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Best 10 Coolest Anime Characters Ever of All Time

coolest anime charactersThe animation of comic characters is a mainstream theme among all ages and sexes. The animation of fictional characters and pushing fantasy, science, culture, and other interesting aspects provides a new pool to viewers. Anime is a distinctive modification that infuses Japanese art and cultural elements. For the characters that feature in anime stories, viewers connect and aspire to become wide ranges of everyday personalities. These relatable characters make it even more attractive to everyone due to its vast picks of unique characters in various anime series. The factors for picking these most extraordinary anime characters include artistic greatness, fans' connection, impact on the series, and their legacy.

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Top 10 Coolest Anime Characters Ever (Updated 2021)

The list below details the top 10 most fabulous anime characters who enormously impacted the anime universe in general. These fantastic anime characters stand out in their respective anime series while evoking many emotions in their audience. Without further ado, here are the top coolest anime characters ever

1. Light Yagami (Anime: Death Note)

Undoubtedly, Death note is one of the top anime series to watch. Light Yagami is a devilish and calculating character that wishes to revamp the world as he sees fit. This addictive anime cleverly puts together intriguing materials by its author Tsugumi Ohba. Notable is the use of the death note that Yagami uses to pass judgment. Using the death note to create his ideal world of justice, Light Yagami, aka Kira, becomes the ultimate godlike figure in this anime universe. This character shows his extreme athletic personality and always finding his opponent’s weak point. This character’s idealism and nobility are visible when he relinquishes the death note. This brought out the moral and kind-hearted qualities of Kira. This mix mash in this singular character ends up in a supervillain that still commands the attention and support of viewers.

coolest anime characters light yagami

2. Naruto Uzumaki (Anime: Naruto)

The troublesome and immature nature of Naruto quickly put him in a bad light as a loudmouth ninja in the leaf village. This character is one of the main characters in the Naruto series. In his quest to become Hokage, Naruto's idealistic yet straightforward view of the world takes him through the challenging but high road in reaching his goals. Growing up as the Jinchuriki housing the highly dreaded nine-tail fox, Naruto always threatens the village. Under his team lead Kakashi and his other seven ninja comrades, Naruto quickly learns to fight hard to reach his Hokage goal while protecting the leaf village. The epic showdown in this animation series further places this character in the epicenter of the anime and the audience's hearts.

coolest anime characters naruto uzumaki

3. Captain Levi (Anime: Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan animation series holds several twists and turns that show a character as the savior in one light and the villain in another. A constant character like Levi shows a sincere yet fearless character that holds steadfast to his belief and always focuses on his task. This veteran and highly skillful character was the pivotal character in different scenarios in this series. Notwithstanding the challenges with the Titan, he is always urging his battalion forward and never bows out of a task. Attack on Titan is still an ongoing series, and his fame is ever so solid among his fans. Levi is a sure anime character to watch while he plays his role in this top anime series.

coolest anime characters captain levi

4. Itachi Uchiha (Anime: Naruto)

The key to understanding the Naruto animation series is understanding the unique backstory surrounding Itachi Uchiha’s character. This cool-headed character who took all the public hate ends up being a martyr and pacifist. After witnessing a world war at a tender age of war, he was in the position to avoid another world war at a higher cost. Itachi’s character is your typical anti-hero that carries charisma and passion. This iconic character ends up becoming endearing to fans and followers of the Naruto series. Itachi’s mysterious knowledge and one-step-ahead show of wisdom with his Sharingan makes him a more iconic character in this anime.

coolest anime characters itachi uchicha

5. Saitama (Anime: One Punch Man)

This character is an active element in most arguments surrounding who is strongest in the anime universe. Center to One Punch Man anime is Saitama. This formidable character underwent years of training to become this combat-ready combatant that can go head-on with any enemy. This character shows what it feels like when there is nothing left to achieve in life. Saitama shows depression and emptiness that might follow after achieving a lifelong goal if another purpose does not follow immediately. In its entirety, this series explores the point that the purposeful pursuit of one’s lifelong goal is more fulfilling than actually achieving the goal. Ultimately, this character did everything for fun to the delight of his fans.

coolest anime characters saitama

6. Meliodas (Anime: Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas is one of the sons of the Demon King who possesses monstrous strength and command over the flames of hell, among other things. Although he looks weak from his appearance, he might as well be a candidate for the most robust character in any anime series. This vulgar character also portrays his hilarious nature while upholding justice and willingness to stand up for the weak. Meliodas is an incredible character name that stands out of the pack in the anime universe.

coolest anime characters meliodas

7. Portgas D Ace (Anime: One Piece)

Portgas D Ace is a funny and cool character in the One Piece animation. His loyalty and willingness to go all-in for his brother are on full display. Partagas D Ace is never a character to back away from a fight and always stands up for right. His fire ability is always an advantage during any fight earning him the Fire Fist Ace nickname. This character is central to the One Piece anime series and important to the storyline.

coolest anime characters portgas

8. Satoru Gojo (Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gojo is a badass character that is always showing his goofy side. He is a very likeable character with a huge power advantage in his hands and faces any opponents that get in his way. His powers and his ability to creatively use them glue viewers to their screen in awe. This tetartagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen anime is arguably the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer in the anime universe. He strives to change the Jujutsu sorcerer society in Japan and fix the flaws to improve society. This character is loveable and endearing to this anime viewer for his jujutsu capabilities and his personality.

coolest anime characters satoru gojo

9. Killua Zoldyck (Anime: Hunter x Hunter)

Killua’s character in Hunter x Hunter anime is genuinely remarkable, cool, and attractive. Being a friend to the main character Gon Freecs, Killua sets out to find purpose while abandoning his former assassin nature. Through the series, Killua develops his fighting abilities while strengthening his friendships with other characters. As a highly respectable Zoldyck assassin family member, he continues to progress through tough tests while developing tremendous abilities. Hunter x Hunter is a series to watch, and Killua is a cool anime character you can look out for in this anime.

coolest anime characters killua zoldyck

10. Shoto Todoroki (Anime: My Hero Academia)

Being the son of Endeavor – the flame hero, Shoto Tadoroki grew up to resent his father. This pure hatred and resentment are because of the physical and verbal abuse he had to endure while growing up. Finding the equilibrium between his hot and cold combination became the focus at some point. This character vows to become the number one victor without using his father’s fire ability. His character is stoic and calm while being socially awkward. His influence in this anime and the anime universe makes my hero academia an outstanding anime worthy of your time.

coolest anime characters shoto todoroki

Summing It Up

Although there are ten cool anime characters in this list, other standup characters are worth mentioning. Some of these characters include Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto anime, Gon Freecs from Hunter x Hunter anime, and Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan anime. These cool anime character names so far mentioned above are characters you should look out for when you decide to watch any of the anime they feature in the anime universe.

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