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Here’s How You Can Fix Facebook Not Loading Pictures Issues in 7 Ways

feature facebook not loading pictures Over the last few years, internet has always been dominated by social media platforms. It is the finest place to meet and interact with new people. Facebook is one of the most well-known and frequently utilized social networking networks. We constantly want it to be ready to use, only a click away, and to display everything on our News Feed. It might be aggravating when Facebook not loading images in the News Feed or display them as empty or black boxes. These are also referred to as broken pictures, but fortunately, there are solutions available when Facebook photos not loading. Let’s find out how to get rid of loading Facebook picture issue.

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Facebook Not Loading Pictures: The Possible Reasons

It is natural to assume that Facebook images not loading due to a poor internet connection. However, damaged photos might be an indication of a much larger problem. Here are some of the reasons why images not loading on Facebook.

  • Inadequate network connectivity

    One of the most common reasons for Facebook pictures not loading is a slow internet connection. Another issue is a lack of network connectivity.

  • Problems with the DNS Server
  • The Domain Name System or commonly known as DNS converts webpage names into IP addresses so that browsers may access them. There are several sorts of DNS servers, and each is responsible for connecting you to a webpage, an online game, or other internet material. They are directly in charge of your connectivity and can sometimes affect Facebook not loading pictures.

  • Cache
  • Temporary files are stored on your device by your internet browser and the Facebook app to help them perform better. This is known as the cache, and it may get corrupted and create a variety of issues. This may easily lead to images not loading properly on Facebook.

  • Facebook's Free Mode
  • Facebook features a free mode that uses no data, but it is only available through a few cell providers. In free mode, you can like, share, and comment, but videos and images will not be visible. You may have activated free mode if your Facebook app is not loading picture messenger.

  • Disabled Images
  • Some users block their browser's ability to load images and other material on purpose and face Facebook loading picture issue. They minimize data usage while improving browser performance in this manner. Whether Facebook isn't loading images, see if you've removed the browser's ability to do so.

How to Fix Facebook Not Loading Images Issue?

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Before we dive in to more complicated solutions to the Facebook not loading images problem, you should try the most simple way first. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or confirm that the internet connection is enabled in the Control Centre on your iPhone. You should also make sure that the Facebook app has access to mobile data.

check your internet connection

2. Check the Server Status of Facebook

Previously, Facebook had server issues that caused their service to be unavailable. Server outages occur from time to time for a variety of causes. It might be a cyber-attack or routine maintenance. Check the status of the Facebook servers before proceeding with any further methods to resolve Facebook not loading images.

check the server status of facebook

3. Update Facebook App to the Latest Version

If you use the Facebook app on your phone or computer, this solution applies to you. You'd have to look at the Facebook version. There are two approaches:

  • Check if your Facebook is up to date by going to the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Navigate to the 'About' section of the Facebook App. To do so, launch the app and navigate to the Menu > Settings > Scroll down to the 'About' section. Simply click on it.

If you want to use Free Facebook, you will have a 'Show photo' option. It will appear on every photograph that appears in your Feed. You may view the image by clicking on it.

update facebook app to the latest version

4. Try Clearing the Browser Cache & Data

If a damaged cache file is causing Facebook to fail to load images, the remedy is straightforward. The technique you take to delete the cache and data will be determined by your browser. You may need to go to your browser's history and erase it there. It is preferable to clear up any cache, cookies, and other temporary files.

try clearing the browser cache and data

5. Check Disabled Images Settings

Most browsers have the ability to block graphics and other information. It aids in increasing the loading speed of web browsers. Many people use it to conserve data and enjoy fast performance. It's possible that you enabled this for some reason. If you've done it before, then it's time for you to check and repair the problem. Also, check the browser's built-in settings to disable the function. Because each browser uses a different mechanism, you may need to test them independently.

check disabled images settings

6. Disable Ad Blockers

While ad blockers can be really beneficial, allowing you to enjoy a seamless surfing experience without being assaulted with adverts left and right, they can also cause Facebook to malfunction. Fortunately, removing or deactivating these ad filters is an easy process. Open the browser menu by hitting the hamburger menu (Firefox) or three dots (Chrome) and selecting either "Add-ons and themes" or "More tools > Extensions." You may uninstall the add-ons from there.

disable ad blockers

7. Change Your DNS Settings

A faulty DNS server might be the source of the problem under consideration. You may remedy the problem by utilizing a reliable DNS server address. The following is the technique for doing so:

  • To launch the Run window, press Win+R and type command control panel. To open the Control Panel window, press Enter.
  • Navigate to Network and Internet > Sharing and Networking Center.
  • To open the WiFi status pane, click on the name of your WiFi network.
  • Choose Properties. If you get asked for Administrator privileges, select Yes.
  • To open the properties of Internet Protocol Version 4, double-click on it.
  • Select Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the following values:
    1. is the preferred DNS server.
    2. is an alternate DNS server.
  • To save the adjustments, click OK.

change your dns settings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to open a Facebook post in a browser?
If the Facebook app is not loading the photographs, you may try if the image will load on a web browser.
2. Can I have two Facebook applications installed on my phone?
You may download both the main Facebook app and the Facebook Lite app.
3. Can I have two Facebook accounts on my phone?
You certainly can. You may access one account using the Facebook app and the other through your mobile browser or the Facebook Lite app.
4. Why are disabled images appearing in my Facebook news feed?
If you can't view any photos in your news feed, it might be due to an internet or network issue, damaged data, or an outdated software.
5. Can you capture photographs from Facebook?
You may use your mobile device or computer to snap screenshots of the photographs.

The Final Verdict

Facebook addiction is a genuine thing. You may be perplexed if the program fails to load images. The techniques outlined above should assist you in troubleshooting the problem. Use the steps listed above to avoid black boxes when messenger loading pictures.

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