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Instagram Filters Not Working? Try these 6 Simple Solutions!

feature instagram filter not working In the past, Instagram has proved to be an effective social media platform, with a few bugs that affect the interface. However, at times users have reported problems with the platform. One issue that has caused concern for several users is the filters not working on Instagram. Instagram provides a wide range of filters for stories and posts; however, sometimes, they do not work. It's a rare occurrence, and for those who struggle in this area, it could be frustrating. It's nothing to feel defeated about. There are solutions to it, and in the article, we'll explore the various options for Instagram filters not working.

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Instagram Filters: How to Use?

If you are a newbie on Instagram, then let's first learn how to apply filters:

Adding Filters to Instagram Post

  1. Start the Instagram application.
  2. Click on the (+) icon and select an image from the Gallery. Select the next.
  3. After that, you can select an Instagram filter from the lower right on display. Click on the filter you want to use, and you'll be able to modify the strength of the Instagram filter by using the slider.
  4. After you have added a filter to the image, and then, click done.
  5. Click the following button to include a caption and hashtags. After that, you can post the picture on Instagram.

adding filters to instagram post

Adding Filters to Instagram Story

  1. Click the profile picture on the right side of the display.
  2. Press the Profile image for the camera to be opened.
  3. Click the Library and choose a picture. Select the Face icon to add a face filter to your image.
  4. Click "Done after choosing an appropriate filter for the image.
  5. Save this image or share it with others after you've finished.

adding filters to instagram story

6 Workable Methods to Fix Instagram Filters Not Working Issue

1. Restart Instagram Application

The first thing you need to do when Instagram filters are not working is to reboot your device. Rebooting your device can fix minor glitches in Instagram that are creating problems with the effects and filters. To start the device, the Android handset or iPhone turns off first. Then, turn it back on once more.

restart instagram application

2. Update Instagram App

When features are added in a rush, a few versions of an application might be unstable. But, the great benefit of updates is that a new version is always released to fix bugs in older versions. Go into your Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, search for Instagram and go to the Instagram application's page. Next, click on the app's update button, and allow it to update to the most current version. After that, try the Instagram filters once more. If the Instagram story filters are still not working, then proceed to the next option.

update instagram app

3. Try Clearing Instagram Cache

The app cache on Android can also be a frequent reason behind app glitches. This often happens when an application isn't functioning well, and a reboot or restart will not work. After that, the counters will return to zero. You can try Instagram once more to check whether the filters are still present.

User Guide:

  1. Choose "Settings," then "Apps."
  2. Choose "Instagram" and select "Storage."
  3. Choose "Clear Cache.

try clearing instagram cache

4. Free Up Storage Space

Most of the time, Instagram filter structure can stop working due to the absence of storage space on your smartphone. It is recommended to attempt to reduce storage by removing the most frequently used programs, clearing trash, storing videos and photos on cloud services, and other similar techniques.

free up storage space

5. Check & Change Location Permission On Your Phone

Many Instagram effects are based on location, which means that they won't be effective in a specific location or if there's an issue in the accuracy of your location. One solution is to switch on the location feature if it's disabled or remove permission in the event it's already activated.

check and change location permission on your phone

Change Instagram Location Permissions on Android:

  1. Go to your Settings App on your smartphone.
  2. Visit Apps then, followed by Instagram.
  3. Click to open permissions and select the Location option.
  4. Select Don't Allow If the location is permitted or choose to Allow only when using the application in case Don't Allow was previously chosen.
  5. Restart your Android phone.

Change the Instagram location permissions on iOS:

  1. Go to your settings App for your iPhone.
  2. Visit Instagram and then the location.
  3. Choose Never If you are using the App while selected or select while making use of the application. If you have selected Never. Reboot your iPhone.

6. Reinstall the Install Application

If none of the options work, then a new installation of Instagram might be the best option. It is usually only a last resort option, but it could be required if those filters continue to disappear after following the other suggestions. Don't blame individuals for wanting to take a moment to check if things are working by themselves, as an unreliable network connection or Wi-Fi not working can trigger phones to perform all kinds of strange things. If you decide to reinstall Instagram, ensure that you back up any photos or stories and anything else you've got on Instagram, then uninstall it.

reinstall the install application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do my filters not appear on Instagram?
Filters are utilized on Instagram as overlays over images to improve or alter the appearance of an image. Since May 11, the parent company of Instagram, Meta, has removed the option to use some filter types, and Meta says that this is because of Texas facial recognition laws.
2. Where can I find the filters that I've saved on Instagram?
On the page for creating stories, Look to the effect row towards the lower right on the page. After that, swipe left on the effects row, and you'll see all the effects you saved on the left of the shutter button on the camera. Continue by swiping to the right to see the saved filters chronologically.
3. How do you set up filters on Instagram?
  • Tap the upper left corner of the screen, or swipe right from any place in the feed.
  • Scroll to the Story at the end.
  • Make a left swipe to the left of the screen to choose an effect.
  • Tap to take a picture or hold the button to record the video.

To Conclude

Now, whenever you experience similar misfortunes regarding Instagram filters, you can look at all the ways mentioned above to fix filters and effects that aren't working on Instagram on Android and iPhone.

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