clicking the "Re-record" button.

netflix recorder sgp preview

Convert Netflix Video to MP4 on Android within Netflix App

In case you don't want to use a third-party app to download Netflix videos to MP4. Then, the Netflix app on Android can save videos and lets you watch them while offline. As long as you provide its monthly subscription, you can save Netflix videos to devices like iOS, Mac, and Windows PC. Also, you can keep its video to HD quality like 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolution. On that note, we will list the steps on how to download videos on the Netflix app below.

netflix app downloader

User guide

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for the Netflix app to download and install it to your Android phone.
  • After installing, open the Netflix app, and go to the "Download" tab and click the "Find Something to Download" for you to browse its videos.
  • Once you are in the video section, a "Download" button appears on the right side of the video name. Just tap on that button to start downloading Netflix videos.
  • You can find all the download videos within the "Download" tab. You can watch them from there even if you are offline.

netflix app start downloading

FAQs about Netflix to MP4

1. What format are Netflix movies?

All Netflix shows and movies are coded under H.264 format or Advanced Video Coding. This is the latest coding so far for videos, so it will play on several platforms.

2. How to download Netflix to MP4?

It is possible to get any Netflix movies or TV shows you want. However, it will cost you some money before you can do it. It would help if you availed its monthly description for you to download videos from Netflix. It would be best if you had a fast internet connection to download Netflix to MP4.

3. How can I convert Netflix to MP3?

After you recorded a Netflix video using Aqua Demo, convert it to MP3 using Free Online Video Converter. As mentioned in the steps above, you can directly convert it to MP3 and save it on your computer.

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