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Best 10 Movie Torrent Sites For Watching Movies

Best Movie Torrent SitesTorrent websites are popular for various reasons. These websites provide some of the best and quality movies on the internet. You can find and download new movies free on these websites. However, you should know that not all torrent sites are clean from doggy ads and fake content. The good ones among them provide the quality movies you are interested in, while the fake ones are online for easy clicks. This article outlines the top 10 best torrent sites to download your videos and movies free on the internet. Note – Torrenting is an illegal activity in some countries, and you should check if your country considers it illegal before downloading from the sites below. It is more important to be safe than sorry.

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The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay can as well be the king of all torrent movie download sites. Since 2003, this has been a go-to website for free movie download and other media content. It boasts of over 60 million visitors per month and is available in 35 different languages. One of the top benefits of using pirate bay is its safety measures. The uploaders have to go through some verification process before they can upload to the website. Another essential feature of Pirate bay is that most of the torrent files have some seeders aiding fast downloading. For your best movie torrent experience, pirate bay is a website that never disappoints.

utorrent movies the private bay


RARBG is another free movie torrenting site that delivers high-quality Utorrent movies for download. This torrent website can maintain its movie quality because of the active moderators on the website. This torrent website goes through all uploads on it and removes the bad content. This website also offers some extra features like screenshots, album arts, and summaries before you download the content itself. Of course, downloading this torrent content is free.

utorrent movies rarbg

1337x Torrent Website

One of the free movie torrenting sites is the 1337x Torrent Website. This website boasts over 53 million visitors monthly. It has several quality torrents like movies, TV shows, games, and music. It also has an active community leading to regular torrent uploads with valuable and high-quality movie content. In a way, 1337x is the torrenting benchmark because its magnet links and media files are the natural alternative to Pirate Bay. This torrent website thrives on its community of torrent uploaders. They upload the latest torrent media files making it possible to download the latest movies of any quality you need.

utorrent movies 1337x torrent website

YTS Torrent Website

Others refer to this torrent website as YIFY. This is a top torrent website where you can get high-quality movies online. It comes with interesting features like movie synopsis, IMDB rating, and similar movie recommendations. It allows you to download different movie quality with their subtitles. You can select among the different quality levels for all bandwidth. You can trust the YTS Torrent Website to be your one-stop site for all the latest movies free for download on this torrent site list. You might have to deal with the numerous ads popup. Well, the small price you pay for their amazing service.

utorrent movies yts torrent website


A torrent website that boasts of having a more extensive media library than Pirate Bay is a website worthy of being on this list. Limetorrents is another BitTorrent search engine where you can download free movies. This website has over 10 million torrents spread across every media type. It also sees about 20 million active visitors monthly. Aside from free movie downloads, you can download music files, games, comics, and every other media file you might need. However, you have to be wary of fake torrent files on this website and its persistent ads.

utorrent movies limetorrents

Torlock Torrent Website

If there is a list of torrent files committed to rooting out fake torrents, the Torlock Torrent Website will be top of the list. This torrent website is another great option for downloading your top-quality movies free on the internet. Here, you get free movie torrents of every quality type in its library. This website is famous for its anime series library, music, and eBooks. This website is viral because the website pays its users a dollar if they point out fake torrents on the website. This is to prove further its commitment to providing a safe and high-quality torrent website for use.

utorrent movies torlock


Unlike the other torrent movie download websites you might be aware of, IPTorrents is a private torrent website that you can access if you get an invite. It has an extensive library of media files with zero pop-up ads or malicious files. This torrent website has an active community and a safe torrent site void of spyware and malicious files. You can be sure you will get a blistering speed for your free movie download while downloading your file. This is evident in its active community and compliance with seeding quotas within the community. The only downside is the donation requirements to get an invite to the community. It demands a $20 donation to get an invitation and acceptance into the IPTorrents community. For some people, this is easy, while others might frown on this cost. Either way, an IP torrent is a great option to get your movie files.

utorrent movies iptorrents

Zooqle Torrent Website

Zooqle entered the torrent scene in 2013 and is fast becoming popular among its peers. Its popular library is a great reference library for several media files. It is primarily famous for its good game software. Of course, Zooqle is among the best movie torrent sites available for you to download your movies. Interestingly, this website uses links from other torrent sites for its operations. Zooqle Torrent Website has an easy-to-use website that you can easily navigate. The search bar is also helpful for use. You can search for specific movie keywords and get associating information. This website also allows you to filter by seeders and the quality of each torrent. Each torrent file also contains comments and reviews. This helps to know the real deal from the fake torrent files on this website.

utorrent movies zooqle

Demonoid Torrent Website

Alongside Pirate Bay is the Demonoid Torrent Website. This torrent website is one of the original torrent sites still active to date. It has a great library of media files that include movies, TV shows, games, Music, among other options. This popular torrent website also includes file sharing, discussion forums, and a searchable index of media files. Previously, you would have to register before you gained access to this torrent website. However, you can now access this torrent website and download your quality media files without registering.

utorrent movies demonoid

SeedPeer Torrent Website

This decade-old torrent website excels in its file-sharing capability. Here, you can download your movies, TV shows, anime, and other media files for free. It is a reformation of the Meganova torrent website. It contains a large selection of high-quality movies and other media files. It is home to free movies and other torrent files that you can download. One thing you can rely on SeedPeer for is its structure and categorization. Unlike other torrent websites, SeedPeer offers different categories that structure your download for your best experience. Depending on the media file you need, you can get it on this torrent site by searching the site's structure and category option.

utorrent movies seedpeer

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