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How to Download Chinese Drama Series

feature-chinesedramaChinese dramas have become popular nowadays in other countries. China produces more than 15,000 episodes of Chinese TV dramas in the year 2014. Some of the most viewed Chinese shows are Nirvana in Fire, The Journey of Flower, Eternal Love, and The Mystic Nine. With its popularity, some countries in Asia remake the movies using their local language or dialect. However, there are limited television networks where you can watch Chinese Drama. To stream your favorite Chinese drama, you may use your web browser and search for the video you want to watch. In this article, we will tackle some of the best websites to watch and download Chinese drama.

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How to Download Chinese Drama Easily and Effectively

AceThinker Video Keeper Pro is a desktop video downloader that is available on both Windows and Mac computers. It is composed of a straightforward interface where users can download videos in HD quality with a few simple steps. Furthermore, this is a reliable tool to download from various popular video-sharing websites on the internet like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and more. Unlike other video downloaders, Video Keeper has an excellent auto-detection feature. It is composed of a built-in web browser where you can download the video without copying its URL. Aside from video downloading, it allows users to record the activity directly from your screen. Moreover, you can also use this tool to convert videos into different audio and video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MP3, and more. The detailed guide on how to download a video using AceThinker Video Keeper is listed below.

Step 1 Download and Install the Software

First, download the tool by clicking one of the "Download" buttons below. Then, install the software by following the setup wizard. Click the installed software from your computer to launch and select from different account licenses like Guest, Free Account, and VIP Account to access the tool's main interface.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

vk main interface

Step 2 Download Chinese Drama

Go to the "Sites" tab, using the web browser of the tool. Visit any video streaming site that offers Chinese Drama like Viki and look for the Chinese Drama you want to download. Then click the "Download" icon on the lower-left of the tool before playing the target video. A window will appear below, and the video will automatically move to the tool's download queue.

vk download chinese drama

To download the video manually, open a web browser to visit any video streaming site that offers Chinese drama. Search and look for the Chinese Drama and copy the URL of the video you want to download. Then, go back to the tool and click the "+" on the main interface. Then click the "MP4" button and let the tool analyze and move the video to the download queue.

Step 3 Save and Watch the Video Offline

Once done, the video will be transferred to the "Downloaded" section, where all downloaded videos are listed. You can now enjoy watching the Chinese Drama videos by right-clicking the selected video and then hit the play "Play" button.

vk play downloaded video

Top 5 Websites to Watch Chinese Drama

1. YouKu - Awesome Website to Watch Latest Chinese Drama

YouKu is one of the excellent websites to watch Chinese drama. Chinese films are classified according to the most recommended episodes, variety shows, and theater movies from the homepage of the site. On the "Drama" channel, you can access all the latest drama series from different countries like China, Korea, and America. Aside from Chinese dramas, the website caters to different video content about fashion, Finance, Documentaries, Education, Travel, and Culture. Besides, this website allows you to stream some of your favorite basketball leagues like CBA and NBA on the "Sports" channel. Meanwhile, the "Anime" channel, also offers some of the popular animes like Naruto, Detective Conan, Inuyasha, and many more.

youku interface

2. Iqiyi TV - Watch Chinese Drama in HD Quality

IqiyiTV is a reliable website where you can watch popular Chinese dramas. From the "TV series" tab, you can access all of the Chinese shows available to this site that can be categorized according to the movie genre by configuring the filter button. The good thing with this site is that you can stream some of the traditional Chinese drama produced way back in the 1980s. Furthermore, you can also use this site to watch some of the Chinese talk shows, anime, and different video content online. However, you need to subscribe to its Gold VIP Member to view the latest and popular Chinese dramas. You may use the search bar on the upper part of the webpage to look directly for the target video you want to watch. You can use the mentioned Video Keeper above to download iQiyi video to MP4.

iqiyitv interface

3. Netflix - Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming sites all over the world nowadays. It is an American subscription-based streaming service that offers movies, tv shows, and series from other countries. You may use the search bar to navigate your favorite Chinese Drama and Chinese movies from the website's webpage. Unlike other video-sharing sites mentioned here, Netflix also produces its own Chinese Drama series like the live action of The Prince of Tennis. You may add your favorite series to the "My List" tab by clicking the "+" icon attached to the video. After adding the film to the "My List" tab, Netflix will send you a notification on the latest uploads that you can access in the "Notifications" icon located on the upper right part of the streaming site.

netflix interface

4. Viki - Best Website to Watch Asian TV Shows

Another streaming site to watch Chinese drama is Viki. From here, you can stream online your favorite films with HD quality. This video sharing platform can access using some of the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. The latest release, top mainland china shows, and recommended movies are arranged orderly on the site's web page. On the "Explore" tab, you may categorize the video according to formats, genres, subtitles, and more. Furthermore, this site also offers different Drama series from Asia, particularly Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This site allows you to log in for free using your account from Facebook, Gmail, and Rakuten. Once successfully log-in, you can follow your favorite Chinese drama and movies, and you will get a notification.

viki interface

5. YouTube - Watch the Latest Chinese Drama Reviews

One of the most visited video-sharing platforms on the internet is YouTube. The site caters to a wide range of video selections that you can watch without any limit. You can access this streaming site on different platforms like Windows and Mac. You can also watch Chinese Drama using mobile phones by installing the YouTube mobile app. You may use this website in streaming the old Chinese Drama dubbed in different languages. You can also use the search bar to look directly and navigate quickly to the Chinese show you want to watch. However, for the recent Chinese Drama, this website only offers a film trailer, and some are reviews. The cool features of this site don't contain the full series of each episode for the newly released Chinese Drama.



Those mentioned above are the websites where you can watch Chinese drama online with stunning quality. Asides from the streaming sites, you will now know how to download Chinese drama to enjoy streaming offline. Here is AceThinker Video Keeper, an excellent tool for you to download Chinese drama series from any other streaming sites. This is a great tool that can help you to save your favorite Chinese drama series. Enjoy watching!

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