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[SOLVED] How to Split Screen on iMovie

feature split screen in imovieVideo has become an essential way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings. This electronic medium enables us to attain information, data, and knowledge through the motions and gestures of the subject. As digital technology progresses, so do the ways and strategies on how we create our output movies. One of these methods is the split-screen technique. This feature is an ability of a video editor to add two or more screens in a singular frame. This technique has significant importance in post-production tasks to edit multiple activities occurring at the same scene. One of the famous tools to use as a split-screen editor is iMovie. This tool is available for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. To have a better understanding of how to put multiple videos on one screen iMovie. Read through the steps below and follow them carefully.

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How to Split Screen on iMovie on Mac

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iMovie is a video editing/creating software application founded and created by Apple Inc. With this tool, users can create and produce well-crafted videos with the help of its basic editing features. Some of these features are, Chroma keying, video color setting, crop and rotate, stabilize shaky videos, and adding video transitions. One neat feature that this tool offers is split-screen. This function enables video editors to display two media files on a single frame at the same time. What’s more, is that users can create multiple project videos at once. It can also save the project footage of several users on one computer. Thus it is an interactive and friendly-user split-screen editor available for your Apple device.

A detailed step on how to do split screen in iMovie.

Step 1 Launch the iMovie for Mac

Since iMovie is only available for Apple devices such as Mac, this tool is not available for Windows and other operating systems. This video editing software is preinstalled on Mac. Launch the software on your device and familiarize its editing features.

split screen in imovie step1

Step 2 Import and Split Screen in iMovie

Next, to split in iMovie, import your media files on the software. On the project media, simply drag the video clips you want to add on a split-screen. The system will automatically add the video files to its interface. Then, to merge two video files in one frame, utilize the timeline storyline. Drag one clip on the top of the latter video file and release it. Click the overlay setting button at the top of the viewer. In the drop-down, choose split screen.

split screen in imovie step2

Step 3 Export and Play Split Screen Video

Finally, to export the video, click the File menu bar, hover over share, and tick the File button. The exporting dialogue box will appear. Wait until the system finishes rendering the video. Once done, go to your output location and play the split-screen video.

split screen in imovie export

How to Make a Split Screen Video in iMovie on iPad/iPhone

Although iMovie is not available on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, BSD, and others. Apple developed iMovie to be compatible with its different software devices such as iPhone and iPad. If you don’t have a Mac operating system on your computer, but have an iPhone/iPad device, iMovie can be a good video editor for your mobile phone. iMovie works well on iPhone and iPad when it comes to editing videos. Its functionality and steps on how to enhance and split videos on both devices are similar. Below is the walkthrough to split a clip in iMovie, and how to put two videos side by side iMovie using an iPhone/iPad.

Step 1 Launch the iMovie for iPhone/iPad

First, since iMovie is a pre-installed application in iOS and iPadOS devices launch the application and familiarize its functionalities.

split screen in imovie ios interface

Step 2 Add Media Files and Edit Video

The next step on how to put videos side by side in iMovie, go to the Project tab and click the Arrow icon at the upper-left corner of the application. Browse over on your device’s folder to locate two videos you want to split-screen. Then drag the first video on the top of the latter video file. Utilize the real-time preview to see the output appearance of the project video.

split screen in imovie edit iphone

Step 3 Export and Play Split Screen Video

Lastly, click the Done button to save and export the video file. Locate the output folder on your device and play the video. The walkthrough mentioned above is applicable on both iPhone and iPad.

split screen in imovie play iphone

FAQs of Splitting Screen in iMovie

1. How many split-screen videos can you have in iMovie?

iMovie has a limited split-screen layout. There are two split-screen modes (top-bottom, left-right) to display on the project video. Users can only add two tracks of videos in each mode. However, different mobile applications can do split-screen functions up to three videos. Some of these are Photogrid, Video Collage, etc.

2. Why are users always unable to split-screen in iMovie?

Simply the answer is the videos that you are trying to merge in one frame are on a different line. Videos have to be in the center row to be split into one frame. Users sometimes can’t split two videos in iMovie due to the reason the two files are on the same storyline or timeline. One video should be on top of the latter one for us to merge them on one screen.

3. How do you split-screen in iMovie?

On the project media, drag the two video clips that you want to intertwine in a single frame. Utilize the timeline storyline to do the process. Drag one clip on the top of the other video file to do a split-screen.

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