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Best Sites and Method to Download Funny Video

funny video sitesAs we all know, laughter is the best medicine. Cute babies, lovely animals, funny videos, and funny memes can make you happy all day long. There are thousands of websites and blogs for funny video clips, awesome fails, and viral videos that can be seen online to watch and enjoy comedy as part of your life. Meanwhile, watching funny videos will make you feel better, especially if you are watching with your friends or family. However, there are times that you are experiencing a slow internet connection wherein you can't watch funny clips online. So, it's better to download a funny video so that you can watch them anytime you want. With that, we provided you the best tool to help you grab funny videos with ease. Also, we gave some funny video sites for you to visit.

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Best 6 Funny Video Sites to Watch Funny Clips

1. 9gags

9gags is a very entertaining and funny video site that offers a compilation of WTF, funniest, Cosplay, and viral videos worldwide. You can watch several funny videos on this site with different genres, such as for kids, adults, and more. It is also available on mobile devices, including Android and iOS. One of the good things about this site is that you can share funny videos directly on your different social media accounts, such as Facebook. You can also read and share the contents in the form of videos and GIFs on top of images. There are also available sites like 9gag you can visit.


2. Funny or Die

Next is Funny or Die; this is a funny video website that became the most visited site worldwide. It lets you watch tons of funny videos and relax your mind. It consists of huge collections of tons of funny videos with high-quality content. One of the interesting functions of this funny site is that the tweets are categorized depending on funny video faces attracting the viewers' attention. You can judge the video if it's funny or not.


3. Funny Junk

Funny Junk is one of the best and perfect funny video sites to visit because it offers tons of funny videos to watch HD quality. As the name implies, it consists of funny clips to choose from different categories such as games, manga, and many more. Besides watching funny videos on this site, you can also post your pictures, videos, text, animated GIFs, and links anytime you want as long as you have an account for this site.

funnyjunk interface

4. Dailyhaha

Dailyhaha is a funny video site with different videos, such as memes, which will help you relax your mind and be stress-free. Besides, this site is compatible with several platforms such as tablets, smartphones, and more. Moreover, it offers a huge category of funny clips download and even funny pictures and funny GIFs with funny jokes. Those jokes are written in textual format and an image wherein you can easily distinguish what that joke means.

dailyhaha interface

5. Comedy Central

One of the leading places that support funny videos to visit is Comedy Central. As the name implies, it consists of thousands of comedy videos to watch in HD quality. Video clips uploaded on this site cover a huge variety of contents, including talks, animations, shows, and many more. Besides, most of the funny videos on this site are made by foreign people, and most of them have a good meaning for the viewers. You can also see the steps on how to download comedy central videos.

comedycentral interface

6. The Onion

The last funny video site that you can visit is The Onion; it also consists of many funny video clips to watch anytime you want. This site is based in Chicago, wherein they are uploading tons of funny videos to entertain people. It covers events, both real and fictional, traditional news organizations along with editorials, news, and more. Most of the funny videos uploaded on this site are of HD quality and consist of a good lesson.

theonions interface

How to Download Funny Video to MP4 on Windows/Mac

In case you don't have an internet connection and want to watch funny videos online, it's better to download them using the Acethinker Video Keeper for you to watch funny videos offline at any time you want. As you know, Video Keeper is an all-in-one solution wherein you can download multiple videos from different streaming sites, including Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr, and more, for up to 8K video quality if available. Moreover, you can grab all types of videos, including funny videos, TV shows, gameplays, dramas, and more simultaneously without changing the video's original quality. To get funny clips to download using this software, read the detailed steps written below.

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Step 1 Get the tool and save on your pc

First of all, you have to download the tool's installer by clicking one of the "Download" buttons provided above. Then, launch the installer and follow it to completely save the software on your computer. After that, open the tool on your PC to get familiarized with its main interface.

vk new main interface

Step 2 Paste funny video URL

Browse a funny video that you wish to download from different streaming sites such as YouTube, then copy its URL from the address bar. Then, go back to the tool's main interface and paste the URL from the software's URL bar. After that, click enter or the search icon, and the software will then start to analyze the video link and download URL to MP4.

vk new paste URL

Step 3 Start downloading funny video

Once the URL link is there, hit the "MP4" button to start funny videos download mp4. The downloading video will then transfer to the "Downloading" panel located on the interface's left side.

vk new start downloading video

Step 4 Play the downloaded video

Once the downloading process is done, click the "Download" option that you can see at the left part of the interface to see all the downloaded videos. From here, right-click the file and hit the "Play Video" icon to start watching the downloaded video.

vk new play the video

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