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Top 6 Methods to Download Niconico Video and Watch Offline

featured image download niconico video Niconico is a known Japanese video sharing site that offers countless content. For starters, Niconico is like the Japanese symbolism for the word "Smile." With that being said, the website provides lots of videos to entertain its viewers. Aside from videos, it also showcases Anime news and Manga, which are also popular in Japan. Furthermore, it has a "Nico Live" section wherein you can watch live broadcasts from its different channels. Nevertheless, we still need an internet connection before we can access its entertaining videos and content. In that case, it is always better if we have them save on our devices and watch them even you're on the go. Luckily, we found the best ways to download Niconico video.

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Download Niconico Video with the Best Niconico Downloader

If we're talking about the best, no doubt that AceThinker Video Keeper Lite is a must on the list. It can download Niconico to MP4 in several ways and 3x faster compared to others. What's unique about it is it can grab Niconico videos for up to 8K quality to get the best viewing experience. Additionally, it has a built-in converter to save the Niconico video in several formats like MKV, AVI, and others. This is necessary, so you can also transfer and play the video to your other devices.

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Step 1 Install the Niconico Video Downloader

Get the installer by clicking any of the "Download" buttons provided. Run the installer after you download it. Once done, open Video Keeper Lite to access its main interface.

launch the tool

Step 2 Configure the Settings

Before you start downloading, you can modify some settings like the output format, video quality, etc. To do it, hit the "3 lines" at the top-right corner and choose options. Then, set the downloader according to your preference and just hit "OK" to save.

vklite configure settings step2

Step 3 Download Niconico Video

After that, open a browser and visit Niconico. Browse the site and look for the video you want. Copy the Niconico video URL, then go back to the software to click the "Paste URL" button. Just sit back and relax and let Video Keeper Lite download it for you.

vklite download niconico step3

Step 4 Watch the Downloaded Niconico Video

Wait for a few minutes until it is done. Next, the video will transfer to the "Completed" panel. From here, right-click the Niconico video and select "Play" to start watching it.

vklite play niconico step4

Top 3 Online Niconico Video Downloader


If you don't want to install any additional program on your computer, try some online video downloaders. However, these type of tools doesn't provide other essential downloading functions like bulk download and others. One example is the, which has a specific server as a Niconico video downloader online. You can use this online tool in any platform and device to download Niconico videos. Moreover, its main page is not littered with ads even though it is a free tool.

onlinedownloader niconico

2. TubeOffline

Another Niconico online downloader is TubeOffline. The online tool can save the Niconico video in MP4, AVI, or even in MP3. It also downloads the video for up to its "Best" quality, which, as we tested, supports 1080p resolution. The main concern that you'll experience in using TubeOffline is the ads. It will also redirect you to a different page when you click a link or button.

tubeoffline niconico

3. Amoyshare Free Video Finder

You can also use Amoyshare Free Video Finder to download Anime videos from Niconico. The online tool is available on several browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It downloads the Niconico video in MP4 format, but you cannot choose the video quality. The online tool also has an Android app version, which supports downloading Niconico videos on your smartphone.

amoyshare niconico downloader

Recommended 2 Browser Extension to Save Niconico Video

1. Awesome NicoNico Downloader

File Size: 363 KB
Supported Sites: Niconico only.

There are browser extensions that can act as a Niconico downloader Chrome. One of them is the Awesome NicoNico Downloader. It can save a Niconico video for up to 1080 Full HD quality. Additionally, it has a search bar that you can use to find Niconico video even without opening a new tab. Aside from the videos, it can also download Niconico audio, thumbnail, and Manga.

awesome niconico downloader interface

2. Video DownloadHelper

File Size: 785 KB
Supported Sites: Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

Video DownloadHelper is another browser extension that lets you have a Niconico downloader Chrome and Firefox. Aside from downloading the video, it can extract the audio from it and save the file as MP3. Additionally, Video DownloadHelper gives you an option to choose the screen resolution. The good thing about this extension is it will not download the video ads playing in-between the Niconico videos.

vdhelper download niconico

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