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Top 6 Most Recommended Video Downloader for Pinterest

feature download pinterest video Pinterest is one of the best content-sharing platforms that brings a combination of descriptions along with videos. So, sharing information in the most descriptive form, including graphics and text, is compelling here on Pinterest. While it is one of the best platforms for the functionalities it brings, there is only one issue. Whenever you share a Pinterest link, the recipient must have the app to see it. Otherwise, opening that link on the web is necessary. The best solution to this issue is to download Pinterest video and then share that video. However, it is not that simple to download Pinterest videos, especially when you are using different devices. So, here we will discuss how you can download video from Pinterest regardless of where you want to share it.

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Best Way to Download Pinterest Video to MP4

When we say the best way to download Pinterest videos, we discuss using the AceThinker Video Keeper Pro. It is a tool designed to care for all your online video downloading needs. While it provides video downloading services for over 1000 websites, Pinterest is one of them, so here you can download top-quality videos from Pinterest without any issues.

Step 1 Download and Install Video Keeper Pro

It provides you with a whole desktop experience. So, you will first need to download it on your PC and install it. Once the Pinterest downloader installation is complete, you can start this tool and move to the next step.

video keeper interface

Step 2 Get the video URL and paste it into the tool

Now you will need to head over to Pinterest. It does not matter whether you are using an application or website. Similarly, it does not matter what device you use Pinterest on, but for the best experience, you can use it on the same PC with the Pinterest video downloader installed. Once you are on Pinterest, you need to get the sharable link to that video. Copy that link and paste it into the tool.

paste video link

Step 3 Set download specifications according to your requirements and download

The last thing you need to do here is set your downloading specifications. This downloader is a professional tool; you get all the options for customizing your downloads here.After setting each one of these according to your requirements you can begin the download and you will shortly have your video in offline storage of your PC.

set download specifications and download video

Alternative Online Pinterest Video Downloader

We still have you covered if you do not want to go with the best option for downloading Pinterest videos. We have some fantastic alternatives to AceThinker Video Keeper pro. You can use this tool and enjoy the ease of downloading the best quality Pinterest videos, or you can also try these other MP4 video downloaders.


If you are looking for the most direct experience with no specific features or customizations, then this is the option. Here you do not need to do anything apart from pasting the link to the Pinterest video and downloading it. The process here is also simple as you paste the link and the tool provides you with a straightforward download button. There are no extraordinary features like selecting a resolution, video size, quality, and such things.

download pintereset video with expertstool


Botdownloader is the website where you can download Pinterest videos and their thumbnails. Even if you want the video's original thumbnail separately, it will also provide you the option to download that. The download process is simple, but it is a bit user-friendly because it provides a download preview right in the interface. So, here you know what you are downloading. One of the best things here is that you get additional download options like thumbnail and force downloading options.

download pintereset video with botdownloader


One of the best Pinterest video downloading tools you can use on all devices. If you do not have a PC, then going for this tool will make your experience a lot better. Here you get the preview like most other tools, but the exciting thing is that you can preview more extensive videos quickly. The playback speed option does it. Expertsphp also provides the option to download video images and the video itself.

download pintereset video with expertsphp


Next up on the list is a good option for iPhone users, but the interface is not that descriptive. You only get a box to paste the link, and there is a download button that you can use to download the video. There are no extensive features available here like thumbnail downloading and such things. However, the website has some separate tools for downloading images, thumbnails, and GIFs from Pinterest.

download pintereset video with pinterestvideo


It is the last tool we will be discussing here. The overall experience is quick and straightforward, with a box to paste the link and get download links. However, once you get the link, you need to use the browser's downloader, which is often slow. Additionally, you must be careful about the video quality as you may not get the same video downloading quality here. The good part here is that there are no waiting times.

download pintereset video with expertstrick


Going from Pinterest to MP4 is one of the easiest ways to share Pinterest videos with anyone at any time, and it also allows you to share those Pinterest videos on any platform of your choice. So, you must look for the best video downloader for Pinterest videos. We hope that you got the solution to all your Pinterest video downloading requirements with the options we discussed above. If you’re also a fan of MP4 video songs, you can Click Here to check the best MP4 video song downloaders.

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Last updated on June 15, 2022

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