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The Best GoMovies Alternatives to Stream Movies Online

movies alternativesGoMovies was one of the most popular websites to download and watch movies online. It offered all the popular genres to select movies and allowed them to do a personalized search to find any movie they wanted. Having movies and TV shows on GoMovies was quite easy. All you needed to do was select between different servers that would adapt to your Internet connection. GoMovies also allowed you to subscribe to get the latest updates on the latest movies. Despite its popularity, GoMovies announced the closure of its operations in March 2019, making it very clear that this was a definitive termination of duties. However, the online or Internet television market has grown into a colossal monster, so we can now count on many other sites like GoMovie. We present below the best GoMovies alternatives.

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Distinctive Features: Tune in to movies, stream to live broadcast in HD, and maximize fast loading speed and website responsiveness.

Plex is your movie haven where you can watch movies from any devices. You can watch any movies, even anime, and listen to thousands of songs from different singers. You can stream over 20,000 free on-demand movies after signing up. On top of that, 80+ TV channels are included in TV premium service plus Ultimate live TV, and DVR is something that you shouldn't miss. Through all this, you can enjoy all your media without downloading any other apps. Fact: It's ten years of making, and it has a well-stocked-streaming larder, which means you can trust the credibility. You can get premium features with a PLEX PASS when you get a free Plex account.

plex website


  • Allows you to watch the available gomovies videos and tv shows on the website with subtitle.
  • The movie site offers some of the popular anime movies, documentaries, new movies, and docuseries that you can watch online for free.

  • The movie streamer focuses on popular American movies and series.


Distinctive Features: Ratings, reviews, and synopsis are available on the movies' thumbnail.

Bmovies is a new page in the universe of an online streaming site that is one of the best GoMovies alternatives. But before that, it was popularly known as Fmovies. This is one of the people's favorite movies to watch high-quality movies online for free. On this website, you never have to worry about the quality of the movies you want to watch. As soon as a better movie quality is available on the Internet, Bmovies is the first place to see it. Not only movies, if you like watching HD TV series content, you can also watch them here. Series like Game of Thrones, Flash, The Walking Dead, Arrow, and many more are available for free. Therefore, whatever you need, you can go to BMovies to watch your favorite television series. And if you want to download any of the movies and store it for when you want to watch it, Bmvoies also allows you to do so. This site allows you to do what you want, either for streaming or download. So, in simple words, you have the latest releases and old movies without subscriptions, registration, and free. In short, this is a good alternative to GoMovies.

bmovies homepage


  • The streaming site offers some of the popular movies and tv shows around the world.
  • Movies are well organized on the webpage on the streaming site.
  • This movie streaming site has its user-friendly interface wherein you can easily search for free movies like gomovies that you wish to watch online.

  • Every time you click on the webpage of the streaming site it redirects you to a new tab.


Distinctive Features: It is one of the best-streaming sites that have a lot of movies and tv shows where you can watch them anytime you want.

Another GoMovies alternatives is Netflix it is one of the great place to watch movies online. It is also the world's leading streaming site that consists of 193 million paid membership in over 190 countries enjoying documentaries, TV shows, movies, and feature films across a huge variety of genres and languages. The best thing about the Netflix site is that you can organize everything properly. There are many movies to choose from, such as award winner, classic movies, festival favorites, etc. Therefore, any movie you want to watch on Netflix will always have something special for you. Enjoy a list of unlimited movies when you subscribe to it. You can even search for any specific tv shows you want to watch. Additionally, you can play, pause, and resume watching your movies without commercials and ads. Besides, it has a user-friendly interface that you can easily search for a movie or tv show that you wish to watch.



  • This streaming site focuses on independent movies and films all over the world and it has a lot of tv shows to watch.


  • Some of the shows and movies available on this gomovies alternatives are not famous and doesn't have subtitle available.


Distinctive Features: Movie quality and ratings from this GoMovies alternatives are on the film's thumbnail.

Xmovie8 is another GoMovies alternative site to watch movies and TV series online with high quality. You can select from a wide variety of movie categories here with the use of its user-friendly interface. Here are many categories, such as recently added movies, new releases, etc. It also includes tv-series and genres such as Thriller, action, adventure, Historical, Asia Drama Mystery, and many more. If you want to stream movies from the region where you live (based on the country), you can also do so. Xmovies8 offers 21 different countries according to the selection of films, which facilitates the search for films. You can also select movies for years. If you are a cartoon lover, they offer you some of the best existing cartoon movies. It includes Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and many more that you want to watch.

xmovies homepage


  • Allows you to categorized the movies according to its genres.
  • Offers some of the 90's popular classic movies.

  • The homepage of the site is not well organized.
  • It offers movies not suitable for children.


Distinctive Features:Aside from TV shows and Movies, this tool also offers all the viral videos and tv shows on the internet with high quality.

It is the best alternatives place where you will find thousands of movies online. You can even download movies if you want. PopcornFlix offers many genres of movies to choose from, as well as TV shows with the latest episodes. There are many premium websites available for a monthly subscription, but unlike them, Popcorn flix offers its service for free. Therefore, if you want to enjoy watching premium movies online for free, you must choose this website.

popcornflix homepage


  • This online streaming sites cater to a lot of shows and movies from different countries.
  • This also offers the popular tv shows and classic cartoons including Popeye, Adventures of Sonic, and more.

  • Some of the gomovies 123 are not available to watch from different countries.

Distinctive Features: This streaming site caters to the most popular movie shows from different countries. is another great page to watch movies online, in different languages to choose from and some tv shows. This site is updated with the latest movies regularly and in the best quality. You can order and watch movies from different sections, such as Featured Movies and Today's Top. This page will offer you the latest and best movies on the market. Log in to Yes movies and register, and you can save movies for later viewing and rate them as you wish. is another perfect option.

yesmovies homepage


  • Movies online are arranged orderly on the webpage of the site according to the latest movies.
  • It allows you to filter the latest movies and tv shows from its genre, release year, and country.


  • There are a lot of annoying ads popping on the webpage of the tool especially when streaming movies.


Distinctive Features: You can watch HD movies and TV shows from this site as well as TV shows online.

When it comes to fast online streaming sites then, Hubmovies is what you need. Hubmovies is a movie streaming site that allows you to watch your favorite movies online with high quality. You can watch a lot of classic and other tv shows that you may not find anywhere else. So, if you want to see something different, Hubmovies may be your first choice. Not only classic movies, but you can also watch movies for free. Besides, this site is designed especially for movie lovers who want to stream high-quality movies without popping any ads.

hubmovies interface


  • You can easily search for gomovies123 that you wish to watch from its search bar.
  • It has a wide range of genres including horror, comedy, drama, anime, sci-fi, movies online, and many more.

  • There are some ads showing up while watching movies and tv if you are not on a premium account.


Distinctive Features:, Unlike other streaming sites, this tool allows you to stream your favorite sports in different leagues and movies online.

CartoonHD may sound like any alternatives website that offers you to watch only anime and cartoons. But recently, this online streaming site has been updated with many movies. This recent change has made this site one of the best movie streaming sites. It is one of the best sites that offer a collection of movies and offers you to watch movies and TV shows with high quality. These are some online streaming websites like GoMovies, which offer a wide range of movies, shows, and series. Visit them and enjoy their content.

cartoonhd homepage


  • Offers some of the free popular movies and tv shows from Netflix like Riverdale.

  • Everytime you click on the homepage of the tool it redirect you to another tab.


Distinctive Feature: It has a featured movies section wherein the most trending movies, and TV shows are placed.

This alternative to GoMovies boasts an extensive collection of free movies and TV series you can watch online. The good thing about FMovies is that you can watch the movies in several qualities available from CAMrip for up to 1080p. It also has an intuitive search bar so you can find a particular movie you want to watch. Additionally, you can watch the latest movies and TV series. The site is its "Requests" section that lets you send a message to the developer and ask for a particular movie you want to watch.

sites like putlocker fmovies


  • It has updated episodes of the latest TV series so far.
  • Movies and videos are properly categorized.

  • Expect you’ll redirect to a new tab with an advertisement.


Distinctive feature: This streaming sites have a slideshow on its homepage where you can see the newest movies you can watch on Moviewatcher.

Moviewatcher is one of the best GoMovies alternatives because it can stream movies and TV series online. All videos are well divided within their homepage. You can find different genres, like Action, Horror, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and more. Besides, there are categories like Upcoming, Top Rated, and Popular that have the most viewed films on the website. Most of the films on these streaming sites are in 720p and 1080p HD quality, and you can watch movies online for free.

moviewatcher interface


  • It has an “Actress” where you can find the most famous artist and the films that you want to watch.
  • You can see the Casts and Crews of a specific movie that you are going to watch.


  • Fast-forward or skip scene is not allowed while watching.
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