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The Best Free Online Vocal Remover

Remove Vocals Online to Create Your Karaoke-Style Music for Free
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How to Remove Vocals Online for Free: A Simplified Guide

Upload the Audio File
Click the plus sign icon and choose the file you want to be vocal-free. Or, drag and drop the file your audio/video file to the timeline section.
Start to Remove Vocal Song
Once uploaded, this tool will detect and remove the vocals automatically. After the tool successfully separates the instrumentals and vocals from a song, click the play icon to preview it.
Download the Extracted File
If satisfied with the result, click the “Download” button to save the file on your PC.

Vocal Remover Features

It is pretty simple to find a karaoke version of your favorite songs online. But if the song isn't popular, you might get the full version with vocals. It can be challenging unless you use this reliable tool to separate instrumentals or vocals from a song. This way, you can enjoy thousands of songs anytime, anywhere. More than that, it keeps the quality even after the vocal removal process. This tool lets you get a better result instantly with its AI technology.

remain qualityNo Quality Loss

While processing, you are afraid that it will result in low quality. AceThinker, as part of our goals, wants our users to keep their trust when using our product. With this efficient vocal remover online, your video will be available to play in high quality on any device. It removes different vocals (instruments, drums, piano, etc.) from your file without compromising the whole sound quality. All you have to do is to follow the aforementioned simple steps and let this app do its job for you.

use for free100% Free with No Hidden Charges

You may inevitably end up paying for using other online tools. There are two kinds of online vocal removers in the market; some offer a free service for a short time while others are free for a lifetime. If you do not want to spend money to remove vocals from a song, Free Mute Video Online is what you need. It starts off being free, and this will last for a lifetime.

any formatSupports Multiple File Formats

This fantastic song vocal remover is built not only for free, but it supports different kinds of video formats, including MP4, MOV, MP3, FLV, and more. This tool understands that each file type is essential to many users. So whatever file format you have, this application got you covered.

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FAQs about Free Mute Video Online

How to remove vocal songs?

To remove vocal song, you need to upload audio/video file. This online vocal remover will accurately separate the vocal from the music.

Is Muting will compromise the sound quality?

With its AI algorithm, the sound quality will not be affected after it will remove the vocals from a song.

Is Free Mute Video Online compatible with Mac?

You can use it with your Mac, and it performs well on Mac web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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