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Complete Guidelines: Cut Video Using VLC

feature trim video with vlcWe, humans, are compassionate living beings. The emotions around us can easily influence our feelings. This phenomenon is called emotional contagion. And this phenomenon exists in most of us through watching videos. Video becomes one of the essential media files that were created in our modern world. It stimulates emotions, provides information, disseminates knowledge, and more. Furthermore, due to the impact of the video on our life, we continually developed its quality to have a better playback experience. But, having a better quality comes with more significant drawbacks. The better quality is, the bigger the file size is, which will consume a lot of storage. However, this won't be a problem anymore; the better way to store it is by trimming it on smaller video clips. There are various tools like YouTube trimmer, VLC, etc., that can do the work. Read through below to know how to trim video using VLC and its alternative.

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How to Trim Video with VLC Media Player

Distinctive Feature: It is an open-source media player. Users can input third-party plug-ins to enhance video output further.

VLC is a media player software that is known for its versatility and flexibility as a multimedia player. It enables users to play corrupted media files with its system. Thus, making it the swiss army knife of all media players. Yet, this tool is not only for that; it can also crop and trim videos into smaller clips. It provides lossless trimming functions, allowing users to cut clips without compromising the video's original quality. Moreover, it has a deinterlacing mode that helps users to enhance the output video. The deinterlacing process is the ability to convert interlaced videos into non-interlaced videos.

Key Features:

  • It is equipped with video sharpness effects.
  • It is designed with a video zoom in and out feature.
  • It can overlay logos and watermarks on the project video.

Step 1 Get the VLC

To begin with, it is evident that we need the software to initiate the VLC Media Player trim video process. Download the software on your device and wait for the system to inspect the installation file. Pass through the installation wizards and prompts to continue. Then, launch the software to familiarize and analyze its functions.

trim video with vlc interface

Step 2 VLC Cut Video Process

After that, import the video file that you wanted to trim. Tick on the Media menu located at the upper-left part of the tool. Hover over on the Open File option to access your device folders. Select the video to import it on the tool. Next, open the editing controls by hitting the View menu and select the Advanced Control options on the drop-down. Afterward, editing functions will appear. Let the system play the video and tick the red button to record a clip. Then, stop or save the trimmed video, hit the red button again.

trim video with vlc process

Step 3 Locate and Play the VLC Trim Video

Finally, when you have ticked the stop button, the trimmed video won't appear automatically. As a matter of fact, VLC Video Player will put your trimmed video in its output folder. Locate it on your drive to play and preview the trimmed video. To re-trim the video again, follow the detailed guidelines above.

trim video with vlc play

VLC Alternative to Cut Videos on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: It is designed with a multicore process and advanced hardware acceleration that provides a faster conversion process that VLC does not have.

AceThinker Video Master is an ultra-fast video converter and compressor program that provides virtual aid to its users. Whether the original video is taken using a camcorder or downloaded on any video-sharing platform, this tool can trim and cut them smoothly. It can trim high-quality videos, such as 4K, into small clips without losing the 100% original quality of the video. It is equipped with different editing functions; one of these is the Merge and Trim feature. This function allows users to trim long videos into several parts. It can also remove the unnecessary clips of the project video. Additionally, it can also merge the trimmed clips into a cinematic movie. Moreover, it is designed with different video effects that users can utilize to beautify the project video.

Key Features:

  • It is created with Crop & Rotate features that enable users to crop or modify the video's aspect ratio.
  • It can input a watermark or logo on the trimmed video.
  • It is equipped with an inbuilt screen recorder that can be attached to the project video.

Underneath this brief introduction is a detailed walkthrough to trim video using VLC alternative.

Step 1 Install the VLC Alternative

First, to begin the process to trim video with VLC alternative, hit the download button below to initiate the process. Proceed with the process by finishing the installation prompts and wizards. Once installed, launch the tool and get used to its functions and navigation for a quick and smooth process.

vm interface

Step 2 Import Video Files

Next, to import media files on Video Master, go to the Converter menu and hit "+." This will open your device's folder to select the project video you want to trim. Hold on until the system will analyze the video. Once imported, the video will appear on the tool's interface. Various editing features will show trim video, adding effects, multiformat converter, editing metadata, and more.

trim video with vlc vm import

Step 3 Cut Video Using VLC Alternative

Then, hit the scissor icon to access the cut and trim feature. A new window will appear to provide users different trimming functions. Afterward, toggle the marker to trim and cut the video into different segments easily. Utilize the inbuilt media player to preview the segmented clip. Then, hit save to go back on the tool's interface. Hit the convert all to export video on your device.

trim video with vlc vm process

Step 4 Play and Preview the Video

Lastly, once the video has been exported, locate it in the output folder. Select it to preview and play the trimmed video. To re-compress the video again, you can utilize the walkthroughs mentioned above.

trim video with vlc vm play

Comparison Chart

Nowadays, it is hard to select a reliable video trimmer and a tool that can compress MP4 to reduce the file size of a video. Nonetheless, VLC and AceThinker Video Master are two of the leading software that can do the job for you. They are both able to trim video files in the most efficient and accurate way. Yet, AceThinker Video Master stands out with its unique and effective process. It uses markers, time duration to cut video clips into different segments. To better understand these tools, look at this chart to glance at the features they have.

Features VLC AceThinker Video Master
Supported Operating System Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mac and Windows
Device Preset None iPhone, Android devices, Samsung, HTC, Apple Tv, and more.
Supported Formats AVI, ASF, WMV, WMA, MP4, MOV, 3GP, OGG, and more. AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, ASF, VOB, MOV, M4V, MPEG, etc.
Concerns and Limitations It sometimes crashes. Not available on mobile devices
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