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Best Ways to Download Gaia Videos Instantly

gaia download featured Finding inspiration or new and unique content? Check Gaia. It initially produces lots of award-winning and critically acclaimed content. All of its films, blogs, and documentaries aim to provoke your thoughts and think deeply about life, earth, and our surroundings. If you're into Yoga, you'll definitely enjoy its meditation classes that feature professional Yoga gurus around the world. Another good thing about Gaia is that their videos are available to play on TV, computers, and mobile devices. In fact, you can even download them. But that's the catch for it; its built-in download feature is only available if you're a premium member. So if you're trying to find a cheaper alternative, we already saved you that hassle. Let's dig in and discover how to download Gaia video efficiently.

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Best Tool to Download Gaia Video

Downloading Gaia videos has never been comfortable with the help of AceThinker Video Keeper. A video downloading tool that captures video with its original video quality up to 4K resolution. Aside from Gaia, it also supports more than 1000 video streaming sites, including Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, and more. In line with that, equipped with a multi-threading feature, which means downloading videos is very fast since it uses the entire bandwidth into the download process.

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Step 1 Save the Gaia Video Downloader

Hit the "Download" button provided above that suits your operating system. Open the downloaded installer package of Video Keeper and follow the prompt carefully. After that, launch the tool on your Windows and Mac computer.

vk main interface

Step 2 Download the Gaia Video

Here, we will download the Gaia video automatically. From the Video Keeper interface, go to its "Browse" tab. Visit Gaia using this and start searching for the video you're trying to download. Play the video, and click the "Download" icon on the right corner of the video, and you will ask to choose the output quality of the video you want to download. Once you choose, click the "Download" button to save it on your computer.

download gaia videos vk step2

Step 3 Play the Downloaded Gaia Video

A notification will appear telling you that the video is downloading. Next, go back to the "Downloading" tab to check the progress. Once it is finished, the Gaia video will transfer to the "Downloaded" panel. From here, right-click the downloaded Gaia video to either play, open the file location, or delete it.

download gaia videos vk step3

Online Gaia Video Downloader Alternatives

1. Downloader.Tech

Downloader.Tech presents a Gaia video downloader that lets you grab videos from the site with ease. It even supports saving videos in HD, if available. The good thing about the online tool is that it is accessible for mobile phones. Regarding this, it lets you download Gaia videos over your cellular network. Moreover, it enables you to download videos in several formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. Lastly, Downloader.Tech allows you to control the process like pausing, removing, or resuming the download.

downloadertech download gaia

  • Hit the link provided in the description above to visit its official page.
  • Next, go to Gaia and choose the video you need to grab. Copy its URL from the address bar.
  • Go back to the tool and paste the link on the box provided. Click the "Download" button afterward.
  • Choose your desired quality and format, then finally hit the "Download" button beside it. Once done, open the output folder to watch the video.

2. DoVideo

Another online tool that can help you save Gaia videos is DoVideo. It ensures that you can grab Gaia videos without any limit and for free. Furthermore, the tool is safe to use since it has no malicious ads popping up on its interface. Additionally, all downloaded videos are free from computer viruses or malware. The drawback of DoVideo is that it has a limited number of websites wherein you can download videos. Follow the steps below to learn how to download videos on Gaia using DoVideo.

dovideo download gaia

  • First, visit Gaia to find and copy the link to your preferred video.
  • Open a new tab and go to DoVideo. From here, paste the copied Gaia video link into the URL box. Click "Download" to continue.
  • Wait until you see the download list. Then, right-click the "Download" button next to the video and select "Save Video As..." to start. Once done, open the download folder of your computer to watch the Gaia video.

3. ClipConverter

If you're looking for an online Gaia downloader and converter, try ClipConverter. It supports multiple videos and audio formats such as MP4, AVI, MP3, AAC, etc. Moreover, it even downloads videos for up to 4K quality. Also, all of its services are for free, so you can use it as much as you want. Despite these fantastic features, ClipConverter has too many ads on its interface. In fact, it will even redirect you to a different tab before you can download videos from Gaia.

clipconverter interface

  • Go to Gaia and copy the video URL. Next, open a new tab to visit ClipConverter.
  • Paste the link into the box and click "Continue" to analyze it. After that, choose your desired video resolution and format.
  • Click "Start" and let it convert the file for you. Once done, hit the "Download" button to save the Gaia video.
  • Wait until the video is successfully downloaded. Finally, open the output folder so you can preview the Gaia video.

How to Download video for offline Use with Gaia App

Is it possible to save a video from the Gaia app for offline use? The answer is yes; you can keep the video you want for offline use. However, the downloaded video can't be shared from one device to another and will remain on the Gaia app. Click the "Save For Offline" button on the video, you will see a list of videos added to your offline playlist. Then, click the down-facing download arrow to download the video to your device.

gaia download gaiaapp

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

To sum up, Acethinker Video Keeper is the best software we can use to capture Gaia videos. You can also use the other three online video downloaders, depending on your needs. I hope you got what you searched for in this article. Please comment below for suggestions.

Features Video Keeper Downloader.Tech DoVideo ClipConverter
Supports 4K quality? Yes Yes No Yes
Video Converter Yes Yes No Yes
Bulk Downloading Yes No No No
Supported Sites 100+ 100+ 20+ 50+
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Last updated on November 22, 2021

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