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Comprehensive Review: Top 8 Alternative Programs Like Sony Vegas

sony vegas alternative feature image In this new millennium, our entertainment industry is dominated by visual content. Many content creators captivate their viewers by creating relevant content. By doing this, it helps them drive to their brand's success. Creating a stunning video is possible with the help of new technologies such as video editing software. One of this software is Sony Vegas, also known as MAGIX Vegas Pro. This tool was developed as an audio editing tool and evolved into non-linear editing (NLE) for audio and video editing software. Though it is considered the most used software to this date, this tool has its drawbacks. For example, it is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Thus, this article was created to provide the most reliable Sony Vegas Pro alternative that exists to date.

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Top 8 Sony Vegas Similar Software

1. AceThinker Video Editor

OS Supported: Windows and Mac OS.

AceThinker Video Editoris a Sony Vegas, similar software that enables users to edit videos, audio, photos. Whether the user wanted to create a business promotion video, software review, family vlogs, these are all possible. It has a vast number of editing features, one of these is the ability to split and combine video clips into different output videos. It also enables users to rotate and crop the video project into their preferred video ratio. Furthermore, it has more than 40 fantastic video filters that users can apply to input beautiful styles and sceneries. More so, it showcases an excellent intuitive interface. Even new users of this software can easily navigate and familiarize themselves with its functions.

Trial Limit: Basic editing features are free to use, utilizing premium features such as lifetime tech support for $49.95.


  • It enables users to add watermarks or logos.
  • It lets users import background music to the video.
  • It has real-time preview functions wherein users can see the edited video in real-time before saving it.

  • Not available on mobile devices.

sony vegas alternative ve interface

2. iMovie

OS Supported: iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS.

iMovie is a perfect Sony Vegas Mac alternative due to its exclusivity on the Mac operating system. It provides a massive number of multiple preset templates readily available to users to start editing videos. Aside from that, users can add photos and video without watermark to projects and fade background music in the simplest way. Furthermore, users can input cinematic touch using 13 different filters. This includes the nostalgic silent-era style, fun comic book look, a vintage western appearance, and more. More so, it has over 80 beautifully harmonized soundtrack that is automatically adjusted to match the length of the project video.

Trial Limit: Free to use.


  • It is available in three different English, Dutch and Turkish.
  • Editing features are easy to identify and use; thus, it is user-friendly.
  • It enables users to add customized logos or credit rolls to the edited on the project video.

  • Importing MP4 files for editing is burdensome. This tool is not designed to work with specific MP4 files.

sony vegas alternative imovie interface

3. PowerDirector

OS Supported: Windows, Android, and iOS.

PowerDirector is Sony Vegas' similar software that provides a vast number of useful functionality. One of its features is to input layer, shape, and blend to create artistic sceneries and videos. It also brings dynamism and passion to the video with its smooth animated effects while using keyframing features. Furthermore, users can utilize green screen features. This function can remove unnecessary backgrounds and create special effects like Hollywood films.

Trial Limit: Basic editing features are free to use, utilizing premium features such as 4K rendering for $4.33/month.


  • It has a video stabilizer.
  • It has a royalty-free stock library.
  • It enables screen recording to acquire new video projects.

  • Some of the plugin editing features can be hard to find once installed.

4. Kdenlive

OS Supported: Windows, Android, and iOS.

When talking about a free video editing software like Sony Vegas, Kdenlive is the best solution that the internet can offer. Due to its lightweight functions, this tool can be installed on low-grade computers and devices. It comes with a very straightforward interface. Users can use its features such as trimming video, adjusting volume, and more even without walkthroughs. Aside from that, it has a vast number of video filters and effects that can enhance the scenery of the edited video. Furthermore, it can insert intro and outro background clips on videos to provide better output or results.

Trial Limit: Basic editing features are free to use, utilizing premium features such as 4K rendering for $4.33/month.


  • It has a multi-track video editing feature.
  • It has titler features to create beautifully crafted video titles.
  • The project file is automatically backed up every few minutes.

  • It crashes frequently.

sony vegas alternative kdenlive interface

5. Davinci Resolve

OS Supported: Mac, Windows, and Linux

Davinci Resolve is the world’s finest video editing software used as a Sony Vegas Linux alternative. This is well known because this is the software used to color grade the award-winning movie La La Land. It has a vast number of features. One of these is that it can apply visual effects to the project video to enhance and provide highly expected outcomes. Aside from that, it is divided into different numbers of pages. In which it gives users a better understanding of the workspace and tools for a specific task. Editing can be done on the cut and edit pages, audio on the Fairlight page, visual effects and motion graphics on the Fusion page, and so forth. Furthermore, this tool works as well with third-party plug-ins and storage.

Trial Limit: The cost of this software is $299.


  • It can combine several videos into one view.
  • It can control the video timeline accurately.
  • It can input 3D sound effects.

  • It is not favorable for new users of video editing software due to its confusing functionalities.

sony vegas alternative davinci resolve interface

6. Magisto

OS Supported: Windows, Android, and iOS.

Magisto, as it reiterates on its name, editing videos on this online video editing software is magical and fancy. It has understandable navigation and features. With its amazing A.I, users can make great videos in a few steps. Choose footage to import video files, select an editing theme or style, then finally, import music with its wide range of licensed songs. More so, this tool can create and edit output videos with its essential features. These are crop, applying filters, merging video clips, inserting video effects, and more.

Trial Limit: Basic editing features are free to use, utilizing premium features such as exclusive templates for $9.99/month.


  • No software installation is needed.
  • It has a vast number of aspect ratios to choose from.
  • Perfect for editing small video clips.

  • The video duration that is allowed to create is below 20 mins.

sony vegas alternative magisto interface

7. Flowdable

OS Supported: Linux only.

Flowdable is a multitrack non-linear video editing software for Linux OS. It is considered one of the best Sony Vegas free alternative software due to its stylish and modern user interface. It is also designed to be fast and precise in editing video footage with its functional features such as trim, merge videos, and more. Additionally, it has a vast number of video filters like alpha, vintage, color halftone, and others. Moreover, it can input audio filters to the background music to further enhance the output footage.

Trial Limit: Basic editing features are free to use.


  • It supports a large range of video formats.
  • It can do a batch rendering.
  • It is a lightweight application.

  • Not available on other platforms.

sony vegas alternative flowdable interface

8. Shotcut

OS Supported: Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Shotcut is another open-source video program like Sony Vegas that is functional. It supports an extensive range of video formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, and more. It also enables users to mix and match frame rates and resolutions within a video project. Additionally, it has unlimited undo and redo for edits, including a history view. Furthermore, it has basic editing features such as clip resizing, scaling, trimming, cutting, and more. More so, it is equipped with multiple video transitions and filters.

Trial Limit: Basic editing features are free to use.


  • It supports 4K videos.
  • It has a video scope feature that zooms and alters the video ratio.
  • It has low-resolution proxy editing that enhances seeking speed and eliminates scaling.

  • Not best for beginners due to its complicated navigation.

sony vegas alternative shortcut interface

Comparison Chart

Software Video Output Format Hard Drive Space
AceThinker Video Editor MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, and many more 100MB
iMovie M4V, MP4,MOV 690.5 MB
PowerDirector HD MPEG-2, DVR-MS, DV-AVI, DAT, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, VRO, ASF, WMV, and more. 595.98 MB
Kdenlive AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Flash Video. 92.1MB
Davinci Resolve RI, MTS, MXF, AVI, CIN, DNG, and more. 430MB
Magisto 3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MTS, M2TS. Online tool
Flowdable M4V, MP4,MOV, and more. 17.1MB
Shotcut M4V, MP4,MOV, FFmpeg 14MB-18MB
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