How to Download Chinese Movie from the Best Streaming Sites

download chinese movie featureAre you a cinephile or a person who has a passionate interest in movies? Then, you have tried watching Chinese films as well. In modern days, movies are a way of introducing one's culture and history. It's evident how different countries have produced their films while putting their identity as one element. For example, you'll know if it's a China-produced film when it's all about Kung Fu. Moreover, most films⁠ - if not all - from this East Asian country have sad endings because, for them, a well-made movie should strike something to its viewers' feelings, which should last even after watching. No doubt, many love Chinese films. In connection to that, here are the five best sites to download Chinese movies that you can watch during your downtime or family time.

Best 5 Websites to Download Chinese Movie

Chinese movie industry topped second when it came to the movie market next to Hollywood. And as mentioned above, its supposedly reigning season has stopped due to the unfortunate circumstances⁠ - pandemic. Although cinemas are also on lockdown, you can still have access to them online. Yes, you can even watch Chinese movies online anywhere and anytime you want by downloading them. And if you are looking for sites that let you watch and download movies, then read further and check the list we provide below.


Giving you a vast collection of movies upon opening the web, indeed, must be on the top list of the best sites to watch and download Chinese films. It provides a quick and effortless way of streaming and grabbing the video to save on your device. Also, this website requires no registration nor subscriptions, and it's free. This site also allows you to search for the video through its filter bar, whereas you can look for the movie's title and release date.

icdramase interface


  • Aside from Chinese movies, it also has Japanese, HK, Korean, Taiwanese, US and Anime movies and series.
  • Movies are well described on its synopsis making you decide well whether it’s worth a space on your devices.
  • It already labeled what languages does the films can be watch on⁠ - whether it has a subtitles of not.

  • No English subtitle

If you are a follower of a certain series and you want to know if there is a new episode, then directly go to "Just Updated" tab to check.

2. Dramacool

Another site that's allowing Chinese film downloads is Dramacool. Yes, this site lets you have a chill movie night by providing various movie collections you want. Once you visit the site, you will see that movies are categorically organized⁠ - alphabetically, popularity, and release dates - making your movie searching easier. And amazingly, you can watch Chinese movies online with English subtitles from here for non-Chinese viewers. Additionally, you can also choose servers between Standard, Streamtape, Cloud9, StreamSB, DoodStream, XStreamCDN servers so you can enjoy HD movies in the comfort of your home.

dramacool interface


  • It also has Japanese, Hongkong, Korean, Taiwanese, and Thai movies and series.
  • For more ultra-streaming experience you can do Chrome cast.

  • Some buttons bring you to another site.

Most of the time, you must play the video before performing other tasks on it such as "Picture-in-Picture," "Speed," and "Google cast" to avoid these buttons bringing you to other sites.

3. iQiyi

Want to watch Chinese movies with no buffering and in HD quality? Then, try streaming with iQiyi. This site is another on-demand in China regarding providing the latest Chinese film and drama, which you can also download quickly. Furthermore, you can also find movies from famous Chinese action stars like Jacki Chan and Jet Li. And for a quick search, it has a "Search Bar" wherein you can only type the movie's title, cast, or producers to find them. Also, for you to get updated with the latest cinema trend, go to the "Hot Search." Want to download iQiyi video to watch without the internet? Click the link to find the details.

iqiyi interface


  • The site doesn't just have Chinese movies, you can also watch TV drama, Variety shows, documentaries, and Anime movies or series in Japan, Hongkong, Korea, Taiwan, India, United States, and Thailand.

  • The site has too many Chinese characters making it difficult to navigate.

For more convenience, you may want to download its mobile app.

4. Youku

Another site that has a plethora of Chinese movies is Youku. It's a home of extensive Chinese movie collections that allows you to watch on its site or download it to save on your devices. The drop-down menu contains the list of movies available on this website⁠ - may it be documentaries, action, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, suspense, and even Youku-produced films and series.

youku interface


  • It lets you interact with other movie fans on its comment box upon leaving areview about the film.

  • Some movies are not available unless you make an account.

For clearer resolutions when streaming, download its software which are both available for PC and mobile.

5. YouTube Channel

Of course, once we talk about streaming sites, YouTube can't be out of the list since we all know that it's one of the world's popular video-sharing sites. And since it caters to different movie genres from other countries, you can also watch Chinese movies here for free. All you have to do is type the movie title on its search bar. Or you can even indicate if the film has English subtitles to specifically give you the result. Interestingly, you can make a movie playlist with this tool or share the links with your friends and family.

youtube interface


  • It has a miniplayer function that lets you watch while doing something on your PC.
  • You too can upload your favorite Chinese movies here However, make sure that your viewing setting is not in public to avoid copyright issues.

  • You have to purchase its premium account in order to download movies unlimitedly.

To give you multiple choices you can type, “Popular Chinese Movie” on the search bar instead.

How to Download Chinese Films in HD Quality

After providing you the Chinese movie download website list, we will be providing you another way to download Chinese films using a third-party tool. This alternative is best for you if you want to skip those annoying ads or think your PC is vulnerable to malware. Because with Aqua Clip you can download Chinese films in HD quality with ease and safely. Its copy and paste functions let you save that movie you want unlimitedly. Its interface is good for beginners in the video-downloading world. And interestingly, it can also extract languages for subtitles. To start downloading Chinese films with this video downloader, read and follow the detailed steps carefully below with its unique downloading features.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Launch and Setup the Video Downloader

Click the download button provided above and save it to start the installation process. After saving the file, click it once again, so the wizard window appears. Follow the instructions provided. Then, launch the tool and study its interface.

download animefreak vk interface

Step 2 Search for the Video and Copy the URL

Go to YouTube and search for the Chinese film you want to download. Once found, go to the address bar, and press Ctrl+C or right-click and select copy. Then, go back to the tool's interface so you can start downloading.

download chinese movie step 2

Step 3 Download the Chinese Movie

On the app's interface, paste the URL on the Paste URL field and click the "+" button. Your Chinese movie is ready for download once its thumbnail appears. Next, click "More" to choose the best video quality you want. Finally, click Download. You can see the video's downloading progress on the "Downloading" tab.

download chinese movie step 3

Step 4 Play the Downloaded Chinese Film

To play the video, click the "Downloaded" tab. From there, look for the Chinese movie you downloaded. Next, double-click the file to play it automatically. Or, do right-click and select play. Now, you can finally enjoy your favorite China-produced film in your home. Considerably, you can also share it with your loved ones through file transfer.

download chinese movie step 4


  • It allows you to download in MP4 format which is compatible to any media player.
  • It supports various streaming sites, like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Niconico, Naver, Lynda, TED, Bilibili and more.
  • No annoying ads.

  • Its free version only allows you to download limited videos.

You can download multiple videos at a time, thanks to its “Batch Download” feature. With this function, you can make Chinese movie playlist from this tool.

Comparison Chart

Websites Genre Ads Video Quality Available Actions, Adventure Drama, Comedy, etc. No ads 360
Dramacool Actions, Adventure Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Political, Underworld, etc. Annoying pop-up ads 360, 720p
IQiyi Comedy, Tragedy, Romance, Action, Gunfight, Crime, Terror, Suspense, Animation, Family, Magic, etc. Ads are tolerable 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080
Yuoku Actions, adventure drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Anime, etc. No ads 360p, 540
YouTube Channel Actions, adventure drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Anime, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, etc. Ads are in between the video 144, 240, 360, 480, 720
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