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Top 3 Best Sendvid Video Downloader (Most Recommended)

feature download sendvi video Sendvid is a free service for uploading, sharing and enjoying videos online. Users who access this platform are looking for a way to download Sendvid video, so we bring you a great recommendation and ally called "AceThinker Video Keeper". With this tool you can download videos, movies, songs and any other file from Sendvid. With AceThinker Video Keeper, you can also download videos from other platforms and social networks. It is easy, fast and simple to use; it offers two versions, one free and one paid. Besides, it can be installed on your Windows or Mac computer. Below, we will explain all the aspects and methods to download video from Sendvid.

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Detailed Steps to Download Sendvid Video

To download any video from Sendvid, you need to follow some steps and recommendations. This way, you will have an effective download process on your computer or mobile device to enjoy the content wherever and whenever you want. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 Search for a SendVid video

Log in to SendVid and search for the video you want to download. You can search your gallery or enter the name in the search bar. When located, copy the URL of the video to paste it and take it to the SendVid video download process.

search for a sendVid video

Step 2 Download and install AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper will be our platform to download from SendVid that video you want to have in your gallery. The first thing to do is to enter its web platform and press the download button for your Windows or Mac. Once the file is downloaded, proceed to install it on your computer.

Step 3 Login to AceThinker Video Keeper

To enter AceThinker Video Keeper you can do it in its free or paid version, through a registration. You must enter your username, password and purchase code (in case you are a user of AceThinker Video Keeper). Using AceThinker Video Keeper is very simple. Its interface is intuitive and we can make use of its five functions: download (by copying and pasting a link), detect video (in case we have a file running in the background), download from libraries, record screens or convert videos. To download SendVid video we will do it by copying and pasting the link in a search bar of the application. After pressing the button identified with a magnifying glass, the video will appear ready for downloading. Select the SendVid video path and the file format (MP4, 360p). Finally, we press the "Download" button and wait for the system to store it in our file gallery.

login to acethinker video keeper

Step 4 SendVid link downloader

In the AceThinker Video Keeper menu look for the "Downloading" section where the downloading process will be shown. In the "Downloaded" section, if everything goes correctly, our file will appear fully downloaded and ready to play. All our downloads are segmented according to whether it is a music or video file.

sendvid link downloader

Other Tools to Download Video from SendVid

Although AceThinker Video Keeper is an excellent tool, it involves having to download a file and install it. On the internet we can find other more direct options to download video from SendVid. Here are some of them:


Gettvid is an online platform with which we can SendVid link downloader. It is fast, simple and easy to use. Just copy and paste the video link into a search bar. Select whether you want SendVid video downloader in high quality or MP3. Press the "Extract" button and wait for the conversion to take place. The process may take a few minutes, but once it is loaded, you can have your file downloaded.

download sendvid video using gettvid

HitPaw Video Converter

It is the most used option for Sendvid video downloader with high quality and resolution. With the "batch conversion" function, users can download more than one video at a time. In addition, you have the opportunity to download content from social networks and other web platforms, just by copying and pasting the link.

download sendvid video using hitpaw

Frequently Asked Questions About Downloading SendVid Video

1. What video formats does SendVid support?
Among the main video formats supported by SendVid are: .avi, .mp4, .flv, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg. It also allows you to upload files in other formats.
2. What is the expiration time of the videos?
Videos have 90 days of duration and storage on SendVid, however, if videos are viewed more than once every 90 days, they are guaranteed to remain on the site.
3. How to locate the SendVid link downloader?
To locate the SendVid video download link you must go to the top of the website. Select the URL address consisting of www or Https:- then paste that link in the search bar and SendVid video downloader.
4. What if the file could not be downloaded successfully?
Verify that the SendVid link downloader is the correct one and that you have not copied and pasted any extra elements. Make sure you have pasted it into the appropriate search bar and that you have selected the video format.
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