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Fast Methodologies: How to Trim Video in Windows Media Player

feature trim video windows media playerVideo has become one of the essential components of the entertainment industry. It provides leisure, data, and information. With the development of different techniques, developers were able to enhance their capability. We obtained limitless video duration in our era. Yet, having a long duration output comes with a big drawback. The longer the resolution is, the larger the file it becomes. Although many developers have tried to resolve this issue with the methods of expanding our storage capacity. Yet, the problem still lingers nowadays. One of the techniques that we usually use is trimming unnecessary scenes on the project videos. Windows Media Player is one of the prominent tools that can do the job. Yet, do you know the tips and tricks to trim and edit video Windows Media Player? If your answer is not, you must read the solutions below to nurture your knowledge further.

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How to Trim Video in Windows Media Player

Distinctive Feature: This tool lets users download third-party plug-ins. These plug-ins will trim and cut video files.
Supported Formats: ASF, WMA, WMV, MP4, AVI, WAV, CDA, MOV, MPEG, and more.

Windows Media Player is a pre-installed media library and player developed by Microsoft. It is designed to play media formats like audio, video, and viewing still images. In addition to being a media player, this tool includes the ability to trim video Windows 10 into smaller ones. Yet, it is not a video editor and cannot trim and crop videos directly with its functions. Thus, it allows users to access third-party tools to cut video files. One of these compatible plug-ins is SolveigMM WMP Trimmer. Users can crop video in Windows Media Player with lossless quality output. Moreover, it also splits videos into smaller clips without compromising synchronization. Below are the detailed demonstrations on how to trim video using Windows Media Player.

Step 1 Install the Trimming Plug-in

First, you need to install a third-party plug-in on your device. In this walkthrough, we will be using SolveigMM WMP Trimmer. Download its installation file on your PC and finish through all the prompts and wizards. Afterward, go to your folder and open the video file you want to trim. Hit the Edit button to access the plug-in's functionalities.

trim video windows media player interface

Step 2 How to Cut Video in Windows Media Player

Next, toggle the Playhead to locate the exact position or duration you want to trim or cut. You can use the time indicator to cut out the duration of your clips. Then, hit the Trim button to initiate the trimming process. A dialog box will materialize to provide the phase of the trimming process. Wait until it finishes.

trim video windows media player process

Step 3 Play the Trimmed File

Lastly, once the exporting process has ended, locate the output file on the designated location. Play and preview the video to check if the changes have been applied. To redo the process, follow through with the methodologies mentioned above.

trim video windows media player play

Easier and Better Method to Cut Videos on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: It can export trimmed video to different portable devices. These include Apple devices, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, and others. This feature is lacking in Windows Media Player.
Supported Formats: MPEG, MP4, WMV, WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, MOV, and more.

AceThinker Video Editor is an exceptional video editor that aids in creating cinematic video output. It is designed to enhance project video, but it can also trim video clips into smaller footage. Its Trim and Cut feature lets users delete unwanted parts and get the section or frame they need. It also comes with Split and Combines functions that cut long video files into smaller parts. This feature can also keep the pieces or parts you like. It can also combine them in one video output, making the file smaller. Furthermore, the process can be done with the help of the Playhead button. This process provided a lossless and exact trimming process. Beneath this are the comprehensive guidelines to crop video in Windows Media Player alternative.

Step 1 Install the Window Media Player Alternative

First, to cut videos in AceThinker Video Editor, install the software. You can get the installer by hitting any download button beneath this step. Wait and finish through the installation prompts and wizards. Once installed, launch the software to circumnavigate its functionalities. By doing this, it will aid you to have a better workflow process.

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ve interface

Step 2 Import Video Files

Next, add media files into the software's system. This process is possible by ticking the import button at the upper-most part of the media panel. Afterward, browse over on your device to locate media files. You can import the whole folder or select a single file. Once imported, proceed to the next step.

trim video windows media player ve import

Step 3 How to Cut Video in Windows Media Player Alternative

Then, drag-and-drop the project video on the storyboard. This timeline-editing function will help you to trim and cut the video. Use the Playhead and the built-in media player to locate the duration of the video you want to cut out. Once selected, tick the scissor icon or the cut function to trim the video clips efficiently. You can also use different functions like video background changer and video filters. After that, click the export button to save changes.

trim video windows media player ve process

Step 4 Play the Cut Video

For the finale, wait until the system finishes exporting the file. Locate the output video at the designated location. Play and Preview the media to check if the changes were applied. To re-trim with AceThinker Video Editor, follow through with the guidelines before this step.

trim video windows media player ve play

Why Trim Video?

Trimming videos is crucial in making sure to keep up with your audience's attention. Suppose you are trying to create a YouTube video, and the intro is quite long before the content. In that case, viewers might click different videos instead of pursuing watching your content. It is a well-known rule for video enthusiasts that the first five seconds of their video is the one that convinces viewers to stay longer. Thus, strategic video trimming is a must to cut out unnecessary frames. This will leave the important scenes that your audience desires. The two software mentioned above is effective tools to trim video clips. With their flexibility and efficiency, these two tools can help you to further enhance your project video.

trim video windows media player reason

Comparison Chart

Features Windows Media Player AceThinker Video Editor
Target Audience Basic Basic, Prosumers, Professionals
Other Functionalities Media Player Video enhancer, video cropper, screen recorder, and more.
Advantage Pre-installed in Windows devices. With its flexibility, it is compatible with Windows and Mac devices.
Disadvantage Needs to rely on different plug-ins to have video editing processes Not yet available on mobile devices.
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