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How to Download MyVideo on Mac/Windows

download myvideo MyVideo is a movie and video sharing site that is growing in popularity, which makes users eager to be able to download the videos and watch them later on their computer, tablets or smartphone. Actually, there are a lot of available tools across the web. However, only a few apps support video downloading from MyVideo. To simplify your work, we gathered some of the best tools that you can use. Thus, if you want to download clips from MyVideo, please keep reading for the reviews of user-friendly programs that make downloading and enjoying videos so much fun.

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Video Keeper - Best My Video Downloader

If you want to download videos from sites like MyVideo, Dailymotion, Break, YouTube, Vimeo, the New York Times, VEVO, and Liveleak, you need a program like Video Keeper by Acethinker. This software allows you to convert from one file type to another supporting files like FLV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, SWS, MP4, ASF and MPEG-1. Moreover, using its automatic download option, acquiring videos from anywhere site you wish is extremely fast with uncompromised output quality. What's such a good thing about this app is that it comes with a built-in browser that gives you the capability to visit a site and download videos from the visited site directly using its auto-detection feature. You can also copy the link of the video from the address bar of the tool and paste it into the app's downloader to fetch the video. After downloading videos, you also have the option to convert them to any format if you wish. You can convert videos to format compatible with your mobile phones like Apple and Samsung. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

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Step 1 Find a video you want to download

It is very easy to begin the downloading process in MyVideo for Mac. Install the program, and then navigate on your browser over to the MyVideo website. You can use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to find the videos you wish to save.

Step 2 Download using Auto-Detection

Use the built-in browser to visit the website of MyVideo. From there, browse through the different available videos and then select which one to download. After that, click the "Enable Detector" option and play the video. Once the video starts playing, it will be automatically added to the download queue.

detect the video

Step 3 Play the video after download

Once the download is complete, the video will move to the "Completed" section, where all finished videos are automatically stored. From there, it is possible to watch the video to check for any missing parts. Also, from the same section, users can choose to transfer the file into their mobile device.

play the video

Free Online Video Downloader - Online MyVideo Downloader

If you are not ready for the professional downloader yet, then you can try using a free one for the meantime. Free Online Video Downloader is a browser-dependent tool wherein you won't have to download any software yet being able to save videos straight right on your computer. On top of that, you won't have to register or create an account to use it. Also, the tool will not limit you on how many times you use it or how long the video you wish to download. Use it all you want without being restricted. To make it easier for you try the tool, we incorporated a shortcut download button below. Moreover, follow the steps below for the best downloading experience.

Step 1 Copy and Paste the video

All you have to do is stream your favorite video from My Video, then copy the link from the address bar. Next, use the download bar below to paste the video link. To initiate the process, click the download button beside it. That will initiate the process and gives you a list of formats available to download.

paste url

Step 2 Download the video

Once you decided which video to download, use your computer mouse to hover and point the mouse cursor to the blue download button beside the format chosen. Right-click then choose "Save Link As". Just wait until the download is complete.

free online downloader download

Video DownloadHelper - Download MyVideo on Browser

Another tool that is able to get videos from MyVideo is Video Download Helper. This is a Google Chrome extension that can be installed from the Google Chrome Extensions Store. By enabling Video Download Helper on the browser, it will have an option to download the video that is currently playing on the browser. This tool is very dependable because it can get videos indiscriminately without being affected by the origin of the video. In this case, MyVideo is not a site that is usually supported by mainstream video downloaders, but Video Download Helper can do so. All that is needed to get a video is to open MyVideo on a web-browser, and from the right side of the address bar, click the Video Download Helper icon. From the options that will drop-down, click the "Download" option, and the download process will begin. Select where to save the video and wait for the download process to finish.

video download helper


Both software is helpful when it comes to acquiring videos online. They are unique and helpful in their own ways. Video Keeper is ideal for those who want to get videos on all websites without being limited. The tool can decrypt the site through the settings of the tool. For merely $39.95 you will have a downloader, screen recorder, and a converter simultaneously. On the other hand, AceThinker Free Online Downloader is practical since it is for free. If you need further assistance with the tool, please leave us a message below or check our video tutorial on YouTube.

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