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10 Best Websites to Download Subtitles for Free

featured image best subtitle download sites Watching movies during weekends is really a great bonding with your family, friends, or special someone. Not only on weekends, but you can watch it anytime you have free time. So if you are really a movie lover or a series binge-watcher, most of you will agree about the importance of having subtitles. First, it can reach a wider audience, especially if you watch Bollywood films, K-drama, Anime, and a lot more. Furthermore, subtitles also help hearing-impaired people understand the movie or TV show better if they cannot clearly hear the sound. Also, subtitles let you focus more on the video since you're reading something. With that being said, let us explore the best subtitle download sites, so you can enjoy binge-watching movies and TV shows all the time.

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Distinctive Feature: You can download subtitles for newly-released shows or movies.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: The website showcases a simple interface wherein you can download subtitles within a few clicks.

Addic7ed is considered one of the best websites to download subtitles. Why? The site provides countless subtitles for different TV shows and movies worldwide. Also, the file size is so small so expect an ultra-fast download speed. Additionally, it offers subtitles from several languages, including Indonesian, Italian, English, and more. One good thing about it is you can edit the subtitles if you are a long-time user of the site. However, it has pop-up ads randomly appearing on its page from time to time.

addic7ed download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: It features a community wherein users can upload subtitles to add the site's content.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: The subtitles are adequately sorted according to genres, popularity, and more.

The next option to subtitle download sites is Subscene. It has a modern interface compared to others, so younger users might be more familiar with it. Subscene provides several languages, such as English, Arabic, Indonesian, and more. Moreover, it has a search function to find a specific subtitle for the movie or TV show you want. You can also filter the search function to a particular language. What's a good thing about it is the ads are minimal even though you can download subtitles for free.

subscene download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: The website not only allows you to download subtitles but also movies and TV shows.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: Subtitles are compressed in a zip or RAR file so you can quickly save the files.

Another best site to download subtitles is OpenSubtitles. One primary reason is you can stream a movie aside from saving the subtitles. However, you must register a user account before you can access this feature. Additionally, it has a "Request" section wherein you can ask other users for a particular subtitle that you need. Another is that you can also read blogs and articles about different topics. Despite its unique features, you must be careful in using OpenSubtitles since some of its ads are malicious. The site claims that you can remove this add if you install its browser extension version.

opensubtitle download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: It features the most-searched keywords for subtitles so you can follow the trend.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: You can download subtitles without interruption since there are no ads in its main interface.

Subdivx lets users register an account so you can upload an edited subtitle that you have. Also, its interface is so clean, which is rare for free SRT download sites. The reason for it is that its avid users donate money so Subdivx can continue its services. Aside from downloading subtitles, the website also provides other content. This includes memes, movies, videos, blogs, and more. Additionally, Subdivx uploads new subtitles everyday. Lastly, you can download subtitles from different languages, including English, Malay, and more.

subdivx download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: Downsub shows some of the supported websites wherein you can get subtitles without a hassle.
Output Format: SRT, VTT, TXT, and more.
User Friendliness: It lets you download subtitles without opening a new tab. Add the code "" before the video URL and save it quickly.

Unlike some of the top subtitle websites listed here, Downsub is different. This site acts as an online tool that extracts the subtitles from several video sharing sites. It includes YouTube, Viki, Vilve, VIU, etc. Here, you'll find the URL box wherein you only need to paste the video link that you like to extract the subtitle. Besides, you can grab auto-translated subtitles from different languages like Albanian, Bengali, English, and a lot more. However, the major drawback of this online tool is the ads placed on its main page.

downsub download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: The site literally lets you download subtitles using only 2 clicks.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: There is a separate section for movies and TV shows subtitles to find the exact file you want quickly.

The next best subtitle download website is English-Subtitles. As the name suggests, it contains a wide variety of English-only subtitles that you can download anytime. It offers subtitles for several trending American series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc. English-Subtitles is recommended for users or viewers who fall in love with Hollywood shows. It also provides a search bar so you can a particular movie or TV show subtitle you prefer. Lastly, it has a forum section wherein users can interact with each other.

english-subtitles download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: Registered users can post comments or reviews for each subtitle the site has. With this, you can quickly check if the subtitle is good or bad.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: It lets you download subtitles without any interruption.

Podnapisi is one of the websites for downloading subtitles. Why? It ensures that all subtitles you grabbed or extracted from the site are free from malware or virus. As of today, it consists of more than 2 million subtitles for movies and TV shows. Moreover, it also supports 100+ languages, including English, Arabic, and more. One good thing about the site is it provides specialized subtitles for hearing impaired people. You can also save subtitles and famous TV shows like Agents of SHIELD, The Devil All the Time, and more.

podnapisi download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: You can save subtitles even from the latest movies and TV shows.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: It can download subtitles in rar files in seconds.

Isubtitles provides a complete search function. You can use different keywords to find the subtitles you want. It lets you search subtitles using the movie name, the show's release date, and more. If you're only browsing for a movie, Isubtitles can help you out on it. You can see the IMDB rating of the show or movie and check its brief synopsis. Aside from subtitles, the site also lets you download wallpapers for your computer and mobile phone. Finally, one movie or TV shows usually contains more than 1 subtitle so you can choose the language you prefer.

isubtitles download subtitle


Distinctive Feature: Aside from movies and TV shows subtitles, the site lets you save workout videos.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: The site claims that it can download subtitles in a second.

The good thing about SubtitlesHR is it also updates the list of subtitles even for upcoming episodes of an unfinished TV series. Moreover, it allows you to filter the search function for the specific language you need for the subtitle. Like all sites to download movie subtitles listed here, it boasts an extensive list of subtitles you can download for free. However, unlike others, it will redirect you to some ads before you can save the subtitles.

subtitleshr download subtitle

Subtitle Seeker

Distinctive Feature: If you love watching TV shows, Subtitle Seeker provides an entire folder of subtitles for a complete season.
Output Format: SRT only.
User Friendliness: The subtitles or movies are appropriately listed on the main page without almost any ads.

The last best website for subtitles download on this list is Subtitle Seeker. It is also a home for English subtitles wherein you want to watch some foreign movies like Train to Busan 2, Mulan, and more. Aside from that, you can also find subtitles for on-going TV shows or movies. However, there is a problem with Subtitle Seeker. It will redirect you first into several ads and tabs before accessing the download link for the subtitles.

subtitleseeker download subtitle

Comparison Chart

Websites Has a User Registration? Contain Ads? Premium Version?
Addic7ed Yes Yes None
Subscene Yes No None
OpenSubtitles Yes Yes Yes
Subdivx Yes No None
DownSub NO Yes None
English-Subtitles No Yes None
Podnapisi Yes No None
Isubtitles No Yes None
SubtitlesHR Yes Yes None
SubtitleSeeker No Yes None
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