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Best 10 Music-Worthy Sound Amplifier Windows 10

feature volume booster for windows 10Binge-watching the trendiest movie or that critically-acclaimed documentary to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city can bring you a whole new level of relaxation. Sadly to say, you are living in a crowded and bustling neighborhood, the sound of the city hardly dwindles, and you can still hear the music blaring from outside. At times, you might wish that the volume of your laptop is a little bit louder than these city noises. To experience a theatre-like movie playback that you can experience in cinemas, you have to buy new louder speakers to compete with the disturbance. However, external amplifiers are expensive nowadays, so buying a new one is not the choicest thing. Therefore, speakers out, and hear us out! Because volume booster is the savior that you need to have. This software will enable you to crank up your Windows speaker above the standard limitations. Not aware of these sound amplifier Windows 10? Worry not; this article explores and researches among the best sound amplifier software in this millennium.

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Top 10 Volume Enhancer PC Software

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It can enhance the audio quality of the project video with its inbuilt music effect.
Price: Free

Free is good, in this case, definitely the best. AceThinker Video Editor is a prominent free video editor and music booster utility for Windows 10. It can import loud background music on your project video and incorporate it into the clip. In addition, it can mute the original background audio and replace it on another boosted music file. You can utilize its timeline editing panel to synchronize the background audio into the video automatically. Moreover, it is designed with a powerful, intuitive panel, such as a media panel where all your music and video files are stored, the Timeline panel to edit and enhance music, and the Media player can preview their edited music file.

ve interface

Utilize the volume indicator located at the lower-right part of the inbuilt media player to modify the volume according to your preferred level. It can also serve as a free audio compressor if you want to reduce the file size of your music files.

2. Chrome Volume Booster

Distinctive Feature: It can boost audio that is playing on any of your web browsers like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.
Price: Free

One of the easiest and reliable sound boosters Windows 10, Chrome Volume Booster, provides a hassle-free amplifier. It is a Chrome extension with over 640 000 active users. It also provides users the ability to boost volume up to 1000%. Whether users utilize speakers or headphones, the sound quality will be enhanced and amplified using only your web browsers. Moreover, it provides a secure API; therefore, it will not collect or use any data from its patrons. Furthermore, it uses a slider to amplify and enhance the volume of your playing media file.

volume booster for windows 10 cvb

This tool works at one tab at a time. Thus, whenever you use this tool on a different tab, make sure you have to press the turn-off button to move to a new tab.

3. Letasoft

Distinctive Feature: It automatically starts on the window startup, allowing users to utilize it even without accessing the main application.
Price: Price starts at $19.95 lifetime.

Letasoft Sound Booster is an extra amplifier when the volume of your PC is a bit too low for you to have a better playback experience. It can amplify the sound system in Windows 10 up to 500% max volume. In addition, it can raise the volume of different programs, including web browsers, media players, and game music backgrounds. What is more, this tool can amplify different online communication programs such as Skype, MSN, Live, and more. Furthermore, it can constantly monitor the current gain level of audio and prevent audio samples from clipping. This feature provides a function that can reduce all significant sound distortion.

volume booster for windows 10 letasoft

Use the two methods of amplifying sound volume, code injection and APO effects.

4. FxSound

Distinctive Feature: It corrects the limitation of your audio files and device, allowing users to boost volume without distorting the output sound.
Price: Price starts at $19.99 per year.

FxSound is also an audio booster Windows 10 utility that provides a good quality of sound while boosting the volume sound. It is commonly used for amplifying video game background games. It provides a smooth boost for every voice line, footstep, ping, and even magical power. In addition, this tool makes audio and visual to have one blended experience. Its visualization features enable users to feel and see every beat of the music. More so, it has a different booster mode which is suitable for each audio streaming activity. Switch between listening to gaming, music, and streaming video in an instant with its presets.

volume booster for windows 10 fxsound

It has bass effects that users can use to amplify more PC system volume when streaming different sites like Netflix and more.

5. VoiceMeeter

Distinctive Feature: It provides an individual visualizer on each application that requires music and audio streams like Spotify and more.
Price: Free

VoiceMeeter is one of the Windows 10 boost volume software that provides the ability to boot the system sound of your PC. With its functions, it can connect and mix any audio hardware with any software sound such as Spotify, Skype, media players, Zoom, and more to several different outputs. It has the ability to split, mute, and mix audio files and directly play on your speakers or headphones. Furthermore, it provides an excellent voice sound for your Podcast, gaming streams, online conference, and other music activity that you have on your personal computer.

volume booster for windows 10 voicemeeter

It has a mobile application where you can use it to boost and enhance your mobile audio streaming.

6. DeskFX Audio Enhancer

Distinctive Feature: It has a 20-band equalizer that helps users to switch into different equalizer modes.
Price: $30

Another audio booster Windows 10, is DeskFX Audio Enhancer that can enhance the sound quality of your PC. The tool is equipped with some outstanding features and effects such as reverb, vibrato, chorus, and more. It is also equipped with different equalizer modes, including parametric, graphic, and visual. In addition, it can eliminate and remove the sound distortion of the audio clips for a smooth streaming experience. Furthermore, it also enables users to combine various effects to create mind-boggling audio results. More so, it can boost music from different music streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and others.

volume booster for windows 10 deskfh

7. Equalizer Apo

Distinctive Feature: It is designed to be compatible with VST plug-ins to provide more real-time audio effects.
Price: Free

This lightweight sound booster Windows 10 utility, Equalizer APO, is an audio enhancer that keeps your computer light and does not consume much CPU performance. The application is compatible with Windows 7, 10, 8, and Vista. It also comes with an unlimited amount of sound filters that work in multiple audio channels. Due to its accelerated GPU, it provides low latency for the application of audio effects on your system sounds. Moreover, it has an intuitive interface; all of its function buttons are located at the uppermost part of the tool.

volume booster for windows 10 equalizer apo

If you do not like its default presets, this tool provides customizable presets suitable for your preference.

8. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Distinctive Feature: It is equipped with a Core Isolation function enabling users to improve the clarity and transparency of the audio file.
Price: $34.95

Fidelizer Audio Enhancer is one of the volume booster for Windows 10 that enhances your PC's sound to an optimal level. It improves audio systems performance by enabling audio tasks with more priority. It can also improve low latency and stability that provides real-time boosted audio streams. In addition, it can increase the accuracy of clock resolution to provide more enhanced audio timbre. More so, it can stop and disable non-audio system services allowing the CPU to prioritize the audio performance.

volume booster for windows viper

It reduces the digital glare in the computer and makes music and audio streams resonate like an authentic sound.

9. Boom 3D

Distinctive Feature: It is designed with innovative virtual 3D sound technology.
Price: $49.99

Boom 3D redefines the way Windows users listen to their music. It provides an option to check the sound from each speaker of the virtual 3D surround audio system. It has a modular graphic interface that provides a bass booster function. In addition, it has audio presets that can be customized according to your preferred settings. Furthermore, it supports all popular music streaming services and third-party media players such as Spotify, YouTube, and more.

volume booster for windows 10 boom3d

It is compatible with earphones and headphones and provides an exact and smooth boost to the audio file.

10. Viper4Windows

Distinctive Feature: It is designed with innovative virtual 3D sound technology.
Price: Free

The final solution to increase the volume of your Windows 10 audio system is by utilizing Viper4Windows. This PC utility comes with its own post-processing algorithms that can enhance all types of audio signals, including music, movie, and game audio. Additionally, this application is helpful for owners of less-capable sound speakers and headphones. It is also equipped with various audio presets such as music mode, movie mode, freestyle, and more. Furthermore, with its functions, it can make the audio clearer and precise real-time audio output.

volume booster for windows viper

It can boost audio quality and volume for different online messaging applications such as Skype, Zoom, and other internet communication services.

Reasons to Improve your Music Stream

Audio quality can be subjective and impressionistic, as Picasso’s art in museums. Other people can say it is brilliant; others will say it is not their favorite piece. Thus, music enthusiasts may not create the perfect rhythm for their listeners, but they can further improve its quality. Below are the listed things you need to know if the quality of your sound is lousy and atrocious.

  • Buzz
  • Hiss
  • Hum
  • Room reflections such as echoes.
  • Microphone handling and bumping sounds
  • Extreme audio processing
  • “Plosives” is the sound that you constantly hear when you are speaking with the microphone.
  • Other foreign sounds such as animals, keyboards, traffic noise, and more.

volume booster for windows 10 tips

Comparison Chart

Software Target Audience File Size Concerns and limitation
AceThinker Video Editor Basic, prosumer, professionals 100MB Not available on mobile devices.
Chrome Volume Booster Basic 17.97KiB Too much boost can damage your speakers or earphones.
Letasoft Basic 2.29 MB Its superboost function might cause slight distortion in the audio file.
FxSound Basic 2 MB The programs oftenly crash.
VoiceMeeter Professionals 11.0 MB Too technical for new beginners.
Software Target Audience File Size Concerns and limitation
DeskFX Audio Enhancer Professionals 1.11 MB Too pricey for an entry-level audio booster.
Equalizer Apo Basic 8.3MB Its big downfall is a lack of a graphical user interface; you need to modify filters using .txt files.
Fidelizer Audio Enhancer Professionals 5.8MB Too many bugs.
Boom 3D Professionals 38.3MB It can damage your speaker.
Viper4Windows Basic 11.9MB Recent updates on Windows 10 can prevent this tool from functioning properly.
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