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feature webm video editorVideo has become the most crucial entertainment medium in the new millennia. With the leisure and enjoyment it provides, many developers enhance its capabilities. One of these functions is the ability of the video to store in a container. This process makes video easy to transfer internally and externally. We have hundreds of video containers available now; we always use the WebM video file. This container is an audio-visual media format. Also, it is mainly intended to provide a royalty-free alternative use for HTML5 audio and HTML5 video. This format is a widely used container to store video and audio codecs. Besides, this tool has become a standard container to store edited videos due to its lossless quality. To find out the essential tools to edit WebM files, read them below.

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Top 10 Video Editor For WebM

1. AceThinker Free Online Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It enables users to process their project video with its listed editing functions.
Essential Editing Functions: Trimming, rotating, cropping, and more.

AceThinker Free Online Video Editor will aid users in producing cinematic videos with its eight powerful tools. It does not require technical expertise to operate its features. Users can edit and enhance WebM videos by trimming, rotating, cropping videos. These processes are the basic functions intended to enhance small clips and social media platforms. They are intended to tweak Instagram videos, Facebook stories, and YouTube clips. In addition, it is compatible and functional with different web browsers. These include Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, and other search engines. Its interface is also intuitive and provides a new tab for each tool. This function will prevent the computer screen from flooding with editing tools that can disrupt the whole process.

Ways on How to Use AceThinker Free Online Video Editor

Step 1 Access the WebM Online Editor

Begin with the process by entering the webpage of AceThinker Free Online Video Editor. On its webpage, you can see different functions prepared for you. There are written walkthroughs associated with each tool. You can use those guides to acquaint yourself with its processes properly.

interface of acethinker free online video editor

Step 2 Edit WebM Video Online

The following guide is to choose a suitable tool for your desired process. For this walkthrough, we will choose the Cropping function. Import your file by dragging it on the webpage of the tool. Then, two media players will appear; the first one is a previewer when you crop the video. The latter player is where you can crop the WebM. You can also select the preset ratio available on this tool. Afterward, hit the start processing to initiate the cropping function.

edit webm video online with acethinker

Step 3 Play the Edited WebM

Once the WebM has been processed, it will provide you with a download button. This function will directly store and download the edited video onto your device. Then, go to its output folder and play the video.

edit webm video online with acethinker play

2. ClipChamp

Distinctive Feature: It has a brand kit function to create logos and watermarks for its project video.
Essential Editing Functions: Trim, crop, filtering, and others

Clipchamp is an online video utility that is popular for video enthusiasts. It accumulates more than 7 million active registered users on its service. This online tool comes in a timeline editing panel which aids users with essential functions. These processes are splitting, filtering, transitioning, and cropping the video files. Although it is a WebM editor online, it is a freemium service. Its free plans can export videos up to 480p. Contrary, the premium plan enables users to create logos, watermarks, and other advanced editing functions for $9 per month.

3. WeVideo

Distinctive Feature: It is designed with video templates that can be combined with WebM videos files.
Essential Editing Functions: Splitting, filtering, combining clips, and others.

WeVideo is another WebM online editor that offers a broad range of video editing functions. It has a timeline panel to perform the editing processes on the WebM video file. It also comes with a media player to preview and play the modification applied on the project video. In addition, videos enhanced with this tool can be directly published on different social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other websites. It also comes with different aspect ratios suitable for these platforms. What is more, this online video editor can export videos up to 480p quality.

edit webm videos with wevideo

4. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: This tool is designed with a video preset. This tool is suitable for Instagram stories, YouTube clips, and Facebook videos.
Essential Editing Functions: Merge, compress, add subtitles, cut, resize, and others.

Clideo is an all-in-one video editing utility that can edit a WebM file. It is designed with many video processing functions to enhance a WebM video. Whatever users need, it has on its system. These include merging audio, cutting audio, adjusting video, muting, stopping motion, and more. Video enthusiasts can achieve a cinematic output that they want to create with each function. What is more, it comes with an intuitive interface. It only consists of one button per function, so users will not get confused about using it.

edit webm videos with clideo

5. 123Apps

Distinctive Feature: It provides a simple function for each process. It can export SD videos into HD video qualities.
Essential Editing Functions: Trim, crop, rotate, change resolution, loop, and more.

123Apps is a brilliant video editing utility to edit video and audio containers like WebM. It is a one-stop-shop tool that consists of almost 11 video editing utilities. Each feature differs from another one. A few examples of these are the video cutter which is purposely designed to cut videos into different sections. It also comes with a video converter to export non-WebM videos into a WebM file container. What is more, it has a comprehensive and pleasing interface. Each editing function has endearing animation and is sorted in straightforward ways.

edit webm videos with 123apps

6. Avidemux

Distinctive Feature: It uses video Muxers to enhance project videos. With this function, it can export videos while retaining the original resolution.
Essential Editing Functions: Simple cutting, filtering tasks.

One of the leading video editor for WebM, Avidemux, focuses on the most critical aspects of video editing. This tool can use its main application to create special effects for WebM video projects. Besides, users can alter the video's appearance, add subtitles, cut and trim the video's duration, and add an audio track. The great function it offers has no watermark on the output video files. Also, although this program has a restricted number of features, its usefulness is vast. Users can use Javascript to construct scripts for automating tasks. What is more, users may also make individual plugins if they know how to code.

edit webm videos with avidemux


Distinctive Feature: It is a non-linear editor, and this means that the tool can edit WebM videos even without an internet connection.
Essential Editing Functions: Segmenting, merging, filtering, and others.

VSDC is an extra video editor for WebM that provides essential and straightforward editing functions. It can apply visual and audio effects to the project video. In addition, this process will enhance and beautify the WebM project video. It also uses color blending techniques to change the video image to strengthen the appearance. What is more, this tool uses motion tracking processes to track movements on the project video. It can also assign different trajectories to other video elements. These include titles, captions, icons, masks, images, and more. Lastly, it enables users to export and save videos directly to social media platforms. These websites are YouTube, Facebook, and video-sharing networks.

edit webm videos with vsdc

8. Blender

Distinctive Feature: This tool is perfect for creating WebM animated films due to its 3D modeling.
Essential Editing Functions: Splitting, Filtering, simple cutting, and others

Blender is an excellent open source video editor in terms of 3D modeling different WebM videos. It is another tool for users, mainly when working on large video projects. This tool has capabilities to aid users in making complicated 3D WebM films. At the most primary level, Blender has complex functions, including slow-motion effects. Users may also merge different WebM clips, use special effects, and review the changes. Similarly, once users subjugate the software functions, they will construct 3D-modeled designs. It also enables the creation of animations and the conversion of 2D artwork to 3D. You may also give shape to your fantasies and increase the video quality.

 edit webm videos with blender

9. Movavi Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It is developed with many animation effects that can beautify the output of WebM videos.
Essential Editing Functions: Filtering, cutting, splitting, and merging.

If you are searching for a professional yet basic-looking video editor for WebM, Movavi Video Editor is all you need. This tool provides users with a better version of editing features with its advanced processor. Merging video clips and splitting segments are some of its editing functions. Nevertheless, it also provides advanced features; the notable one is stabilization. This process removes the camera shake and creates stable footage for the project video. Moreover, it can export high-quality WebM videos up to 4K resolution.

10. OpenShot

Distinctive Feature:It has unlimited tracks that can be associated with the WebM project videos.
Essential Editing Functions: Trim and slice, video effects, and others.

OpenShot is the last shot on this list of WebM video editor. This tool provides essential functions such as importing video files and combining them in one cinematic output. It is an excellent choice for video enthusiasts who want to create animated WebM films. This process is possible due to its animation features. It can also create 3D animated titles and effects suitable for creating lyric music videos. What is more, it comes with a comprehensive interface; it supports over 70+ languages. These include English, Chinese, Italian, and more.

edit webm videos with openshot

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

We have collected the most anticipated video editor for WebM this 2022. These tools will aid you in achieving a better and elegant project video. Even so, to give you a better option on which tools to use for your device, stay tuned to the comparison chart. Suppose you only want to do essential editing functions for your WebM files; it is recommended that you should use online-based tools. These tools are AceThinker Free Online Video Editor, ClipChamp, WeVideo, Clideo, and 123Apps. Nonetheless, refer to the video editing software to use advanced functions like 3D modeling and others. These include Avidemux, VSDC, Blender, Movavi Video Editor, OpenShot. To guide you more, see the chart below.

Software Advanced Editing Features Supported Formats Fallback
AceThinker Free Online Video Editor Compress, speed, video to GIF, and more WebM, MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, M4V, and others No drawbacks were found.
ClipChamp Creating a brand logo, unlimited cloud storage, brand kit MP4, MOV, WEBM, AVI, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, WMV, VOB, DCM, and MKV video files The output product for freemium service has the ClipChamp logo in it.
WeVideo Screen record, audio record, and more WebM, MOV, MP4 Each project video users will create is going to be watermarked.
Clideo Stop motion, reverse, change speed, and others WebM, MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI, WebM, and more. It has a slow import process.
123Apps Screen record, extract archive files, and others WebM, AVI, MP4, and others It has a slow file upload speed.
Software Advanced Editing Features Supported Formats Fallback
Avidemux Encoding and decoding tasks WebM, MOV, MP4, AVI, and more The layout and interface are outdated.
VSDC 4K editing function, 3D making, and others WebM, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, WMV, MKV, and Real Media It has slow render speed for a basic video editor.
Blender Background changer, SFX and VFX, and others AVI, MP4 (MPEG-4), MOV, 3GP, FLV, MKV, WMV, MP3, WAV, WebM, and more Editing a large number of videos can slow the editing process.
Movavi Video Editor Background changer, SFX and VFX, and others AVI, MP4 (MPEG-4), MOV, 3GP, FLV, MKV, WMV, MP3, WAV, WebM, and more Editing a large number of videos can slow the editing process.
OpenShot 3D animation, motion and time effects, and others WebM, AVCHD, and others Its 3D animation effects do not have better output compared to other video editing utilities.
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