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Best Ways to Download Gaia Videos Instantly

gaia download featured“Gaia” was derived from the Greek word “Gaea,” which means god of earth or the earth itself. That name was used for a video streaming website where users can see many life-changing videos that reveal new and enlightening perspectives in real life. Furthermore, the site offers films, original shows, articles, classes, and many more transformational media to feed your creative thinking. However, Gaia is a membership website meaning it has a subscription. The subscription lets you watch ad-free videos, save offline videos on the app itself, but not the downloading service. Today, we’re going to reveal the best way on how to download Gaia video without a sweat. Please continue reading below.

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Best Tool to Download Gaia Video

Downloading Gaia videos has never been comfortable with the help of Acethinker Video Keeper Lite. A video downloading tool that captures video with its original video quality up to 4k resolution. Also, Acethinker Video Keeper Lite is equipped with a multi-threading feature, which means downloading videos is very fast through the use of the entire bandwidth. Furthermore, the tool was called the best Gaia video downloader because it is easy-to-use and a handy interface as it plays a drag-and-drop usage. Here are the simple steps to follow to download your Gaia videos instantly.

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Step 1 Get and Install the App

For us to start the process of downloading your Gaia videos, first we need to get the app by clicking the “Download” button above and follow the installation process to set the app on your PC completely. You should see an interface like this below.

gaia download vkl step1

Step 2 Set your Preferences

Once you have the application, you need to make sure that the output information is set up according to your wants and needs. Click the “three-lines” button at the top right part of the app. From there, you can choose your desired format, quality, and where to save the video on your PC.

gaia download vkl step2

Step 3 Get the Gaia video URL and Download

To start downloading, go to the official website of Gaia and play the video. Copy the URL then go back to the application. Click “Paste URL” to upload the contents. Once you click “Paste URL,” the tool will analyze the video URL and download it.

gaia download vkl step3

Step 4 Gaia video is Ready to Play

As the tool performs fast downloading, you need to wait for a few minutes depending on the video’s length. After the process, go to the completed panel, and you will see the downloaded video. You can also see the video on the destination folder that you set up earlier on your PC.

gaia download vkl step4

Online Gaia Video Downloader Alternatives


Another tool you can use as an alternative to download Gaia videos is Video Together with its video downloading function, it also supports up to 1080p HD resolution and different types of formats like MP4, MP3, MKV, FLV, and more. Furthermore, the online tool works as a video editor as well. It is downloading Gaia videos without even installing anything on your computer with the aid of Video Grabber. Net.


  • Copy the URL from website.
  • Paste the URL on the tool Video
  • Click the “Download” button on the right side of the search bar.

2. YMP4

Download Gaia video easily and quickly with the use of another online alternative is is an online tool that captures videos for up to 1920x1080 video resolution. Also, you need to copy and paste the Gaia video URL to download it. Moreover, that tool is compatible with mobile phones. You can use this tool for downloading your Gaia videos without any problem. Here's a simple necessary step by step guide.

gaia download ymp4

  • Go to the page or website of, play a video and copy the URL.
  • Paste the URL on YMP4 online tool. Then, choose the format and click “Download”.

3. CatchTube

If you are looking for an online Gaia video downloader that is free and super easy to use, CatchTube is the perfect Gaia video downloader for you. It downloads videos with just a few clicks with the original resolution up to 1080p. Furthermore, CatchTube has recently created its Chrome extension if you want to set it up on your PC, free. Here’s how to use it.

gaia download catchtube

  • Copy the URL on the official website of Gaia.
  • Paste the URL video on CatchTube.
  • Play the video and enjoy.

How to Download video for offline Use with Gaia App

Is it possible to save a video from the Gaia app for offline use? The answer is yes; you can save the video you want for offline use. However, the video that was downloaded can’t be shared from one device to another and will remain on the Gaia app. Click the “ Save For Offline” button on the video, you will see a list of videos that you have added to your offline playlist. Then, click the down-facing download arrow to download the video to your device.

gaia download gaiaapp

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

To sum up, Acethinker Video Keeper Lite is the best software we can use to capture Gaia videos. You can also use the other three online video downloaders depending on your needs. I hope you got what you searched for in this article. Please comment below for suggestions.

Features Video Keeper Lite Video YMP4 CatchTube
Ratings 4.8 4.5 4.6 4.5
Video Converter Yes Yes No No
Bulk Downloading Yes No No No
Compatible to Major Sites Yes Yes Yes Yes
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