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How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing

facebook video not playing feature imageFacebook has emerged as one of the vast social media platforms for users of all age. Facebook is used to post daily life updates through photos and videos to get in touch with friends and family. One particular feature which entices users is the videos that people post there. Whether you want to watch a thriller series or movie, you get everything in just one click. However, sometimes, you will encounter Facebook videos not playing or Facebook videos not loading due to some technical problems. Your entire universe flips, and the experience gets interrupted. This problem happens from time to time. Also, some browser privacy settings hinder the task. Primarily, we are here to get you through the Facebook cannot play video dilemma. Besides watching videos online on Facebook, there are various other ways to watch and download for free.

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Ways to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing on iPhone/iPad

Facebook generally has a maximum potential on the masses of society. It cannot be comforting when Facebook cannot play the videos you want to see on your app. So, the next time this issue arises, read the ways mentioned above to solve the problem.

1. Reset all network settings

The first wise option to avail is to reset the network settings. Recheck the device and ensure all cache deletes. Usually, then the network reverts to its original form. For this, go to settings, click general, then reset, and select reset network settings. You need to enter the four-digit passcode of the iPhone. Enter that, and you will have all set back to factory reset.

facebook video not playing reset network

2. Empty your phone content

Watching videos on iPhone is highly entertaining. Still, if you cannot watch videos on Facebook, it buffers a lot, then remove some junk files, photos, unwanted videos, and caches. You might have the solution in one go.

facebook video not playing erase content

3. Update the Facebook app

Is the problem persisting? Just update the Facebook app and restart your device. Facebook videos should work smoothly.

facebook video not playing update facebook

4. Download Facebook videos on your iPhone/iPad

If all the motioned steps fail and Facebook videos are not playing on iPhone/iPad, then download the videos. By doing this, all videos will be stored on your iPhone/iPad for later viewing. Play them at your convenience and keep them as long as you want.

facebook video not playing download facebook

Ways to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing on Android

Android phones are famous for speed browsing and scrolling. Though most users complain that videos will not play on Facebook. It happens despite all loading and reloading done. Here are some ways for some quick-fix solutions that you can give a try.

1. Update Facebook application

Many people usually prefer this method to play videos on android phones. Visit the play store and look for the latest update for the Facebook app. In this way, you can download the new version and get smooth streaming all along.

facebook video not playing update facebook android

2. Empty the Facebook app caches

Almost all websites and applications have caches, and they store them on your phone. These caches take up most of the space and do not delete quickly. Here is how you do it.

  • The very first step is to open chrome on your android phone. Click on the chrome app, and the window will pop up.
  • Upon opening the app, you will notice the three dots at the top right corner of the screen. Click, and it will open a drop-down menu.
  • After tapping the three dots, click on history and clear all browsing data.
  • If you want to clear a detailed history of images and caches, select the oldest date using the drop-down menu and clear the cache.
  • In this step, you select cached files and images.
  • Finally, tap the transparent data icon to clear all caches.

facebook video not playing clear cache

How to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing on Computer

Fb videos not playing isn’t limited only to phone and iPad users; it happens with people who use computers as well. This error can occur anytime and on any device, but fortunately, we are offering a few quick steps to resolve the problems of Facebook being unable to play video on computers.

1. Working internet connection

All computers run on a WiFi device. The first thing is to verify that the internet connection is active and running by your service provider. Make sure it is connected and has a good speed.

facebook video not playing check internet pc

2. The cache of the browser

Visiting websites and downloading applications on your computer has a downside also. A large number of cache files accumulate over time. These caches slow down your computer's speed, and hence getting rid is necessary. It also affects your browser. You can clear the cache files in the settings menu in web browsers.

facebook video not playing clear cache pc

3. Hardware Acceleration

The chrome browser uses hardware acceleration for better speed for superior viewing and ample experience. But many times, it does not work well, and the only solution is to disable it to fix the Fb videos not playing problem.

Hardware Acceleration

4. Update the browser

A browser update is essential for better streaming. You should update the browser often, and the issue regarding Facebook videos, not loading will likely resolve.

facebook video not playing update web

5. Switch the browser

If a specific browser gives your computer problems, switch the browser and see if the problem persists. Sometimes, the browser has issues in them and changing it will resolve the issue.

facebook video not playing web browser

6. Download the video

Finally, if the problem still persists and you’re unable to pay for the Facebook videos, then the final option is to download your desired videos to your computer and play it anywhere and anytime you want to. It can be done by using dedicated media downloaders, and we have the right tool for you to accomplish the task.

AceThinker Video Keeper is one the leading tools to be used to download online videos. It is specially designed to be used by users of all ages. Even users with no technical knowledge can use and download videos from their favorite websites. With this powerful video downloader, you can download videos from almost any website on the internet, and that too at ultra-lightning speed. These websites include YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Metacafe, Lynda, daily motion Veoh, Break, Vivo Ted, Instagram, etc. All types of videos such as songs, movies, TV shows, news, gameplays, dramas, and much more can easily be downloaded with AceThinker Video Keeper and viewed offline in the same original quality. It will solve the problem of Facebook video not loading to your computer and can download HD, Full HD, and 4K videos so that you can enjoy those videos without any interruption. Video Keeper is a complete solution for media downloading, as it can also download high-quality 320kbps MP3 from audio streaming sites. It works effortlessly without compromising on quality and supports MP4 and MP3 formats for video and audio downloading. The Facebook audio download has never been easier but with the help of this all-in-one media downloader, it's all possible.

vk interface

Sum Up

The problem of Facebook videos not playing is quite common everywhere around the world. Many users face the issue of Facebook videos not playing on android, iOS, and even on computers. And to curtail that, we have provided you with all the possible solutions, and if the problem is still not resolved, the best option will be to download the videos. When you cannot watch videos on Facebook, it is best to use AceThinker Video Keeper. With enhanced features and swift use, you will have the best experience, and there will be no looking back.

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Last updated on October 8, 2021

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