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How to Download Football Skills Video

download football skills video step featureFootball is one of the most popular ball games in the world. This sport has a simple principle and rule - maneuver the ball using any parts of your body except your arms and hands, and only the goalkeeper can touch the ball. Plus, you can also start a game from any open field available in your area. Meanwhile, if you love Football and end up aspiring to be one of the best footballer, but don't know how to start since the pandemic limits outdoor activities, don't lose hope because there are many football videos on the internet that you can watch. All you need to do is to download Football skills video and be familiar with how to apply them. Hereto, this article will show you how to download Football skills & tricks videos in a few clicks.

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How to Download Football Skills Video

To fully understand a tutorial video, you must have full access to the football video you're watching. And that means you have to download them using the best downloader⁠ available - AceThinker Video Keeper. Its advanced multi-thread technology provides an ultra-speed downloading process. And with this tool, you can enjoy watching Ronaldo video download MP4 output of his football skills video offline in HD (720P, 1080P, and even 4K ) perfect watching on a large screen. Thus, with this downloader, you can rewatch the video until you can perfectly follow those skills like a pro. Below are the tool's additional features and steps guide for football skills download MP4.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install and Launch the Tool

The first step you have to do to start football tricks and skills video download is to click the "Free Download" provided above. Hit the right button for your operating system to install it successfully. After that, click the .exe files and follow the installation steps as instructed on the Wizard window. Finally, launch it so you can familiarize yourself with its functions.

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Step 2 Search for Football Skills Videos

On the tool's interface, search video by using its built-in browser. Wait for the search result. Then browse the best football dribbling skills video download until you finalize what video you want to download.

download football skills video step 2

Step 3 Select Football Video Quality and Download

After finding the video you can also customize its quality. To do so, click "More" to choose the best video quality to your preference. Next, click download and wait until the video download completes.

download football skills video step 3

Step 4 Play and Watch the Downloaded Videos

To play your downloaded video, go to the Downloaded tab. From the list, browse the Football video you downloaded, and once found, right-click and select Play. Now, you can rewatch that skills video until you can thoroughly learn how to do it and be confident to join in one football game.

download football skills video step 4

Best 10 Football Skills & Tricks 2021 on YouTube

Cristiano Ronaldo excels because of his skills, while Lionel Messi is all about techniques on the field. Thus, both players have their ways of outshining on the Football field and have their names tagged along when we speak of Football. And if you want to be like Ronaldo and Messi⁠ - the world's all-time favorite footballers⁠ - you must know the first necessary skills to excel in this field or at least start to join a game. Aside from being physically fit, you must master several techniques in playing this ball game. And after knowing the essential skills, it's about time to learn tricks on how to make these moves deadly and winning. With regards to that, let's help you unleash your potential as a Football player by trying out the skills and tricks that we provided below.

 download football skills video part 2

1. Ball Control

Having this skill will give you a clean passing of the ball from the ground out of the air. And if you have good ball control skills, you're a perfect player in protecting the ball from your opponent. If you can quickly manipulate the ball, the chances of winning are high since you can turn swiftly and sharply with the ball.

2. Dribbling skills

This ability refers to the movement you can do with the ball. This trick is essential because when you perfectly dribble the ball, you can move it in different directions and speed while protecting it from the other team.

3. Passing accuracy

If you're a fan of Ronaldo - a famous footballer of all time, you know that he has exceptional passing skill. This ability refers to how you can send the ball to your teammate. With that, if you can use both of your feet to send the ball to the player's desired destination with power and precision.

4. Body control

Aside from ball control, one must have body coordination in playing Football. As mentioned above, this sport demands a full function of the feet, legs, head, and body. You must quickly move with the ball to protect it or to reach the net for a goal. You must also learn the proper posture during the game while playing to run appropriately and kick the ball with full power.

5. Inside touch, Scissor

If you have fast feet, then this move can be deadly. You can do it by touching the ball slightly ahead of you with the inside of your foot and cut it with your outside foot forming a scissor. This trick surprises the defender since they expect you to go in the other direction.

6. Diagonal Cruyff

Cruyff is a great move in defending the ball. This trick refers to turning and switching direction when the opponent is at a diagonal angle.

7. Elastico

It's one smooth motion that once done correctly, the defenders may stumble and fall. All you need to do is sell the touch by moving your hips, body, and arms.

8. V-Pull

It's pulling the ball across your body to your opposite foot, then touching the ball into open space. This move will stop the defender from chasing the ball, which is a perfect chance for you to get a goal.

9. Forward roll, stopovers, and scissors

These moves are a combination of excellent ball and body control with great passing skills. This trick is to confuse the opponents where you are going to pass and strike the ball.

10. Stop and go

You can use this trick to delay the defender. You can do this by acting like you're about to kick the ball for a long stride, but you have to cut your move. By faking your move, the defender might lose his balance which is good for you.

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