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How to Download Anime Videos for Watching Offline

anime video downloaderAnime is a very popular TV shows originated from Japan. It comes with various types like a movie type, short clip, or a TV series. These days everyone has a popular anime which they patronize. Many people are hooked up watching these TV shows. And there must be times when you wonder whether there is a solution to download anime videos so that you can enjoy them offline. In this article, we will show you how to download your favorite anime videos and shows. Just check and follow the detailed steps and enjoy the videos.

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How to Download Anime Video

Anime series usually contains a lot of episodes per season. With that being said, it is better to download all available episodes at once. In that case, AceThinker Video Keeper is the perfect software to help you download Anime episodes. The software allows you to save several videos without hurting much of the download speed. It is possible since it uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection to collect a video. Moreover, it lets you save the Anime videos for up to the highest quality available (720p, 1080p, etc). Check more info about it by reading its easy guide below.

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Step 1 Install the Software

First and foremost, click the "Download" button provided to get its installer. Run and follow the installation wizard and save it entirely on your computer. Once installed, launch it to access its main interface.

vk interface

Step 2 Download an Anime Video

Next, open any web browser you want to visit any Anime streaming site like Gogoanime. Find the Anime you want and try to play at least one episode. Then, copy the video link from the address bar and go back to Video Keeper. From here, paste the Anime video link into the search bar of the tool and hit the "Enter" button on your keyboard. Next, hit the "Dropdown" menu beside "More" to select the video quality. After that, click the "Download" button to initiate the process.

vk download anime

Step 3 Play the Anime Video

Please wait for a few moments until the software finishes it. Once it is done, go to the "Downloaded" panel to locate the video. From here, right-click the file and hit "Play" to watch it immediately.

vk play anime

The Best 11 Anime Sites Ever to Stream Anime Videos

Just in case you want to watch anime online, we will provide you some of the best anime to watch. Some of them are free, but some of them need to pay in order for you to watch. Just keep reading to get the best anime sites.

Free Websites

If you are fond of watching Japanese anime, then is the best site for you. This site has a high-resolution with little ads wherein you can comfortably watch anime. Also, you can watch HD series without interrupting ads before they playing. Besides, you will expect the latest episode after the official release. Besides, you can search anime by genre, rate, or type and comment and score by other watchers available on the introduction page. However, the same as other free anime sites, you can only watch them online, but you can't download the series.

9anime interface


Next on our list is GogoAnime. This site offers many anime movies, especially manga series. It includes several dubbed animes and cartoons with available cartoon clips in English mode. Meanwhile, just in case you are learning Japanese, I suggest you visit this website because some of their episodes are uploaded with non-subtitle videos. The good thing on this site is that you can download series with English subtitles from this site.

gogoanime interface

3. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is another site wherein you can watch your favorite anime in HD quality. This site got the top scores when it comes to video quality, availability of content, ease of use, and loading speeds. Moreover, it supports a smooth streaming experience and consumes low bandwidth, which is perfect for anime lovers. Aside from that, the quality of the video can be adjusted between 340p to 1080p on AnimeDao, depending on your preferences. Additionally, it has English subtitles for some anime movies.

animedao interface


Animefreak.Tv is an anime site that has a Japanese-style website with a very bright and colorful interface. You can also easily search for an anime that you wish to watch by searching it from its default searching bar. Furthermore, it offers both dubbed and original series versions to watch. Additionally, it is available on both the Play Store and App Store. Check how to download Animefreak >>

animefreak interface

5. YouTube

Supported Platform: mobile browsers, mobile application, and web browsers.
Anime Genres: Horror, romance, slice of life, school life, and more.

YouTube is one of the leading streaming platforms exists on the internet. It provides different content videos available for its patron. One of these is Anime videos. Streaming Anime on this platform is very fast and quick. Using its search bar only and the following keywords of your desired Anime, you can quickly view it. Although streaming on this platform is quite unpleasing due to pop-up advertisements and paid promotion, it provides a free and accessible approach to watch your desired Anime.

download anime videos youtube

6. AnimePahe

Supported Platform: Mobile browsers, and web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini.
Anime Genres: Magic, crime, slice of life, school life, and others.

AnimePahe is one of the freest Anime streaming sites that Anime fanatics can be utilized. The most prominent function it has is a discord page where its patron can have a way of communication, and they can talk about their favored Anime character or specific Anime genre. Not only that, this tool provides a new release and classic Anime genres. It also curates Anime movies and even OVA episodes. Lastly, it uses the search bar function to quickly locate and find the Anime you want to watch.

download anime videos animepahe

Paid Websites

1.Crunchyroll Premium

If you want to watch better anime movies, you can visit Crunchyroll; this is an anime site that you will need to subscribe to its premium version to access its several anime series. It consists of an anime series with HD quality and better audio quality. Aside from that, you won't miss out on the latest episodes of the anime because you are on a premium version. In connection to this, you can access all the anime movies in most countries in the world. Want to watch anime on Crunchyroll without ads? Check how to block ads on Crunchyroll.

crunchyroll interface

2. Hulu

Next is Hulu, which is one of the largest anime sites in the United States, and it offers hundreds of movies and anime series titles. Aside from anime movies, you can also watch TV shows, movies, originals, kids' movies, and more. Besides, the premium price of this site costs $7.99 monthly. It allows you to keep up with the new episodes of an anime.

hulu interface

3. Hidive

HIDIVE costs $4.99 per month that provides exclusive content and uncensored videos anytime you want. Aside from that, you can watch your favorite anime, simulcasts, dubs, movies, and series for fans across the country. Besides, it offers an HD quality video that you can watch anime movies conveniently. Also, you can easily search for an anime that you wish to watch from its default search bar. It's either you search by name, author, etc.

hidive interface

4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the popular streaming services with more than 100 anime titles to choose from, including plenty of exclusive programs. You just have to pay $7.99/a month to access all the premium movies from here. Aside from that, you can download some of your favorite anime movies here when you subscribe. Furthermore, you can search your favorite anime movies from the search bar and watch them on HD quality and with better audio quality.

netflix interface

5. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a streaming site that supports several movies, shows, and anime. Also, it became famous for providing the fast availability of the latest series aired in Japan. Meanwhile, you have to pay for its premium version to get rid of ads and get anime movies with English subtitles. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface wherein you can easily browse anime series that are categorized by their popular shows, recently added, and dubbed shows.

animelab interface

FAQs about Anime Video Downloading

1. What are the best anime series of all time?

According to Shonen Manga's demographics and latest fan poll as of writing, Attack on Titan is the top anime series so far. Followed by One Piece, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, and others.

2. Who is the most popular anime character?

This one is pretty subjective, but if we're looking at several Manga polls, the most popular character would be Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass.


Anime videos are magical, and people will always learn both their strength and imagination. There are a lot of methods to download your favorite anime videos, while AceThinker offers a rather efficient way for better anime viewing and downloading experience. No technical computer knowledge or skills are required. Set the application up, and you can start the anime movie or video downloading instantly. Get it now, and start to download anime videos without a headache and enjoy watching them offline.

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