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5 Top-of-the-line YouTuber Voice Changer You Should Try

feature youtuber voice changer One can earn money through YouTube, but only if the quality of the content is maintained. The type of YouTube channel is your choice, but the forum requires the quality of content to attract more viewers and subscribers. If you are a YouTuber and you aim to change your voice for the YouTube video, maybe because of privacy reasons, or you want to add a professional touch or funny voice for humor to your content, you can use a YouTuber voice changer. A YouTube voice changer makes you a completely different person in your videos. Not only this, but most live streamers are also using voice changer software to make their voice coherent with the video theme and entertain their viewers more than before.

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Simple Voice Changer or In-Depth Voice Changer?

There are many options for voice changers for YouTube videos. They range from simple voice changers to those that offer in-depth audio editing.

Simple YouTube voice changer:
The simple YouTuber voice changer only gives a mature effect to the user's vocals.

In-depth audio editing YouTube voice changer:
With this category of YouTube, the user can transform their voice into a non-human character that you are playing. This can be any character, from a video game to a real-life character. Choosing the suitable YouTube voice changer is confusing, especially for beginners. Most of the new Vloggers do not even know about voice changers. This article outlines 5 of the best voice changers available at different price points.

5 Best Voice Changers For YouTube

A plethora of YouTube voice changer software allows Vloggers to transform the video voice and add different effects. Let’s take a look at these best voice changers for both real-time and recorded audio voice changers.

1. Audacity

On top of the list is a free-to-install voice changer for YouTube videos. Audacity is not a voice changer in particular—a full-featured audio editing program for Mac or PC.

audacity for youtube voice changer


  • This voice changer app for YouTube videos is highly recommended for beginners. It comes with a simple interface.
  • The user can change both the pitch and tempo of your audio recording.
  • The app can perform other detailed edits too. The user can either record the files on the Audacity or can also import them from other devices.
  • It splits the broadcast WAV files.

  • If a person wants to use Audacity only for false voices, it might be a difficult choice as it would require making all the changes manually.
  • It does not come with better plug-in support.

2. Super Voice Changer

Voice charging for the YouTube videos had never been more straightforward without this YouTuber voice changer. The use selects from a range of choices, from the voice of an old lady to a strong knight.

super voice changer for youtube voice changer


  • It allows a straightforward changing of voice through the audio equalizer.
  • The user can add any effect and play it in MP3 format.
  • It also comes with a smooth voice panel that softens the voice.
  • It is easy to use.

  • It doesn’t come with a modern interface.

3. Voxal Voice Changer

This YouTube voice changer is best for recorded audio and real-time live voice chats or streaming. It is also free, and when you install it, restart the computer to start working.

voxal voice changer for youtube voice changer


  • With the preview button, preview any sound.
  • Besides, recording his app is also suitable for live streaming.
  • This YouTube voice changer runs across all kinds of applications, games, and more.
  • It is recommended for beginners. It is easy to use- co complications at all. Just click on a voice, and the voice is changed to the selected mode.

  • The premade voices of this YouTube video voice changer are not accurate.

4. Clownfish Voice Changer

This voice changer app for YouTube videos is small and free to install. It is a great app to change vocals for YouTube videos. Just click twice on the quick start icon to enable or disable it.

clownfish voice changer for youtube voice changer


  • The user can set the hotkeys to transform and shuffle between the voice without minimizing the application.
  • The voice change application is light in weight and does not disturb the other functions of the PC.
  • It comes with a music player to play music in the background while talking in a different voice. This makes it a definite pick for live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, etc.
  • It is built with a custom pitch used to customize the vocals.

  • There is no solution to record in the voice changer.

5. Voice Changer HD

This YouTube voice changer comes for $ 1 and allows users to select from 24 multiple preset voices. It is easy to use too, and press the record button and select the effect you want to give to your vocal.

voice changer hd for youtube voice changer


  • It is easy to use. Even first-time Vloggers can install and make great video content with this application.
  • It helps record voice overs or live streaming.
  • The Voice Changer HD is available in Apple's App Store.
  • You can select from 25 preset voices to give quality to your YouTube content.

  • xThe voice changer app can also be used for changing the recorded voice. It cannot edit the existing audio files.


The internet world is full of different types of YouTube voice changers. Every voice changer for YouTube videos comes with various features and tones for various Vloggers. Before choosing one, first, you shall identify the nature of your content, changing vocal needs, and compatibility with your editor before recording voice on it. For those more interested in live streaming, most YouTube voice changers work without any problem. We would advise you to read the pros and cons of each voice changer and then make the final decision to attract a massive audience. Enjoy uploading great videos for your subscribers!

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