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5 Great Free Stock Video Sites

free stock video sites Stock video is a great way to save time and money when creating video content for personal or business use. Although you may have never used stock footage before, you would have seen it on TV, in adverts, and on YouTube. Stock video is usually generic B-roll footage that is filmed from a perspective that is open to interpretation to fit many different projects. The license to this footage is sold or is obtainable for free if the creator is credited. These video clips can be expensive, which is why free stock video sites provide a brilliant service for videographers or those looking to market their brand using video. Free stock video footage can include exotic or hard to film locations and even shots of animals that would be a nightmare to obtain by yourself. Using this free stock footage to seamlessly tie together, your project can massively improve your storytelling ability and raise the prestige of your video content.

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Pixabay is one of the most extensive free stock video sites on the web. With over 1.8 million royalty-free pictures and clips to choose from, it’s hard to imagine not finding at least something of use in their library. The free stock video clips that Pixabay provides have been submitted by the community and are free for personal and commercial use, without the need to attribute them to the site.

The free stock footage available from this site covers a massive range of subjects, from high-quality 4k video perfect for businesses to the downright bizarre. All of the free stock videos on Pixabay are available for download in MP4 format, with many resolutions on offer. Although Pixabay does have a massive selection of free stock videos and pictures, it occasionally redirects you to sponsored content from other paid sites.

pixabay interface


  • Lots of great variety
  • Business friendly content
  • Easy to use

  • Quality isn’t always high
  • First search results redirect you to paid, sponsored sites


Pexels is a beneficial free stock footage site, as it allows you to trawl through its varied collection of videos and images without needing a subscription or account. The free stock clips available on Pexels have no watermarks. They can be used anywhere without a licensing or even attribution. This is great if you are looking for free stock footage solutions with no strings attached.

Pexels has a trending section on the front page of its video collection, allowing you to see what popular clips are being used and get inspired by them. This free stock footage site also has a leader board of the most popular content contributors with social media links. This shows their appreciation for the site's community and is a nice touch. The site does include paid, sponsored search results, but unlike Pixabay, it has them at the bottom of the page and not the top. The free stock videos on Pexels are available in high res, but there are no 4k clips on the site.

pexels interface


  • No sign-up needed to browse
  • No attribution necessary
  • Good ‘trending’ section

  • Limited 4k options


Videezy is one of the most popular free stock footage websites available. It is part of the Eezy content family. The Eezy network offer photos, web design themes, photoshop brushes, and much more on various individual sites. Videezy has a big selection of free stock videos and clips easily navigated through their category system.

Videezy has some very high-quality clips available in 4k and downloadable in MP4 and MOV formats, which is excellent for almost any project. This high quality doesn’t come completely free. However, as Videezy has a sign-up credit system, a paid ‘Pro’ selection of clips and features sponsored content that can be a little pricey. Regardless, Videezy’s quality means that creators keep coming back to this popular free stock footage site.

videezy interface


  • High quality footage
  • Easy to navigate
  • Variety of formats and resolutions available

  • Requires attribution
  • Pro and sponsored content is pricey


Videvo has a revolutionary approach to free stock footage downloads. Most of their 80,000 substantial video archive is accessible for free; all they ask in return is a simple shout out on social media! The vast library is contributed to by Videvo’s community. It offers some great, high-quality clips and motion graphics that are perfect for businesses and websites.

The best of this free stock video site’s footage is selected and categorized by an in-house team, which means you don’t have to go on a mission to scroll through and find what you are looking for. Although this categorization is excellent for finding the right clip, the variety in licensing between videos means you have to check each one. This is to make sure you can use it; however, you please. Some of the shorter clips have watermarks, and there is a premium price plan for those that can afford it.

videvo interface


  • Huge library
  • Social media shout out attribution is fun (and optional)
  • Great categorisation

  • Differing licences need checking
  • Watermarks
  • Premium videos only for paid users


MotionPlaces has some of the most accessible, easy to use free stock video services. It is the perfect site for someone looking for stock video footage of specific locations. MotionPlaces has an exceptionally well-organized homepage design that allows you to browse for footage by location and theme. You should use MotionPlaces if you need free stock footage of historical sites, cities worldwide, or breath-taking landscapes.

To download free stock footage from this site, you will need to enter your email address, and you must attribute the footage to MotionPlaces when you use it. 4k footage is a premium service and requires a payment to download, but no attribution is necessary.

motionplaces interface


  • Extremely well organised
  • Fantastic for establishing shots
  • Unique design

  • Content isn’t as varied as other sites
  • 4k only available on a paid premium service
  • Must enter email to download
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