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Ultimate Ways on How to Download Twitter Video to iPhone

download twitter videos to iphoneTwitter is a well-known social media platform for discovering breaking news and sharing links, videos, and images. We occasionally save, share, and retweet videos on Twitter to watch them repeatedly. Yet, this application does not allow downloading videos from its platform. That is because of its copyright restrictions. Whether they are song and dance covers, short blogs, or random video clips. Assume you want to save Twitter videos to iPhone, and this guidepost provides the four best approaches. Without further ado, let's get started on how to download Twitter videos on your iOS phone and see which tool will undoubtedly lighten your load.

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Can You Save Twitter Videos on iPhone?

You must use practical tools to save videos from Twitter because you cannot save videos directly from the application. However, there is no built-in option for storing videos from Twitter on your iPhone, but there is another way if you want to save them quickly. That requires you to depend on external resources to make it work. The four methods to save video from Twitter iPhone are as follows.

twitter save videos

4 Reliable Ways to Download Twitter Video to iPhone

1. Use AceThinker Video Keeper Pro

If you’re looking for a tool to save Twitter video iPhone, you can use the AceThinker Video Keeper. This software can quickly get videos ranging from 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 8K quality if the video supports it. Moreover, you can also utilize this tool to download Twitter videos on your computer and transfer them to your iPhone. Aside from that, it can also help you to detect the video you want to download because of its built-in web browser. On the other hand, this desktop tool has a fast processor that allows you to download unlimited videos without hassle. With that, you can follow the steps below on how to save video from Twitter iPhone.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Download the Software

Suppose you're using a computer to download videos from Twitter and want to transfer them on iPhone. You can download and install AceThinker Video Keeper Pro by clicking the download button above. Then, wait for a few moments to install it.

vk interface

Step 2 Go to the Twitter App

After downloading the tool, go to the Twitter application and select which video you want to download. To save a video from Twitter iPhone, you need to copy the link above. Then, go to the main interface of the Video Keeper and paste the video URL.

paste url on the main interface

Step 3 Download Twitter Video

After you’ve pasted the video URL, click the download button and wait for a few seconds to download it. The downloaded video will automatically be added to the download queue and your desktop files. And you can now start watching videos from Twitter without a hassle.

click the download tab to save video

Step 4 Connect your iPhone to Windows

Before you transfer the videos to your iPhone, you need to connect your iPhone to your Windows Computer using a USB lighting cable. After your iPhone is connected to your PC, the “Do you trust this computer” will pop up on your phone. Select the “Trust,” and see that your phone appears as a new device on Windows File Explorer.

Step 5 Transfer Video to iPhone

Lastly, to transfer videos from Windows Computer to your iPhone, you can drag any media files you want into the apple folder within the DCIM folder. In that case, you can opt to import your videos as a folder as well. After that, disconnect your iPhone after importing videos to your phone. You may now be able to play and watch downloaded videos from Twitter in your gallery.

transfer video to iphone by dragging media file

2. Use Documents

Documents is another tool for save video from Twitter iPhone. When compared to other programs, the process of downloading a video on Twitter is a little more complicated. To save the video to your iPhone, first install the Documents app on your iOS device. After downloading the tool, please refer to the user guide below and learn how you can download Twitter video to iPhone.

User Guide:

  • First and foremost, open the Twitter program on your iPhone and go to the video you want to save or download. Then, tap on the Share button and then click the copy the link to tweet it.
  • Next is, open the “Documents” or “My Media” application on your phone. With that, there will be a browser icon at the bottom right corner. Press on it, and then you will be quickly taken to an in-app browser.
  • Lastly, in the browser, you can go to the Twitter video downloader software and then open the website. Then, paste that copied URL link there and hit the “Download the File” and type in a name to save the video.

select the download video to save video from twitter

3. Use iOS Shortcut

iOS Shortcut is another tool for Twitter video download on iOS. You will like this excellent tool because it allows you to save videos from Twitter in the easiest ways. This simple iOS shortcut will allow you to quickly download Twitter videos to iPhone and save them to the iPhone Photos app.

User Guide:

  • Open the TVDL v3.1 official webpage, then tap the “Add Shortcut” if you’re on iOS 14 or earlier.
  • Go to the Twitter app and press the “Share button” then “Share via” and TVDL v3.1. However, if you’re using Twitter in your iPhone browser, you can tap the share button and then share a Tweet via TVDL v3.1
  • Lastly, Hit the “Allow Once” or “Always Allow” and select your desired video quality, and that’s it! You can now watch your video from aTwitter and save it to your iPhone’s Photos app.

click the tvdl v3.1 to save video from twitter

4. Use Twitter Video Downloader

There is another simple method you can use to achieve similar results. While many websites allow you to save Twitter videos, Twitter Video Downloader is one of them. This tool is free and allows you to easily download Twitter videos. Then, check out the user guide below to start the download Twitter video iPhone process.

User Guide:

  • Open the Twitter app on iOS and navigate to the video you want to save. Then, pick the "Share" button to the right of the tweet.
  • Go to the Safari on your iPhone and go to the official website of Twitter Video Downloader. On this webpage, you can tap on the text box under the “Paste Tweet URL Here.”
  • After you've pasted the URL, click the download button. Then, open the “Files app” and go to the folder where you saved the video. Tap Save Video on the iOS Share Sheet to save the video to the Camera Roll.

press the download video to save twitter video

Comparison Chart

Tool Batch Download Video Quality Compatibility
AceThinker Video Keeper Pro Supported 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080p Windows and macOS
Documents Supported 360, 720p Android and iOS
iOS Shortcut Not Supported 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080p iOS
Twitter Video Downloaderr Not Supported 144, 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080p Windows and Smartphones
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