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Best 5 Alternative Sites Like Hindilinks4u

hindilinks4u alternatives featuresHindilinks is the best go-to site for movie enthusiasts who particularly love Hindi films. It's full of unique Indian films, and this is Malware and bug-free site. Additionally, aside from streaming, you can also download and save videos on your devices so you can watch them anytime and anywhere. However, despite its unique features, one of its major drawbacks is that it's a torrent-like site. Meaning, this website is consistently facing copyright and licensing issues. This problem leads to the site's instability when it comes to providing movies. Fortunately, several websites can offer what Hindilinks' could give, especially in watching Indian films. In line with this, listed below are Hindilinks4u alternatives, which are excellent in satisfying your Hindi-films cravings.

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Best 5 Websites Like Hindilinks4u

1. Hotstar

If you are looking for Hindilinks4u similar sites, the Hotstar website should be on top of your list. This streaming site is by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited in collaboration with Disney studio. We all know how amazing this studio is when it comes to providing movies, right? Moreover, you will see a big movie catalog to watch list by genre upon opening the site. And for a less complicated browsing experience, you can use the "Search" bar to look for the film you want to watch.

Another feature of this film viewing site is It has live news and sports coverage. Interestingly, it also has an adaptive playback function, wherein it automatically adjusts the video's quality according to your available bandwidth. Meanwhile, if you're going to stream famous Hollywood films like Black Panther and Avenger End Game, there is no need to go to a new website as you can also find those types of movies here.

hotstar interface


  • It has a library of international TV and popular animated series like Doraemon, Phineas and Ferb, Sofia the First.
  • It has a plenty of exciting video collections about health and fitness, wildlife, and travels other than movies.

  • This site has limited access to some countries.
For ad-free viewing, purchase premium accounts. Aside from that, you can stream on two screens, and you can play your video in Hindi or English.

2. Einthusian

As Hindi films' demands keep on increasing, we should be resourceful to find sites like Hindilinks4u. With that, I'm introducing to you the Einthusan website - tagged as the #1 movie streaming hub in South Asia. This streaming site provides free and updated movies (including the newly released in 2020) that you can watch in full length. It contains over 4,000 movies from 9 regional languages in India, including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and more.

Moreover, this site is interactive since it allows you to leave and share your comments about the movies you watched. Additionally, you can also give satisfactory ratings here. And if you have a bias, instead of titles, you can look for your favorite artists' names and discover more of their films. Plus, you can find movie clips, audio albums, and music videos here.

einthusan interface


  • Most videos found here are in UHD.
  • On its free version, you can already watch in HD online with subtitles.

  • Not smooth working as it claims because the video keeps on buffering.
By purchasing their lifetime premium, you can download movies and play with no interrupting ads.

3. JioCinema

JioCinema is a website like Hindilinks4u that offers comprehensive collections of movies in different genres, including romance, animation, action, comedy, thriller, drama, documentaries, biographies, history, mystery, etc. Also, it features movies in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, and more. And if you love classic films, you can also find movies from the '60s to '70s here.

Interestingly, JioCinema lets you download films. However, only those under the "Available for Download tab. Moreover, you can also watch movies dubbed in Tamil here too. Additionally, you can also save your favorite videos on its "Watch List" feature unlimitedly. One more thing, for an exceptional movie-watching experience, try Chromecast and watch those Hindi films on your big screens.

jiocinema interface


  • It's Autoplay TV function allows you to load and play the new episode once available. In this sense, you don't have to search for the new episode.
  • It automatically adjusts its bitrate for the best video quality suitable to your device.
  • Not limited with Bollywood as it has a collection of Kdrama and other more films from other countries.

  • You have to create an account before watching their collections.
  • To use it on mobile, you have to purchase a Jio Sim.
JioCinema has child-friendly features, whereas you can monitor what your kid is watching by setting up a PIN.

4. Eros Now

Having 100 million registered users, no doubt Eros Now is a leading video streaming app and has the biggest Bollywood library in India. It gives you the option to watch a movie trailer before accessing it in full length. Additionally, you can also use your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV as this app is compatible with those devices mentioned.

Furthermore, you can also download videos here in their highest quality available. Uniquely, Eros Now is not just a video watching site since you can also play music and do more such as liking songs and creating a playlist or queue lists. One more thing to be excited about with this online site is that it keeps you updated with famous Indian celebrities' films like Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar, and Rana Daggubati.

erosnow interface


  • It allows downloading of videos.
  • Subscription does not have a contract so you can cancel anytime.

  • Subtitles are limited for TV series as it is mainly for movies as of the movement.
For ad-free viewing, you can purchase its premium account so you can watch without ads interruption.

5. YouTube

In case you don't know, YouTube is one of the leading streaming sites online with various videos shared by different content creators worldwide. Here, you can also find collections of Hindi movies to watch for free in full length. And to watch Hindi films with ease, all you have to do is type the title on the search bar and wait until it shows the results.

Similarly, you can save videos on the app's library so you won't have a hard time looking for them again on the site. Aside from its share button, you can let your friends and family know what movies you are watching at the moment. Additionally, you can tell your thoughts about the film you love with your fellow Bollywood fans as it has a comment section.

youtube interface


  • When searching for the latest video, YouTube automatically recommends the most-streamed Hindi videos from its site.
  • You can search the video by typing it as it is (e.g. Hindi Films with Subtitles), and it will shows numbers of relevant results you can choose from.
  • There are content creators that mainly upload Bollywoods on their channels.

  • Videos are not downloadable.
To find videos quickly and accurately, use its "Filter" function. Here, you can look for videos based on their upload date, type (Video, Channel, Playlist, Movie, and Show), duration, features, or sort by relevance, view counts, and ratings.

Comparison of Hindilinks4u Alternative Websites

Tools Video Quality Premium Account Mobile App
Hotstar HD and FHD (720p and 1080p) $5.41 to $20.31 yearly Available both in Google Play and App Store
Einthusan UHD (1080p) It cost at $25 but it’s a one-time payment only Available via apk. downloader
JioCinema HD (720p) Not available but you have to sign-up for an account Available both in Google Play and App Store
Eros Now HD (720p) It cost $25.07 yearly Available both in Google Play and App Store
YouTube Low Quality (still good for mobile watching) to HD (144p to 1080p) Premium account costs $144 yearly. But for new users, they can get 1-2 months free trial Available both in Google Play and App Store
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