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Feasible Ways on How to Download Facebook Live Video

download facebook live video feature imageAs we all know how trendy Facebook live has become, we all love to connect with our favorite personalities via Facebook live. Be it our favorite footballers, celebrities, social media influencers, or anyone we look up to. Most of the time, when we switch to someone’s Facebook live session; we feel a dire need of saving that video to our personal computer’s hard disk, mobile gallery, etc. Having said that, we have no idea how to download a Facebook live video, so we end up letting it go with a slight feeling of regret. If you are someone whom we’ve just mentioned, you better not worry because we are going to tell you how you are going to download Facebook live video. There are two main scenarios when it comes to saving a Facebook live video i.e. either you want to save your live video or you want to download someone else’s Facebook live video.

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How to Download Your Own Facebook Live Video?

Now, if you want to download your own Facebook live video, then coming up next we’re going to discuss a simple step-by-step through which you can easily download Facebook live video.

Step 1 Pick your video from feed, profile or page

First things first, you have to pick your video either from your feed, your Facebook page, or your Facebook profile. The fastest method to do this is simply to go to your page and click on the “Videos” tab which will be at the left side of your sidebar. In case, you want to pick your video directly i.e. from the feed, then you just have to click on the time which is shown above the video.

download facebook live video step1

Step 2 Check if you’ve done it right

Once you do this, a new pop-up window will appear. When the new window appears, you will notice that comments are shown (related to video) to the right side of your video. Once you see them, pat up yourself because you have almost made it. As of now, you will have access to your video (via your main page or your feed).

download facebook live video step2

Step 3 Download by clicking on three dots at the corner

You will notice three dots on the right side of your video at the corner. You just have to click on these dots and a “save video” option would be there. Now, without wasting your precious time; all you have to do is just click on that “save video” button and your video will be downloaded to your computer. The downloaded video will be saved in default “mp4” format. You see, how simple and straightforward it was. You just have to follow the instructions/steps mentioned above if you want to download your own Facebook live video.

download facebook live video step3

How to Download Someone Else’s Facebook Live Video Online?

Sometimes, the Facebook live video you want to save is not your personal Facebook live video but it belongs to someone else. If you are not sure what to do in this type of scenario, we will guide you on what you should do to download someone else’s Facebook live video. When we watch a Facebook live video of our favorite celebrity or someone we adore, we all just want to save their Facebook live video moments on our devices. We sometimes do it out of love, references, or for even resharing purposes. Sometimes, we just want to save memories of that specific person but we have no idea about how we can save that person's Facebook live video. So basically, there is a policy of Facebook which doesn’t let people download live streams of someone else. The prime idea behind that is we do not have copyrights of someone's Facebook live stream and we can’t download anything other than what we have copyrights of. This part is a bit obnoxious. Here comes the part of dedicated online downloading websites. To download someone else’s Facebook live video, you need to download it via an online Facebook video downloader. We will tell you from which website you can download it and how.

AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader is the specially designed online service you are probably looking for. Now you don’t need to worry about how to save a live video on Facebook. You can download the Facebook live stream of anyone you know. It is a free online Downloader that makes it possible for you to download any video from any platform by just copying its URL, pasting it in the bar of AceThinker, and downloading it in the form of an MP4 file. In line with that, this online video downloader lets you extract audio from Facebook. So you don't have to search for an extra FB to MP3 tool to do the job. Moreover, this online tool is 100% secure to use and supports all popular browsers and systems.

We will discuss these steps in detail below so you will have a better idea of how to do it by yourself. You will be able to save Facebook live to mp4 even if that live video is not yours.

Step 1 Copy the URL of Facebook Live Video

The first step you are going to do is to simply copy the URL of the particular Facebook live video from the browser address bar.

download facebook live video fovd step1

Step 2 Paste it in AceThinker Online Webpage

Then, open AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader, and you just have to paste that copied URL in the designated input box.

download facebook live video fovd step2

Step 3 Download the video

Finally, you just need to click on the download button and your required Facebook live video will start downloading automatically.

download facebook live video fovd step3

Final Thoughts

By following these simple steps, you can easily download any Facebook live video which you want to download and that too, with ease and comfort. Where you can download your own live video directly from Facebook, however, you’ll need to use a third-party downloader to get Facebook live video from someone else’s feed. And for this purpose, we recommend you to use AceThinker Free Online downloader. It won’t only let you download Facebook live video but also allows downloading any type of video content from a wide range of other websites.

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