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Quick Solutions for Facebook Messenger Connecting Problem

facebook messenger not connectingThe Facebook platform has been around for a while, and it was revolutionary as it made connecting with people much more accessible. Through Facebook, an internet connection, and any compatible device, users can easily share their thoughts, scroll through news feeds, and message others. Moreover, with the arrival of Facebook Messenger, messaging other app users became even more convenient. Facebook Messenger can be installed on devices such as Win and Mac computers, Android phones, and iOS devices, which makes it portable and flexible. A vast percentage of users on the Internet are now using Facebook Messenger as their default messaging tool. The only requirement for using the message feature of the app is to have an internet connection to access its features. But what if Facebook Messenger not connecting? It can be a hassle for your communication. So, below are simple and quick solutions for the Facebook Messenger problem.

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How to Fix Facebook Messenger Connecting Problem

When Facebook Messenger says that there’s a connecting problem, that can be caused by various reasons. For instance, it can be caused by a bug or glitch in the Messenger app, or maybe your iPhone won t connect to wifi, which is why it is having a problem. To troubleshoot and address the probable reasons, here are some methods to help fix Messenger waiting for network.

1. Restart the Messenger Application

One probability for Facebook Messenger connecting problem is that the application itself is having trouble connecting to the server. It could be because Facebook Messenger is facing heavy traffic or the application glitches, causing the app to run slowly. When your messages don’t load or appear, you can’t send messages, or you can’t receive message notifications, you can try restarting the application first.


  • Close the Messenger application by pressing the Home or Back button on your mobile device. Once you are on your device's homepage, open the task manager or recent applications. Do it y clicking the bottom-left button or swiping up the screen, depending on your device’s system.
  • Next, you will see the Messenger application on your task manager or recent applications after popping up on the screen. Swipe up the Messenger application away until it is removed.
  • Finally, when the Messenger app is no longer running in the background, tap the FB Messenger icon again to open it. Check if you are still having connecting problems with the application.

swipe messenger up away from running in background apps

2. Check Your Network Connection

Another possibility is that FB Messenger no internet connection keeps popping up because you actually have no internet connection. The Facebook Messenger application must be connected to the Internet to access its message database. If your device is not connected to the Internet, Messenger will not be able to retrieve and send data, causing the problem. Check if your device is connected to a wifi network or if mobile data is turned on.


  • To check your device connection, swipe down or up, depending on your device, to open the notification drawer. Afterward, look for the wifi or mobile data icons.
  • Once you find the wifi or mobile data logo, ensure that one is lit up and connected to a network. If not, tap the icons to activate them and connect to a network.
  • If the icons were lit up already when you opened the drawer, turn them off by tapping on the icon, then turn it on again. After reconnecting to the Internet, open the Messenger app again to see if it will now work.

check your connection

3. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is also one of the first troubleshooting you should do when Messenger no internet connection constantly appears. Rebooting your device can help fix the issue if Facebook Messenger isn't working correctly for you because of a device issue. Below are the steps to restart your mobile device.


  • Hold down the power button on your device after initially unlocking it. When the Power Off/Restart or power slider displays, release holding the power button.
  • Swipe the power slider to Restart mode while tapping and holding the slider. After this, your phone will shut off on its own.
  • The mobile phone will start up on its own after some time. Check whether the Facebook Messenger application still displays a network connection problem error.

restart your device

4. Update or Reinstall Your Messenger App

Another conclusion is that Facebook Messenger says no internet connection because of a bug in the Messenger app, an update issue, or an out-of-date version. Update the software or reinstall Messenger in this instance to resolve the network connection issue. Simply follow the basic instructions below to reinstall or update the Messenger application on your mobile device.


  • Open the Google Play Store or the App Store from your device's application drawer after unlocking it.
  • Look for the Messenger application on the Google Play Store or the App Store. Tap it to access the app page.
  • Identify any app updates that may be required. Tap the Update button for updating the app if one is available. Otherwise, you can tap the uninstall button and reinstall it again later.

reinstall or update messenger

5. Check if Messenger is Down

The final step is to check if the Messenger server is down. Facebook Messenger relies on its servers and databases to communicate and run its network. If that is the problem, there is nothing that users can do but wait for the Messenger servers to run again. You can check the Facebook Messenger status detector of Downdetector or search the keyword “is Facebook Messenger down” in your browser.

check the messenger server status

Bonus Tip: How to Backup Facebook Messenger with AceThinker

You might risk losing all your data if you plan to troubleshoot the Facebook Messenger application after encountering the problem. This could happen when you are restoring your device or uninstalling the application. To avoid that from happening, you can use this tip to back up your Facebook Messenger data before troubleshooting.

Distinctive Feature: Aside from the backup option, the tool also comes with a restore feature that allows you to recover your files easily on your computer.

Price: A one-time payment premium plan costs $25.95 for two computers.

The computer software called AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore offers a superior backup procedure. Owing to its recovery procedure, this instrument is significantly more well-known than most clouds like Google Drive and iCloud. It comes with the Restore feature, which makes it simple to move data backup to your iOS device. This tool comes in handy when messages on your Messenger have been accidentally deleted. As a precaution, it is suggested that you utilize this utility to back up your messages. Additionally, it has infinite storage and backup capacity. This tool does not simply depend on your PC's storage space, unlike the Google service. As a result, you won't be limited when preserving messages, pictures, movies, and other things on your computer. This program also includes many processes. It also can retrieve backups from other providers like iCloud and iTunes, recover iOS operating systems, and fix iPhone bugs.

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Step 1 Connect Your Device and Choose iOS Data Backup

For the first step, you will open the AceThinker iOS Data Backup and Restore application on your computer. Afterward, you will connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, then click the iOS Data Backup operation on the menu.

ios data backup and restore interface

Step 2 Choose the Backup Mode

Next, you will select the backup mode for your Facebook Messenger messages. You can choose from the Standard and Encrypted mode backup after the application recognizes your device. The Encrypted backup is a backup file protected by a password, while the Standard backup don’t have one.

Step 3 Choose What to Backup

For the third step, click the Start button to scan your Messenger files from your iOS device. After that, deselect all the other file categories and leave out Messenger and Attachments. By doing that, you can only backup the specific files that you want for now, which are Messenger data files.

Step 4 Complete the Backup

Finally, click the Next button after deselecting everything aside from Messenger and Attachments. The backup process will start, and an indicator will appear on your screen. Wait until the progress indicator reaches 100% to complete your backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Messenger application?
The most common ways to reset the Messenger application on your phone are by uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting the device, or clearing the cache. Resetting the Messenger application is a good way to make the app run smoothly again.
Will my messages disappear if I uninstall Messenger?
No, your messages are saved on the Messenger database, so they will not disappear even after uninstalling the Messenger app. When you reinstall Messenger, the messages will be retrieved on your device again.
Does deactivating Facebook cause Messenger problems?
No, if you deactivate Facebook and choose to keep your Messenger account connected to it, there will be no problem caused, such as the Messenger can’t connect to the network problem.


It is frustrating to get errors from Messenger and keep receiving the prompt that it can’t connect to the network. Luckily, many troubleshooting methods can help users solve this problem. Just ensure you will back up your files first to avoid accidentally deleting and losing them.

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