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Best Solutions on How to Fix Instagram Quality Loss

instagram story video blurry featureAs the world develops and engages in new technologies, people embrace and adapt their lives to these new trends. Selfie and self video capture become a common craze of expressing and conveying our individualities. With the help of social media technologies sharing thoughts, ideas, and creativity is no longer an issue. One of these media-sharing platforms is Instagram. This American picture and video sharing social network platform were developed and introduced to the net users last 2010. Throughout its ten years of existence, Instagram evolved and innovated its platform to remain relevant in internet communities. Its main functionality is uploading video stories or daily videos of the users. However, this media-sharing platform has its drawbacks. Many users reported that their Instagram story video quality bad for playback. Thus, this article was created to raise awareness on how to fix Instagram video quality.

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Top 3 Solutions to Fix Instagram Video Quality

We all know that having an Instagram story blurry is a bit annoying and unsatisfying to watch. In this part, we will tackle the best resolution to fix this issue.

1. Adjust Instagram Settings

Instagram stories burn your mobile data. Thus, to prevent this issue in overusing your data, Instagram innovated advanced settings to keep your mobile data usage at the minimum consumption. However, this setting will compress video the Instagram video quality. To resolve this, go to your Instagram account and tap your profile icon. Click on the menu bar or the three horizontal lines. Then, go to settings > Account > Cellular data use. To save it, just toggle the Data Saver off to disable this advanced setting.

instagram story video blurry instagram settings

2. Adjust Camera Settings

If you have a question, why are my Instagram stories blurry when uploading? It is possible that the reason is your camera settings. When your phone is unable to record or capture high-quality output, here’s what you have to do. For Android, open the default Camera application of your Android phone. Then, click the settings icon or the Gear icon to access the Settings. Adjust the image and video size to the highest quality. On the other hand, for the iPhone, launch the iPhone settings application on your mobile device. Browse over to look for the Camera. Then, adjust the camera quality and turn on the Automatic HDR.

instagram story video blurry camera settings

3. Utilize the Instagram Camera

Why is my Instagram story blurry? Many of us keep asking this question why the output video is a bit blurred when posting Instagram stories. One reason is that Instagram limits the quality and size of the videos or photos that we upload on its platform. If the file is too large or huge for the required parameter of Instagram, the app will automatically compress the video to load it faster and smoother. However, it can lead to blurry output video. The best resolution to do is to use the Instagram camera to prevent unnecessary cuts and quality loss.

Below are the Instagram Video Specs:

Criteria Instagram Story Specs
Resolution Recommended:1080×1920
Aspect ratio Vertical: 9:16 or 4:5
Horizontal: 16:9
Video Length The Maximum length 15 seconds
Frame Rate The Minimum frame rate is 30FPS
Format Maximum file size allowed is 4GB
Duration 24hours before it will go to the archive

Best Solution on How to Fix Instagram Quality

Not all Instagram videos are captured on its built-in camera or the camera phone of the users. Most of us wanted to post clips that can be seen on different social media video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Thus, for us to post it on our Instagram story, we need a reliable tool to download the video clip. AceThinker Video Keeper Pro is an innovative video downloader that can download a ton of videos from different media sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. It can download high-definition videos like 720p, 1080p, and 4K videos without experiencing errors or issues. Furthermore, it has a vast number of output formats such as MP4, and MOV which are suitable for Instagram stories. More so, it has built-in editing tools to adjust video parameters and enhance the video output.

OS Supported: Windows and Mac
RAM required: 512 MB or above recommended.

Below are the walkthroughs on how to download private Instagram videos or Instagram stories to prevent Instagram story video blurry errors.

Step 1 Install Instagram Video Downloader

First, to proceed with the process of acquiring high-quality videos for Instagram stories. You need to download the Video Keeper Pro. Download buttons are beneath this step. Pass through all installation prompts. Once installed, familiarize its functionality and navigation.

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acethinker video keeper pro interface

Step 2 Download Video for Instagram Story

Then, browse over any video-sharing platform to get your preferred video. Acquire the link on the address bar and go back to Video Keeper Pro to import the URL. Click the “+” button to process the link then the system will automatically download the video clip. Click “MP4” to download the video.

download instagram video

Step 3 Play and Upload Video to Instagram story

Finally, once done downloading, go to the completed panel and preview the video. Then upload it on your Instagram story to share your experience. If you want to record the Instagram stories of your followers, look over this article about the best screen recorder to record Instagram stories.

play downloaded instagram video

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Last updated on April 18, 2022

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