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Must-Follow Ways to Fix Instagram Videos No Sound Problem

feature instagram videos no soundHow many of you are facing problems like no sound on Instagram video? Instagram is a famous platform that has around one billion users. However, this photos and video-sharing app where sound is crucial. Recently, Instagram announced it is now a video and reel sharing app. So, in this case, if Instagram video has no sound, then it could be challenging. For instance, there are times when you play the video but can't hear anything. It is frustrating because you can’t enjoy the content on Insta feed. Thus, let’s discuss how to overcome the situation if Instagram not playing sound.

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Fundamental Causes of No Sound on Instagram Video

Instagram is filled with opportunities and potentials, and now it has become an earning source for individuals and businesses. But if this entertainment and workplace platform is not playing sound, then it could be pretty frustrating. Usually, Instagram has an automated feature to play sound for the videos. For instance, there is a volume button in the lower right corner that you need to press to hear sound. But if that button is already working, then the reason could be different.

Here are the following causes behind the Instagram video sound problem.

  • Recently Instagram announced a reel and music feature. But that music feature isn't available in all regions and countries. So, if there is no sound on Instagram video, then it could be a problem related to Insta music.
  • Moreover, in some cases, people upload videos without any sound. So, even if you press the volume button, you can't hear anything because Instagram video has no sound.
  • If you are using more apps on the browser, the problem could be due to those extensions. So, you can close those browsers to check if Instagram not playing sound due to this.
  • Apart from this, if you didn't clear the cache or browser history, it could explain the Instagram video sound problem. Moreover, the video could be corrupt, due to which you don't hear any sound. On the other hand, you will face no sound on Instagram video if your device isn't compatible.

Ways to Fix No Sound on Instagram Video

Generally, there is a reason behind everything. However, this is the same situation if Instagram has no sound. Earlier, we talked about the causes. But there is no point in discussing reasons without mentioning solutions. So, here are tips to solve the Instagram video sound problem.

1. Check the Ringtone of Your Phone

If there is no sound on Instagram video, then check the sound of your phone. Sometimes, your device is in silent mode, due to which you can't hear anything. So, go to the settings or sound and ensure that the phone isn't on silent mode. There are separate ways on Android and iOS to check the ringer status of the device. But you also have an option to re-assure the level through side volume buttons. Apart from this, don't forget to check that your headphones/earbuds are plugged in the right way.

2. Check Mic and Camera Settings

If the Instagram video has no sound, then it is one of the first steps that you should take. Usually, this tip provides a solution if Instagram is not playing sound. It helps if the device is in silent mode.

For this, you will follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of your device and search for the Instagram settings.
  • Then, turn "off" the mic and camera access.
  • Next, go to the Instagram app and click on the camera icon.
  • Once done, click the "enable camera and mic access."

instagram videos no sound check mic and camera

3. Reinstall App or Restart Phone

If your phone is overheated or using more apps simultaneously, it will not function properly. So, to get rid of this Instagram video sound problem, then restart your phone. It helps most of the time and brings back the sound by closing extra apps that create a burden. Moreover, you also have the choice of reinstalling the Instagram app. If your Insta app is corrupt and creates a disturbance, you can solve it by reinstalling it. However, reinstalling the app, don't forget to restart the device for better results.

instagram videos no sound reinstall app

4. Check the Phone's Hardware

If you recently dropped your phone, then there might be an issue related to the hardware. Thus, due to this, the device doesn't let you play the sound. If it's not a hardware problem, then you can play sound on other apps like YouTube or Spotify to check the hardware. However, if you hear sound in those apps, then the issue is in the Instagram app.

5. Check the Instagram App

The second thing that you can do to bring back sound checks the Instagram app. Sometimes, the app doesn't work correctly, and as a result, you face no sound problem. So, here are the following tips that you can adopt to fix the app:

Here are the following tips that you can adopt to fix the app:

  • Sometimes, your device sources can lead to the no sound problem. You can FORCE QUIT the app. For this, you will go to the settings > apps > Instagram and now FORCE QUIT the app to fix computing resources.
  • The second tip to fix the no sound on the Instagram video is here. In this solution, you will clear the data and cache. The device stores all data in the cache, but sometimes the memory gets overflow, and it slows down the app and creates problems. So, if Instagram has no sound, then clear the cache and data of your device. For this, go to the settings > apps > notification > Instagram > storage and clear the cache.

instagram videos no sound check the app

6. Update Instagram App

Instagram offers updates and new versions that come with bug removals and new features. Due to the updates, sometimes, Instagram stops playing sound. Thus, you can check if there is an update in the app store because it will solve no sound on the Instagram video. After updating the app, re-login your account to see action.

 instagram videos no sound update app

7. Unnecessary Extensions Can Disturb Sound

People use different third-party extensions on their smart devices. For instance, the extensions like adblocker, downloader, etc., may cause a disturbance in Instagram sound. So, in this case, you can disable that extension to enjoy Instagram's features. Still, if it doesn't work, then the problem could be different.

instagram videos no sound check extensions

Issues You Can't Fix if Instagram Video Has No Sound

In the above pointers, we tried to cover all possible solutions that might help you to set the Instagram video sound problem. So, in that case, you can't do much, and you have to bear that.

Here is the list of some of those issues:

  • If the video is corrupt.
  • Instagram isn't offering that feature in your region. For instance, the music for the reels isn't available in some parts of the world.
  • Suppose if there is any malfunction or virus in the device. But you can resolve it by installing an antivirus app.
  • If the content creator uploaded a video that isn't compatible with Instagram (Incorrect video format).
  • Moreover, there is a possibility that the power saver mode and difference in "TIME & DATE" isn’t letting you play the sound. But it is solvable, and you can enjoy sound by disabling the power saver mode or setting the "DATE & TIME."

Final Verdict

Instagram is an app that is filled with reels, videos, live sessions, and IGTV videos. So, if there is no sound on Instagram video, you can't enjoy this visual sharing app. However, if you face any issue like this, then take help from the above methods as it might help you. The steps may vary on Android and IOS, but the final result will remain the same. In addition, you can download Instagram videos on PC as an alternative way to ensure that audio is working. So, next time if you face unnecessary sound issues, then use this guide as a helping material.

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Last updated on August 7, 2021

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