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Top 3 Best Solutions to Download Newgrounds Video

feature download newgrounds video Newgrounds is an entertainment platform similar to YouTube but has different content types. Here you get a specific type of entertaining content related to games and stores, which is very interesting in a unique way. Although it is a fantastic platform, it is not available in different parts of the world. So, one solution to share its videos is to go for some NEWGROUND video downloader. Luckily there are different online and offline options, but the variety of options can make the selection process difficult for you. So, here we will be discussing the top Newgrounds to MP4 conversion options that you can use.

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Download Newgrounds Video with AceThinker Video Keeper

If you are looking for a Newgrounds video converter or download HD movies from Newgrounds, below is your best option.

On the top of our list is the AceThinker Video Keeper Pro which brings an all-in-one solution for all your video downloading needs. Here you get a very simple yet feature-rich experience of downloading your favorite videos from your favorite website. A surprising fact here is that you get to download videos from more than 1000 websites, and Newgrounds is one of them. Although the process is pretty simple, here are the steps you will need to follow to use this Newgrounds video saver.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Download, Install and Open the tool

AceThinker Video Keeper Pro is not an online website, so you will need to download and install it on your PC. Interestingly, it will not take more than a few minutes before you can start the downloading process. So, you need to install the tool and then open it on your PC.

video keeper pro interface

Step 2 Paste the Video link

The next step of the process is to get the link for the Newgrounds video. You can move over to the Newgrounds website with that video and get the sharable link for that video. Copy that link and paste it into your AceThinker Video Keeper tool easily. After pasting the link, you can move to the next step.

paste the video link

Step 3 Preview and set Download specifications

The video preview will appear in front of you after a few seconds of processing. There you can check the video that you will be downloading. Here you can be sure of the quality, audio, and everything else. The best part about AceThinker Video Keeper Pro is that it allows you to customize the downloading options. So, when you download your video, you will need to set your preferred specifications, including the video file format and the download resolution. In this way, you get the perfect video from the Newgrounds to MP4 converter.

download the video link

Step 4 Download and Enjoy

By setting the download resolution in your Newgrounds MP4 downloader, you will be done with the most part. Now the only thing left is to press the download button. Wait for a while for the download to complete, and you can enjoy sharing that video across all different platforms.

play the downloaded video

Alternative Online Tools to Download Video from Newgrounds

1. Downloader.Tube

Next up on the list is Downloader.Tube is an online tool for downloading your Newgrounds videos. The process is relatively simple here, but the simplicity comes with the cost of some features. Below are the steps that you need to follow for downloading your Newgrounds video using this Newgrounds MP4 converter:

  • Go to the Newgrounds website and copy the link for the video that you wish to download.
  • download newgrounds video with downloadertube step1

  • Go for Downloader. Tube and paste the link into the box. Press the download button present next to the link pasting box. Now you will need to wait a few seconds for the video to convert. As the video converts, you will get different download options. Select the one according to your requirements.
  • download newgrounds video with downloadertube step2

  • A new tab will open there. You will need to click on the three dots present at the right bottom. Click on download, and the download may begin.
  • download newgrounds video with downloadertube step3

  • While this tool gets the job done, the process is lengthy, and you do not get any preview to ensure that the video quality is up to the mark. You get a preview for the video, but for each file and resolution, you have to check that separately.
  • 2.

    The last option we have here for you is which works on almost every device because it is an online tool and it will let you download HD movies. However, you may not get the best experience considering the long processing time before you can download the video. After the processing is complete, it will take another few minutes for the download to complete. So, here are the steps that you will need to follow for using this NEWGROUNDS movie downloader:

  • The beginning of the downloading process will be similar here, with you copying the NEWGROUNDS video link and pasting it on the website.
  • download newgrounds video with pastedownload step1

  • Next, you need to be very patient because it can take very long to show your downloading positions, depending on your video size and quality. Now you will have different downloading options, including the file type, size, and all other information about the video. Please select any of them and begin your download.
  • download newgrounds video with pastedownload step2

  • With these steps, you can download your favorite Newgrounds videos on any device. A good part about it is that it allows direct sharing and different quality downloads. However, the worst part about this tool is its everlasting waiting time which may get irritating sometimes.
  • Conclusion

    With platforms like Newgrounds not providing any downloading or saving options, it gets challenging to share your favorite videos. So, when you share that video, you need to find solutions to download or save Newgrounds video. Well, you do not need to worry as we did all the research for you. You can choose any of these top 3 solutions. Go for the tool that fulfills your requirements in the best way, and you will enjoy downloading any video from Newgrounds. Always remember to download the video according to the file format and resolution of the device where you will be playing it. Otherwise, you may come across any compatibility issues. Click Here if you’re also interested in other 4K Movies Download Sites.

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