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Download Facebook Video iPhone Using the Best Downloader

facebook video downloader ios Facebook has become one of the world's most popular social media platforms. Millions of people use it to stay connected with friends and family. Facebook contains a ton of stuff relating to anything you're looking for. You may find thousands of videos on this website, including evaluations of games, mobile devices, cars, comedies, and other topics. It frequently occurs that someone finds a video online that they find interesting. What about if you want to save a Facebook video to iphone? Luckily, there are some great tools you can use to do that.

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What to look for in Facebook Downloader in iOS

If you are looking for a Facebook downloader for iOS, we created a list of standards you need to consider in choosing the right tool. Check them out below before proceeding to the list of Facebook video downloader app for iPhone.

  • No video quality loss.
  • Quality is one of the standards you need to consider in downloading a video. Make sure that the tool is not affecting the quality of the video. If the output is poor in quality, you can't enjoy the video because it is blurred.

  • Simple Interface.
  • Another factor you must need to consider is the tool has an easy to use interface. Because if the tool interface is too complicated, you need more time to learn it. But if the tool has a simple interface, you learn how to use it in just a minute.

  • Fast Downloading.
  • The downloader you must choose has a high speed in the downloading process. You don't need to wait an hour to download your video.

  • Built-in Player.
  • Another thing you must consider is that the tool has its own built-in player. At least you don't need to go to another media player to play the downloaded video. Just watch it in the tool directly.

Eight Facebook Downloader for iOS

1. FastSave Videos

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to save Facebook video links and bookmark them in the tool.
User Group: It is recommended for users looking for a Facebook downloader and FB Saver Video Manager.
Price: This tool is Free to use.

FastSave Videos is one of the Facebook video downloader for iOS. This tool helps you save photos, videos, stories, reels, and browse. Also, It allows you to download videos in HD quality. Plus, Numerous other capabilities are included in FastSave Videos, which enables you to search the most recent hashtags, watch trending videos on Facebook, and easily create hashtags. Furthermore, this tool is not affiliated with Facebook. That's why do not download or repost videos under any unapproved behavior to avoid violation.

fastsave videos main interface

2. Cydia Prenesi

Distinctive Feature: The downloaded videos get saved directly to your iOS device.
User Group: The tool is best for users without enough time to download their videos.
Price: This app is free.

Cydia Prenesi allows it to save a video from Facebook to iPhone and iPad users. The tool allows the users to get the video of their choice and makes it for users as using it feels like a native app feature. In addition, you can download a video without worrying about losing the quality. It may be used with jailbroken iOS 8 and other subsequent devices to attach to the official Facebook App. All downloaded movies are instantly stored on the iOS camera roll so that users may easily view them later.

cydia prenesi main interface

3. FileMaster

Distinctive Feature: It has a Document Viewer that other tools do not have.
User Group: It is best for users who find an all-in-one tool that can be a viewer, a player, and a downloader.
Price: This tool has a Free Version and a Pro Version that costs $2.99.

FileMaster is not just a downloader for Facebook videos. This tool can also be a file manager, document viewer, player, editor, and more. It allows you to download a video, movies, photos, and files from different websites with the original quality. Plus, it supports video and audio formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP3, and more. Also, you can transfer files between a PC and an iPhone using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You don't need to worry about your privacy because this tool has a Privacy Protection feature that allows you to add a password.

file master main interface

4. MyMedia

Distinctive Feature: My Media data is stored only on your device; it doesn't access or store your privacy.
User Group: It is suitable for users who are finding an all-in-one downloader.
Price: It has Free Version and Paid Version that costs $1.99.

The MyMedia video download program functions like a browser, enabling you to download not just Facebook videos but documents, images, and music. This program's users can download videos without any limitations, and it is entirely free. MyMedia offers a video player with the ability to play M4V, MP4, and MOV movies. Because of this app's security policy, many individuals trying to figure out how to download movies from Facebook frequently choose it. Even when the app is running, the screen is locked, or the device is in sleep mode, the program features a lock mechanism that prevents anyone from accessing recorded movies.

mymedia main interface

5. Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive

Distinctive Feature: Video Saver PRO is a universal app that works on all devices.
User Group: It is suitable for users that want to import a video file in OneDrive and Google Drive.
Price: This tool has a Free Version and Paid version that costs $2.99.

Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive is for download video from Facebook on iPhone. It allows you to download videos and files using direct links. Also it has this file downloader toolbox application that delivers everything you should expect from such a file viewer. You can also import and export video files to camera roll, One Drive, Google Drive and more.

video saver pro main interface

6. Any Video Saver

Distinctive Feature: The app uses an embedded browser which leaves no trace outside of it.
User Group: It is best for users that want to private their videos.
Price: It has a Free Version and a Paid Version that costs $3.99.

As one of the save FB video to iPhone, Any Video Saver allows you to import and store videos. Plus, you can download many videos and play them on fullscreen. Also, the downloaded videos can be played in the Picture in Picture feature or the background. You can download your videos in a few minutes, and the tool retains its quality. In addition, your files are safe in this tool because it has multiple authentication measures that you can use.

any video saver main interface

7. VideoCopy: Downloader and Editor

Distinctive Feature: This tool is not just a downloader. You can also use this as a converter.
User Group: The tool is recommended for users that find a downloader and a converter.
Price: It has a Free version and a Pro Version that costs $9.99 up to $94.99.

VideoCopy: Downloader and Editor is the best prominent app to download, convert and edit your video. This app allows downloading and importing videos in Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. Also, it can affect the quality of the downloaded video. They have added features that allow you to edit your video using several tools, such as trimming, filters, adding a caption, and more. Plus, it has a private browser for playing video or audio.

videocopy main interface

8. All Video Saver

Distinctive Feature: It has full featured download management that allows you to pause, resume and remove downloads.
User Group: It is best for users finding a fast downloader for iOS.
Price: This tool has Free Version and Paid Version that costs $1.99 up to $9.99.

All Video Saver is a Facebook downloader that automatically detects videos you can download with just a long click. It allows you to download in the background and download several files at the same time. In addition, you can browse videos using its built-in browser. You can preview the video first, download it quickly and play it offline with its built-in player. Plus, it supports HD video and large file downloads. This tool supports most formats like MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, and more.

all video saver main interface

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I download a video from Facebook?
You cannot download a specific video on Facebook for many reasons. One of these is that the video you want to download is private, which is why the downloader can't recognize the URL of the video. Another is your Facebook video downloader needs to be updated.
2.What is the safest Facebook video downloader?
There are a lot of apps for downloading Facebook videos. You will know if the app is safe by reading a review on the internet about the app. Also, download the app on the official website to avoid viruses and malware.

Comparison Chart

Features File Size Compatibility Age Rating
FastSave Videos 33.2 MB iPhone iOS, iPadOS, Mac 11.0 or later 12+ of age
Cydia Prenesi Not Found iPhone iOS, iPadOS, 8.0 or later Not Found
FileMaster 42.6 MB iPhone iOS, iPadOS, Mac 11.0 or later 17+ of age
MyMedia 14.7 MB iPhone iOS, iPadOS, 9.0 or later
Mac 11.0 or later
4+ of age
Features File Size Compatibility Age Rating
Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive 70.8 MB iPhone iOS, iPadOS, 12.3 or later
Mac 11.0 or later
17+ of age
Any Video Saver 38.1 MB iPhone iOS, iPadOS, 13.0 or later
Mac 11.0 or later
17+ of age
VideoCopy: Downloader and Editor 61.6 MB iPhone iOS, iPadOS, Mac 12.0 or later 17+ of age
All Saver Video 49.4 MB iPhone iOS, iPadOS, Mac 11.0 or later 17+ of age


Now, you have eight Facebook downloaders for iOS apps that can help you to download videos. All this tool has Free Version and Paid Version with their prices. With this version, you can enjoy every feature in one app. We hope this post helped you pick the best app you need.

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