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The Best 10 Websites Like LiveLeak

sites like liveleak LiveLeak is a site that shares a similar concept with video-streaming sites like YouTube that allows people to share videos. However, the goal is to uncover reality footage of significant events concerning world issues, politics, war, and more. The site stands for freedom of speech with a non-biased belief of specific issues. That is why the website often faces controversies about the videos or live broadcasts being published. For example, the website uploaded some videos about "Panorama," a sensitive topic to talk about because it is about physically assaulted young people. Despite the delicacy of the topic, videos were released to unveil the truth. Likewise, more and more sites like LiveLeak are becoming popular these days. Being that said, here are some of the most popular websites similar to Liveleak nowadays.

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Top 10 Shocking Video Sites Like LiveLeak

1. EngageMedia

EngageMedia is a non-profit website that aims to create change through media and technology by emphasizing human rights and exercising freedom of speech. This Liveleak alternative is an open video-sharing site for everybody. Years after its launch, the site announced a collaboration with Canadian TV, strengthening the usage of Social Justice and democracy in media and continually making progress up to this day. Like other video-sharing sites, you have to register an account to be able to upload and share videos. In addition to this, EngageMedia can be streamed on almost any device, such as desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones. Below are the steps on how to stream the site using your Android and iOS mobile devices.


2. Xfinity Video

Xfinity is another website similar to LiveLeak. The first site on this segment is a warm-up for what is to come. The movies here are probably just shocking for extremely conservative types. However, where would you go if you want to enjoy watching things like a rabid dog, Got Talent of America, Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer, someone. He was bitten by a rattlesnake or Gisele Bundchen exposing her bra at a Celebrity event! During Hurricane Harvey, an audio clip posted here, Savior, who reported: Civilians are shooting raiders or simply looters insight, God bless Texas.


3. Flickr

Flickr, founded before YouTube in 2004, was not well-known for publishing videos but rather for sharing photographs. Flickr, a fantastic site similar to Liveleak, can also be used as a social media handle. You can upload awesome videos up to 1 GB in size with your images. If you wish to upload videos, you must first create and maintain a Flickr account. Flickr can help you keep track of your memories by allowing you to upload pictures and videos. Those are the most important places to remember happy times.

sites like liveleak flickr interface

4. ItemFix

The following site on the list is ItemFix. This sites similar to LiveLeak is a video-sharing site developed for video lovers. The website is in the English language. You can also watch, upload, and share content like videos through this site with this platform. The majority of videos are about random things people do and issues within a country. The site is straightforward to navigate and easy to understand. It is fast, and each video loads at a reasonable speed when it comes to navigation.

itemfix liveleak alternative

5. Ebaumsworld

If perhaps you love watching a wide range of shocking movie content, then this popular site (Ebaum's World) is the only place you truly want to head to. The video section includes everything from news events (like Nurse Utah, who were forcibly arrested) or more viral and punching random videos (as a student doing a tantrum after the student's teacher takes her fake Identity).

You never know what to expect while you visit the videos section of Ebaum's World, and that is what Ebaum's World is so much fun for. Here are great NSFW videos (indeed organized under the heading NSFW), so be careful. However, should you love unpredictable funny, shocking, or scary videos, you will never go wrong visiting the Ebaum's World site.

main webpage

6. my Vidster

Next on the list is my Vidster. This Liveleak alternatives is a social video sharing and hosting site, that allows you to explore videos, taken by other people. It gives the option to compile a collection of videos and let others watch them. Likewise, you can also view the video collections of other people. That is why this site has been gathering lots of attention over the years because it fosters a good environment for streamers. Above all, it makes a great alternative to Liveleak, due to its wide range of videos.

my Vidster

7. Veoh

If you are looking for a site loaded with entertaining and yet quality videos, you should consider Veoh. Here you can find a broader selection of categories to keep you entertained. This site includes adventure, movies, different niches, comedy, anime, horror, and many more. You can also watch streaming web videos from the Web using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, which is somehow similar to YouTube. However, YouTube only publishes video clips. Compared to Veoh, viewers can watch TV shows with full episodes and movies in full length.

veoh main webpage

8. OMG News

Just as Insane concentrates more on viral movies, the OMG News concentrates a great deal on the controversy. It is an attempt to exploit the phenomenon of online anger. You will find a video regarding a scientist who is forbidden to question traditional science. And again, another warns all parents that their child has already seen violent and annoying videos. Another warning viewers that these little sea creatures could eat you alive.

The effort here is to surprise and amaze viewers to share this vital content on social networks. If you like the kind of conspiracy theory or simply other controversial videos, then this is the best location for you. See this OMG News as a great list of the best YouTube videos to get your rage on.

OMG News

9. D Tube

Based on the name itself, it is comparable to YouTube.  D Tube, which inherited the appearances of YouTube, has grown in popularity. D Tube has a unique characteristic in that it enables adult content on the main panel. Besides, It is not subject to any limitations. D Tube, one of the prominent and reputable websites comparable to Liveleak that requires an account to watch videos, has more exquisite videos overflowing the platform. D Tube's best feature is that it is a decentralized platform. More crucially, D Tube operates on the Steem blockchain, with rewards paid in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular these days. A leap forward towards the future!

sites like liveleak dtube interface

10. AOL Video

Are you looking for sites like YouTube and Liveleak with a plethora of videos in one spot?  AOL Video is one of the perfect sites. AOL Video allows you to watch various videos without having to sign-up. This LiveLeak like websites is another famous video-sharing site, like Liveleak, with its great features and holds many of its videos. The older videos are also available on this page. However, they do not limit the site with their videos, but they also host videos from other websites. With so many options like My Queue, Explore, Shows, and more, this organizes the videos according to your preferences. The videos are arranged in sequence and together; related and similar videos are grouped. This feature allows users to use this platform with ease, and as a result, they become frequent visitors to the AOL video site.

sites like liveleak aol interface

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vk main interface

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copy and paste link on video keeper pro

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locate the downloaded video on video keeper pro

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play the downloaded youtube video

The Final Verdict

All LiveLeak similar sites mentioned are informative. You can maximize all of these sites if you want to know more about what is going on around you in and out of your country. If you find some important videos, download them immediately using Video Keeper Pro before they will be erased. Some important videos being published on some of these sites were being erased because of several reasons. Most especially if it's about revealing the truth to people, please drop us a message in our comment section if you have questions and suggestions.

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