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Must-Follow Ways on How to Download Movies to USB

feature download movie to usb Movie streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix are top-rated. Also, streaming sites like Fmovies became a trend in watching movies over the internet. Some streaming services let you save movies directly on their app for offline viewing. In contrast, others are only playable within the platform. Unfortunately, you cannot save their contents on your USB drive. Furthermore, many people like to download movies to their USB drives to play them on Smart TV or other devices. So do not be bothered if you are having a hard time downloading your favorite movie directly on a USB drive. As long as your USB drive is connected to your computer, saving movies from the internet to the USB drive is nothing but a simple task. With the help of the walkthrough below, we will show how to download movies to USB flash drive effortlessly. Proceed on scrolling down to learn more about it!

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Reliable Sites to Download Movie to USB

There are many movie streaming sites that you can find on the internet. Some offer a variety of movie collections, where almost all top-rated movies and TV shows are available. But the thing is, users can only stream their favorite movies online. As we know, it is restricted to download commercial movies from the internet unless you find a movie that is freely accessible to the public. That is why you have to look for trustworthy movie streaming sites. With that, you can learn how to download movies to flash drive for free without getting in trouble. Furthermore, you can access the suggested sites listed below if you don't know any sites.

With all of the movie sites mentioned above, you can now move to the next part to know how to download movies to USB. A tutorial is provided to understand better how the process works.

How to Download Movies to USB Flash Drive Via PC

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You can download movies from the internet and watch them offline using various video downloaders available. But, there is a unique software that you will absolutely adore because of its great features. The program in question is called AceThinker Video Keeper Pro. This program is a potent desktop application that runs on both Windows and Mac OS. It allows you to easily download movies in HD resolutions like 720P or 1080P, as well as UHD resolutions like 8K. The tool also provides a simple download process. The "Copy and Paste" technique can be used to download a movie. Additionally, you may utilize the built-in browser to find the movie and download it right away to your device. Read and follow the guide below to find out how to put movies on a USB stick with the help of AceThinker Video Keeper Pro.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install the Movie Downloader

First, click the download button with the appropriate installation for your Windows or Mac operating system. Once the tool has been downloaded, install it by following the setup instructions. Run Video Keeper Pro afterward to open its interface. Following, place your USB drive into a USB port on your computer and move on to the next step.

video keeper interface

Step 2 Set USB Drive as The Output Folder

Next, click the icon with three horizontal lines in the tool's upper right corner, then choose the "Settings" tab from the menu. Change the tool's download file location by selecting the "Change" button under this window. Choose or create a folder on the USB drive you just plugged into your computer, and then pick it to select the movie you want to download.

set the usb drive as the download location

Step 3 Start to Download Movie on USB

You will utilize the tool's built-in browser to begin downloading a movie from your USB disk. Visit the movie-streaming website where you want to download a movie by going to the "Browse" tab of the program. Find a movie, then start playing it. Click the blue download button in the pop-up window while the video is playing. Next, decide what video quality you want to download the film. Click "Download" to begin the download procedure.

use the detect to download movie to usb

Step 4 Play the Downloaded Movie on USB Drive

After that, click the "Downloading" tab to see how the movie downloads. Navigate to the "Downloaded" panel after the download is finished. To see the list of options, right-click on the movie's title in this tab. To play the video in preview mode, click "Play Video," and to find it on your USB device, click "Open File Location."

locate the downloaded movie to usb

Tips on How to Put Movies on a USB Stick

If you have downloaded movies or other videos on your computer and want to transfer them to your USB drive, you must ensure that you do it properly. It is essential to connect your USB drive to your computer in the safest way possible to avoid experiencing malware issues. Furthermore, there are methods that you can perform on how to put movies on a flash drive. But, these methods may vary depending on your computer OS. Follow the tips below according to the computer OS that you are using.

For Windows Users:

  • First, plug the USB drive into the USB port of the computer's system unit. Then launch the "File Explorer" and head to the folder where the movies are located.
  • After that, choose and copy all the movies you want to transfer. Move to "My Computer" or "This PC," find and launch the USB drive.
  • Next, press the "CTRL+V" shortcut keys to paste all the copied movies into the USB drive.
  • Once done, click the USB drive-shaped icon on the bottom-right corner of the computer screen and select "Eject."

For Mac Users:

  • Insert the USB stick into the USB dock of your Mac computer. Then, open the macOS “Finder” app icon.
  • Look for the movie you want to transfer from the folder and copy it. Now, find the name of your USB drive under the “Devices” tab.
  • Launch the USB drive. Hit the “Edit” button and select “Paste” to transfer the movies into the USB drive.
  • Finally, hit the upward-facing arrow on the right side of the USB drive’s name to eject it safely.
Suppose your computer doesn't have USB 3.0 ports. You will need a Thunderbolt 3 to USB converter or a USB-C flash drive to be capable of transferring movies from your USB flash drive.
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