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Top Effective Methods to Fix A Blank Facebook Page

facebook page blankScrolling on Facebook is one of the new forms of entertainment or past times for most Internet users today. Facebook has it all! Connecting to your friends through public posts, comments, or private messaging is an example of its best features. Moreover, there are shared photos, posts, videos, and more entertaining content that users can see on their news feeds. However, there may be times when a blank Facebook page will occur and ruin your surfing experience. This problem is also known as a white screen of death, and there are many possible reasons why it occurs. It could be a device or platform bug, an update problem, or a network issue. But whatever the cause is, it isn't enjoyable when you encounter this blank screen on Facebook. So, here are some troubleshooting methods to solve this Facebook problem.

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Restart Your Device or Browser

One of the first things to try when encountering a Facebook page blank is to restart your device for mobile users or your browser for computer users. The reason Facebook is malfunctioning for you could be a device problem, so rebooting might help resolve the issue. However, this method may not always work, but it is the best first thing to do before troubleshooting for the cause of the problem.

For Mobile Users:

  • Unlock your device first, then press and hold the power button of your device. Hold the power button until the Power Off/Restart slider appears.
  • Tap and hold the power slider, then swipe it to the Restart option. Your phone will automatically power off after this.
  • Wait for a while, and the mobile device will boot on its own. After it is up again, check if the Facebook platform still shows a blank page.

For Computer Users:

  • First, point your mouse cursor on the browser's close (X) button where you opened Facebook.
  • Right-click on your mouse to close the browser and restart it.
  • Finally, open the browser again and login to your Facebook account to see if it will still show a blank page.

restart device or browser

Check Your Network Connection

Another reason for a Facebook page blank is that your network connection may not be stable or you are not connected to the Internet at all. Facebook is an online social media platform, so you must first connect to the Internet before using it. Without a stable connection, Facebook will be unable to load data and content from its database, which might cause a white screen of death. For mobile users, ensure the wifi or mobile data is turned on. While for computer users, check if the wifi or the LAN connection is connected.

check your device connectivity

Update or Reinstall Facebook

One more conclusion is that a Facebook app bug, an update problem, or an outdated version causes the Facebook blank screen. In this case, the best way to fix the white screen of death on Facebook is to update the application or reinstall Facebook. This method only applies to mobile users since only the mobile app of Facebook uses a downloadable client. Follow the simple guide below to update or reinstall your Facebook application on your mobile device.


  • Unlock your mobile device, then launch the Google Play Store or App Store from your application drawer.
  • Look for the Facebook app on the Google Play Store or App Store, then tap it to open the application page.
  • Check if the app needs to be Updated. If there is an update, click the Update button to update the app. If there is none, you can Uninstall the application and Install it again.

check the store for updates

Re-login Your Account

If your Facebook page is still blank after doing the above methods, you can also try this one. In most cases, logging out and logging in to your Facebook account can solve the Facebook page is blank problem. It can help restart your user data and news feed content that Facebook might have a hard time processing. You can check the steps below on how to log out and re-login to your Facebook account.


  • First, point your mouse cursor to your small profile picture on the upper right of the screen. Click it to open the Facebook menu.
  • You will see the Log Out button at the bottom of the popup menu. Click it to logout of your Facebook account.
  • Once you are redirected to the login page, enter your Facebook account credentials to log in again. After logging in, check if your problem with the blank page is fixed.

logging out of facebook

Clear Facebook Cache

Finally, you can also try clearing the Facebook cache to fix the Facebook blank page issue. Clearing the cache of Facebook will accomplish a lot on your device and application so that it can solve your problem. It will free up some space on your device, delete bad cookies, and might even terminate some bugs that are causing Facebook to act up. However, clearing the cache will only delete the cache files of your Facebook application and leave your other data untouched. If you want to reset your device data instead, you can check out the methods here.


  • First, open your device, then launch Settings. Scroll down to find the Apps or App Management button, then tap it.
  • After opening the application management list, look for the Facebook application. Once you find it, tap the Facebook button to open its settings.
  • Finally, go into the Storage Usage settings of your Facebook application. After seeing the cache section, tap the Clear cache button to delete all your Facebook app’s cache.

clear facebook cache

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a blank Facebook page mean I’ve been blocked from Facebook?
No, a blank Facebook page can be caused by several problems, but being blocked from Facebook is not one of them. If you are blocked from Facebook, you will see a message about it and not just a blank page.
Can you download videos from Facebook?
You can’t download a video directly using the Facebook application, but a third-party downloader can download videos from Facebook. An example is AceThinker Online Video Downloader, which can save Facebook videos by pasting the link on the website.
Will a blank screen on Facebook break my phone?
No, having a blank screen on Facebook won’t affect or break your phone or any device you use. That is unless the Facebook blank page is caused by a broken phone instead.


It is a hassle when you want to scroll down on Facebook to entertain yourself with photos, videos, posts, or memes, but the screen only shows white. There are many reasons why this might happen, and there are also many ways to fix each problem. Hopefully, this guide will help you solve your blank Facebook screen problem.

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