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10 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites

best sports websitesYou don’t always have the luxury of watching the games at your home on a big TV screen. At such times one needs to stream sports online. There are many free sports websites that deliver outstanding quality results, letting you keep up with the game even during office hours. All you need is an internet connection and a screen to watch your favorite sports. Watching sports online has become quite a trend, as this option doesn’t demand leaving their jobs undone. It lets sports lovers keep up with their hobbies while taking care of their responsibilities. Sports live streaming websites have been trending because they provide a wide range of sports options, including football, NFL, NBA, etc. Such websites can offer you endless entertainment whenever and wherever you want. The world has quickly adapted to streaming sports online as it is convenient and time-saving. Premium quality streaming websites are not free, but a few free sport streaming websites are also available. Mentioned below are the most popular and best sports streaming sites.

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Stream2watch is one of the best sports streaming sites. The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t cloud your screen with pop-up ads, although you’ll see some but not a lot. Pop-up ads and free streaming websites are two inseparable things.
The site is entirely safe, so you don’t have to be cautious while using it.


  • This website serves consumers with a wide range of entertainment. You can watch whatever sports you want using this website, and it offers other options like ESPN, CNN, and Discovery, etc.
  • Stream2watch lets streamers watch live sports events and matches wherever they are. This site is famous worldwide as it has no restrictions. You can view everything and anything using this website.

stream 2 watch


If you want a clean sport streaming website, then FootyBite is the best option for you. It comes with an easy interface without the trickery of pop-up ads. It is free and has a wide range of sports options. Whether you’re into tennis, cricket, badminton, or football, you’d be visiting the same website as FootyBite provides you all in one. You wouldn’t need to switch the website just because you want to watch something else.


  • FootyBite provides so many sports options at no cost. Most websites only offer free streaming for a limited period, and then one needs to pay in order to continue the services—That’s not the case with FootyBite.
  • The ad-free experience makes it one of the best free sports streaming websites.

footy bite

Fox Sports Go

While you’re driving, traveling, or stuck at work, you can pass your time watching live sports using Fox Sports Go. This website is officially associated with Fox Sports Network. Fox Sports broadcasts most sports matches and events, but this website lets you view all sports matches even when it isn’t a sponsor.


  • For convenient usage, this website also has a mobile application. Once downloaded, this application lets you stream your favourite sports on your smartphone from anywhere. The application has a friendly user-interface.
  • The website and application are free of cost. However, this website demands users to sign up for the cable and satellite to access all sports events.

fox sports go

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a website for multiple uses. Although sports fans use this website to stream live sports matches, others use it for new related videos. You can stream NBA, NFL, MLB, Football, MMA, NCAA, and much more on this free of cost website.


  • The CBS Sports website has an additional feature, and it lets you download a mobile application. The application enables you to stream through sports videos and live sports matches on your mobile phone. The application only requires an easy sign-up or registration process.
  • All streams and videos on the CBS sports website are extremely high-quality as CBS is a renowned and trusted network. The website also communicates information about sports such as the highlights, scheduled matches, match results, and much more with the users.

cbn sports


VIPRow is one of the standard websites to watch sports for free. It sure has some pop-up ads, and you might get a little annoyed due to the redirects, but that’s the case with every free video streaming website.


  • Users cherish the website as it provides almost every sport in surprisingly good quality. Some of the sports to watch on this website are baseball, ice hockey, rugby, football, tennis, golf, boxing, etc.
  • The website has a hassle-free interface. Once you visit the website, everything is pretty straightforward, and there are big icons for each sport, including WWE, GAA, Motorsports, TV shows, Table Tennis, etc. All you have to do is select your preferred sports, and then you can start streaming.

vip row sports


Like other mentions in this article, the LiveTV website can be a hassle when it comes to ads. It can take a while for first-time users to find the ad banner.


  • When you visit the website for the first time, you get to see an interface that shows the major highlights of all commonly-watched sports. Users enjoy this feature as they get the highlights of all sports on the same page.
  • While most free sports websites require users to sign-up or follow a registration procedure, this website makes no such demands. You don’t have to create an account or get into any details.

live tv sports


SportRAR is a free games streaming site where you can stream games like Hockey, Football, Basketball, tennis, Baseball, Motorsports, Golf, and much more.


  • The UI of this site is additionally perfect and responsive. The landing page contains all the live streaming which you access before long. Every user can watch whichever sports they prefer without spending a single dollar.
  • This website lets you stream sports online for free with an additional feature. It enables you to search for sports matches by date or progress. You can watch games that have been played and ones that are going live right now.

sports rar

Sony Liv Sports

Sony Liv Sports is another of the best sports streaming destinations upheld by the innovative tech company known as Sony. To benefit from this website, the user has to use a VPN as it is geo-locked.


  • This website notifies the user each time a live game show is being circulated on this platform. They likewise have a live scoreboard on their foundation.
  • Sony has likewise built up their Android and iOS applications which implies you can stream your number one games any place and at whatever point you need.

sony liv


If you’re still searching for websites to watch sports for free, Streamwoop is also a great option. It has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. They have various areas like live events, trending events replays, and ongoing games, which you can use to explore through different games.


  • They have orchestrated each live game show per the time and schedule, so you will not miss your number one game until the end of time. This chronological ordering makes it easy to find the game you’re looking for.

stream woop


Bosscast is a standout sports streaming website amongst other live game streaming destinations. Bosscast doesn’t only provide sports videos. It also serves users with constant score updates. If the pop-up ads don’t disturb you, then this is an excellent option.


  • Bosscast permits you to stream pretty much every game on the web. They have facilitated a significant data set that incorporates famous sports events and sports, prefer rugby, soccer, tennis, ice hockey, hockey, and pony dashing.
  • Dissimilar to different game streaming websites, they additionally have installed a chat box that permits you to visit with other clients while streaming your number one game.
  • boss cast

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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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