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Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Sites and Services

free cloud storageThere are few industries that evolve quicker than the tech industry and with every innovation comes a new wave of data storage solutions. Traditional storage systems like USB pen drives and hard drives have been keeping our data safe and secure for over a decade. Now, the cloud has quickly taken over to become the new custodian of our data. Having no physical form, cloud storage will not get corrupted or lost like the physical alternatives and serves as great primary storage or a failsafe back-up for your most important data.

We document our lives more than ever and with growing camera quality on our phones and devices, file sizes have also grown. Phone storage is very quickly eaten up by photos and videos, and transferring them to your computer may slow that down too. Free cloud storage sites are a great way to keep your personal files safe and in order, whilst also providing a valuable service in offices around the world. Let's take a look at some of the best free cloud storage options out there!

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sync is a great option for those who want really high-quality cloud storage. This site is one of the best free cloud storage sites for android users as the mobile app is very well made. Although, also has apps available for Windows and iOS. offers 5GB of storage space for free, which is a little on the low side when compared to some of the competition out there, but uses brilliant service and functionality to tempt you with this 5GB gateway. 500GB will cost you $60 a year, but storage space isn’t all you get from

This cloud storage site also requires no file size limits, which is great for storing large files like videos and games.’s other great strength comes in its security. Based in Canada, has some of the best encryption and privacy protection that you can find in a free service. Keeping your files safe, secure and easily accessible for those with permission.



pCloud is another top contender of the best free cloud storage site on the market. A basic account with pCloud will set you up with 10GB of free storage, basic security and rather interestingly, an HD media player for your stored videos and music. This feature makes pCloud the go-to choice for those looking to store and play their music collection on the go. pCloud has mobile apps for both Android and iOS, with desktop applications available for Windows, Mac and Linux. If a testimonial is something that helps you choose a provider, the word on the web is that employees of Nike and Twitter among many other big-time companies use pCloud.

Free cloud storage with pCloud covers all the bases. However, if you don’t mind paying a little extra, a $4.99 monthly rate will set you up with 500GB of storage, along with some extra security. Although some may like to see the security included in the basic plan, the biggest drawback of pCloud is that you have to jump through a few hoops (like referring friends) in order to access the full 10GB free storage, otherwise you’ll be left with just 2GB.

Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service that must be mentioned among some of the best in the business, not that you’d expect anything less from a giant like Google. Speaking of giant, Google Drive will allow you to store 15GB of data for free, simply because you have a Google account. Unlike some of the other free cloud storage sites, Google Drive integrates fantastically with other applications, like Google Docs for example and works on all major platforms. This is an invaluable bonus in the workplace, as teams can collaborate seamlessly, share, upload and access files all over the world.

The 15GB that Google Drive offers for free is yours to keep, but if you want something extra, the premium plans are a little pricier than the competition. 2TB of data storage will set you back $99 a year but this storage can be shared through multiple devices and with family members. As it is a Google product, it is worth mention the privacy concerns too, as documents and files have reportedly been scanned by Google. This free cloud storage site doesn’t offer encryption for your files either.



This free cloud storage site offers a fantastic potential free storage amount, although in its basic form it starts off at 10GB. MediaFire is quite unique in that they will raise your free storage all the way up to 50BG if you manage to get a bunch of referrals from your friends. It’s not the most reliable way to secure a large amount of free cloud storage but if you can get some buddies together, it might work in your favor. The huge storage numbers don’t stop there, as MediaFire offers 1TB of storage for $5 a month or 100TB for $50 per month! This giant cloud storage warehouse will be great for businesses because MediaFire’s paid packages allow file sharing among different users.

The free plan is a little limited, however, and the privacy policy for MediaFire could use some work. If you use the free cloud storage plan, your files won't be password-protected nor will you be able to share anything publicly from your storage. However, MediaFire can be used on Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iPhone, or iPad so you can access your important files on the go.



MEGA is another free cloud storage site that offers a huge amount of free storage. Users get 15GB on the basic, free plan with an added 35GB for your first month if you are a new user. This was once able to be increased even further by downloading the mobile app but MEGA’s policy on that has been changed. MEGA still has the apps for accessing your files on the go though, supporting Windows, iOS and Android. Mega is known for being a free cloud storage site that puts a lot of importance on privacy. It offers zero-knowledge encryption, password protection, secure chat features, and a file recovery service; all to keep your data safe.

MEGA also offers a small commission for referrals which is an interesting approach that isn’t used by many other free cloud storage sites. If you want to use MEGA’s premium storage then plans start at around $5 a month for 200GB and range all the way up to 4TB for around $30. This is a great choice for those who want to keep important files safe and private.

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Last updated on December 23, 2020

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