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7 Effective Ways on How to Fix Instagram Says Couldn t Refresh Feed

feature instagram not updating Instagram is an excellent application and platform that allows you to post photos and videos and interact with other users. The error message appears randomly when using Instagram. Many users just like you have encountered this Instagram will not refresh feed problem. This issue usually occurs when you refresh the feed with the latest images or browse your profile. If you see this message often, you're probably wondering why won't my Instagram feed refresh. It could be due to numerous reasons. Whether it is because of problems with the network, or the app or Instagram could have temporarily suspended you. It is possible to solve the Instagram feed that isn't loading as well as it could be because it could not refresh the feed error, as illustrated in this article.

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Why It May Not Refresh Feed on Instagram?

If Instagram has issues and couldn't refresh feed Instagram, it is essential to determine the cause before quickly correcting them. If we do not act until we identify a genuine reason for the error, we could further damage our account or app usability. Possible causes include:

  • No internet or low-speed connection on the device can lead to Instagram not updating.
  • If you are continuing with the older version of the Instagram app, it can cause Instagram not refreshing.
  • Reasons of technical nature (application failure, the use of VPN or DNS) can also cause.

instagram not updating couldnt refresh feed instagram

7 Quick Ways to Fix Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed Issue

1. Re-open Instagram App

If you get this Instagram couldn't refresh feed message, the first step is to close the app. Once you have returned to the app's home screen on the iPhone, wait at least one minute before you start the application again. After you have logged into the app, verify that it is possible to restart the feed. If not, you will need to select another method. This option is also compatible when you encounter the issue 'Fix Couldn't refresh Feeds Error' if you are experiencing an internal problem with the Instagram app. You'll get your feeds on Instagram.

instagram not updating re open instagram app

2. Check and Fix Network Issues

Instagram won't refresh the feed on some occasions because if you are using an iPhone with a weak internet connection, the Instagram service would most likely take quite some time to load. The most likely cause of the Instagram feed not updating can be instigated by a network connection issue. If you are experiencing the error, first test your connection to the internet. Turn off your network, turn on your wireless or mobile data, and check it once more after refreshing.

instagram not updating check and fix network issues

3. Turn-off and On Your Phone

First of all, you will need to turn off your iPhone and wait for a few minutes. After several minutes, and then try to log into the Instagram account you have created to see if you've resolved Instagram cant refresh feed.

instagram not updating turn off and on your phone

4. Try Reinstalling Instagram App

Make sure that your Instagram application is up-to-date. There could be a problem or another issue that is behind not being able to refresh the feed Instagram error message that is causing it to pop up. Make sure your app is always up-to-date by downloading the latest version on Google Play Store.

instagram not updating reinstall instagram app

5. Clear the App Cache and Data

To do that, you’ll need to go to Settings, Application, and select Instagram. Then, clear the app cache and check whether you receive a 'couldn't refresh feed on Instagram' error again or not.

instagram not updating clear the app cache and data

6. Remove Inappropriate Post or Comment

Another reason why Instagram says it couldn't refresh the feed could be that you've posted the wrong photos, posts, or comments posted on your account. So, you must connect to your Instagram account using your computer and see if something is wrong with your account. If you discover that something is wrong with your account, it is necessary to fix them so that your account runs effortlessly.

Post: If Instagram thinks one of your posts is inappropriate, you'll receive the message while signing into Instagram using an internet browser. Remove the post in the manner it instructs.

Images: Sometimes, you may have this issue in your account. To resolve this issue, you should upload a brand new photo to replace the previous one. If the new image is suitable for the account, you'll be able to refresh the feed.

Comment: You must find out the comments that are not appropriate for your post and then delete the comments. Eliminate your double hashtag ## comment and also with the comment with a symbol. If you're still getting an error after implementing these strategies, then proceed to another step.

instagram not updating remove comment or post

7. Report Your Problem to Instagram

Go to the settings of your application and select "Report a problem" and then go to 'Something's not working and then describe the issue.

instagram not updating report problem to instagram

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Won't my Instagram Refresh?
There are three significant reasons why your Instagram could not update the feed: inconsistency or lack of your internet connection, an old application version, or technical issues.

What Can I Do to Submit a Report to Instagram?
It is easy to send your report to Instagram via Instagram Settings Help, Settings, and Report a Problem.

What is the Reason Instagram is so Slow?
Along with the unsteady internet connection, Not having enough free storage space on your device could cause Instagram to be sluggish.


These are some of the solutions that can help you resolve my Instagram won't update issue. If the problem is resolved, be sure to avoid engaging in actions that violate Instagram guidelines, such as using third-party apps to gain additional followers or likes. Not only will this be unethical, but Instagram will also restrict your activity that can ultimately cause Instagram won't refresh issues. These are some strategies you could try if you are getting the error message "can t refresh feed Instagram" within Instagram's app. If any of these options didn't turn to be successful for you, you should keep trying, as one or the other will indeed work for you.

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Last updated on October 18, 2021

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