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How to Play YouTube Video in Reverse

feature reverse youtube videoVideo has become so powerful nowadays. It gives us information, entertains us, and provides beneficial effects on our mental health. One of the common video-sharing sites that we usually rely on to watch videos is YouTube. This platform is the second most visited site, right after Google search engine. It has more than one billion active users monthly. They collectively watch videos for up to one billion hours every day. With the fast-paced growth of this platform, it caters to different kinds of videos. One of these video categories is the reversed video. This video is usually for funny documentaries and footage that plays the video in backward duration. These kinds of videos capture millions of audiences every day. Therefore, many video enthusiasts are always creating reversed video content. But do you wonder what tools are suitable to watch YouTube videos in reverse? Worry not; this article curated the software and guidelines on how to reverse video.

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Best Way to Reverse YouTube Video

Distinctive Feature: It offers an automatic function to reverse video files.
Best For?: It is suitable for editing video vlogs, how-to demos, and educational tutorials.

AceThinker Video Editor is a feature-packed video editing software that provides essential functions. One of its capabilities is to reverse video automatically. This function enables users to inverse the duration of the project video. Additionally, it can speed up and slow down the video speed creating a unique reversed time-lapse video. Also, users can reverse back the video into its original duration by unticking the reverse box. This process is automatic; users only need to wait for the process to get finished. What is more, this software is equipped with advanced editing functions. One of these features includes chroma keying that enables users to change video backgrounds. It also has a color correction function that provides transparent color editing processes.

Key Features:

  • This software has a built-in screen recorder that users can add additional clips on the project video.
  • It also comes with a free stock of music and transition effects.
  • It can overlay videos, images, or logos on the project video.
  • It has a preset suitable for different video-sharing platforms, including YouTube.

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See below the detailed guide on how to play YouTube video backwards with Video Editor.

Step 1 Install the YouTube Reverser Software

The first guide to follow on this walkthrough is to get the installer of AceThinker Video Editor. You can do that by clicking any download button presented above this step. Then, run the file on your computer and pass through all installation wizards successfully. Its interface will appear once the installation is completed. Familiarize its functions and navigation to have a finer workflow process.

ve interface

Step 2 Add the File to Reverse a YouTube Video

Next, insert your media file by ticking the import option located at the media tab. By doing this process, the tool will provide you with an easy way to access your media files. Select the video that you want to reverse and hit the open button. The import process will be completed once the video files are added to the Media tab.

ve import

Step 3 Play Youtube Video in Reverse

After that, drag and drop the media files on the timeline editing panel. Then, highlight the video file by double-clicking it on the panel. With that, right-click on the video and access the edit option from the dropdown. Eventually, a new set function will appear, tick the reverse option, and the tool will reverse the video automatically.

reverse video with acethinker video editor

Step 4 Export the Reverse YouTube Video

Once the reverse process is completed, prepare the video for the exporting process. Tick the export option at the upper part of the editing panel. A new window will pop up to provide you with a list of editing functions. These include file name, output folder, video quality, and video container. Hit the export option once more then a notification sound will inform you that the process is complete.

export reverse youtube video with acethinker video editor

Step 5 Watch YouTube Video in Reverse

Finally, locate the video in its designated folder, then play to preview it. You can also re-edit the video by following the steps provided above. Also, you can share the reverse video to YouTube or any video-sharing platform.

watch reverse youtube video with acethinker video editor

Alternative Tools to Play YouTube Video in Reverse Online

1. Kapwing

Distinctive Feature: It can reverse any YouTube video with the help of its search bar option.
Best For?: It is preferable to use small clips and personal YouTube footage.

Kapwing is an online video editing utility that allows users to perform editing functions online. One of its notable features is reverse YouTube video online. This process enables users to inverse and download the YouTube video and edit them for its patrons. Also, it comes with an automatic reverse process with additional beautification applied. These include choosing the reverse speed and muting or unmuting the video. On its reverse speed, it offers three options 0.5x, 1x, and 2x speed. To know how to operate this tool, see the user guide below.

Key Features:

  • It automatically analyzes and reverses the video online.
  • It is safe and secure; after 24 hours, the added video will be deleted on its server.
  • It is entirely free, and no account is needed to use its functionalities.

User Guide:

  • First, to reverse your video online, access Kapwing on your browsers. These browsers include Chrome, Firefox, or IE. You can see an option on its web page; either upload your video or search it using its search bar.
  • Then, once you have uploaded the video, you can select if you want to mute or unmute your video. You can also choose what speed of reverse effects you can apply to the project video.
  • Lastly, hit the create, and it will automatically process the project video. Download the revered video on your computer device, then play to preview it.

reverse youtube video with kapwing

2. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: It is developed with advanced API technology. Thus, the reverse process is faster than other online tools.
Best For?: It is recommended to edit IG stories, Facebook stories, and YouTube clips.

Clideo is another cloud-based video editing utility that provides editing functions for its users. One of its well-known functions is the reverse video online. This feature enables users to create reverse effects on their project video suitable for funny skits and enjoyable YouTube clips. Also, this tool offers three different video speeds so that users can reverse their video in real-time, extra-fast, or slow motion. Additionally, this tool allows users to mute their project video and convert it with their desired video containers after reversing. See the users guide below to know how to utilize this tool.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with video containers including MP4, AVI, VOB, WMV, MOV, and more.
  • It is encrypted with data protection, files added to its server will be removed after 24 hours.
  • It has video presets suitable for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

User Guide:

  • The initial step to using this online tool is to access its web page on different browsers. These include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and more.
  • Next, on its webpage, hit the choose file option to import your project video. The system will analyze the video and choose your desired reverse speed.
  • Lastly, save the video file by clicking the Export option to download the reverse video. Then, play and preview it on your media player to see if the changes applied.

reverse youtube video with clideo

3. Adobe

Distinctive Feature: It has cloud-based storage that allows users to save and play YouTube video backwards online.
Best For?: It is best for editing YouTube clips since it can share the reverse video directly on this platform.

Adobe or Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an online utility that provides different video editing functions online. Reversing video is one of the featured-packed functions to offer to its patrons. This feature allows users to setback the duration of the project video with additional features included. These features are the ability to mute the reversed video and the capability of changing its duration speed. Its reversing speed allows users to slow video up to 25% and increase it to 200%. Also, it comes with a trimming function that is suitable for different platforms like YouTube shorts, IG stories, and Facebook posts. Look below for its listed steps on how to operate this cloud-based YouTube reverser.

Key Features:

  • To mute or unmute the video, users have to toggle the button presented on its platform.
  • It comes with a slider to easily trim the reverse video clips.
  • It automatically saves and downloads the video without encoding or decoding its video codecs.

User Guide:

  • To begin with reversing a video, access Adobe on your web browsers to open its webpage. You can read its function and features on its webpage to have a better workflow process.
  • Then, hit the Upload your Video option to import or add your video file. A new function will appear that will allow you to mute or speed up the video duration.
  • Once you have finished tweaking the video, hit the download option to save the changes applied to the video. The web-based tool will directly save the video on your designated output folder. Play to preview the changes applied on the reverse video with your inbuilt media players.

reverse youtube video with adobe

4. Movie Maker Online

Distinctive Feature: It comes with a free stock of photos, music, and colors added to the reverse video.
Best For?: It is suitable for users who do not want to associate their email addresses with the web-based tool. It offers an anonymous account for you to access its functions.

Movie Maker Online is a video editing utility that provides many editing functions. It does reverse video, but it can also enhance and beautify them. Its reversing function is full-packed; it does not only reverse video, but it can reverse songs and music as well. Also, it offers automatic reverse function users do not have to toggle any button to reverse their project video online. Additionally, it offers an essential function to enhance the overall appearance of the video. These processes include trimming, splitting, adding effects, and cropping the project video. To know more about its reversing process, see its user guide below.

Key Features:

  • It offers text annotation and color correction for its online users.
  • It comes with a video preset suitable for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • This tool is encrypted with a safe and secured algorithm; after 24 hours of the process, the input video will be deleted.

User Guide:

  • To start, access Movie Maker Online on your web browsers to launch its webpage. Its web page consists of an introduction and walkthrough; read these to learn more about its processes and workflow.
  • Next, import your file by clicking the Add Files button on its interface. Then, once the video is uploaded, press the setting icon that enables the reverse parameter, then save it.
  • To export your video on your device, click the Make Video option to download or publish your video. Go to your output folder to locate the reversed video. Play the video to see if the changes were applied.

reverse youtube video with movie maker online

5. Fastreel

Distinctive Feature: It can reverse video stored from cloud-based storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.
Best For?: It has an option to publish the video on your YouTube account directly.

Fastreel is the last online video editing tool that provides a better reverse process. It allows users to play their project video backward. This process is automatic, with its handy video reverser. Additionally, it does not have any media player or editing functions that can distract you from reversing your video. Its process is intended to reverse the video automatically. Also, it enables users to download the reversed video, upload them to YouTube, or acquire its link to share it to different media platforms. Moreover, this tool allows users to reverse video up to 500 Mb, its maximum file.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with different video containers, including MP4. MKV, MOV, and more.
  • It is secured with advanced algorithms. Files uploaded on its server are safe.
  • It offers a complete free export process with the product logo on the output file.

User Guide:

  • Open Fastreel on your web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox to instigate the process.
  • Then, upload your file by ticking the Add your file option on its main interface. The process is automatic; you just need to wait for the system to analyze the entire video.
  • Lastly, a window will appear that provides you with a different export option. These include saving on your device, sharing with YouTube, or getting the link of the output video. Suppose you want to download it on your device, click the download button. Then, open it in its designated output folder and preview the reversed video.

reverse youtube video with fastreel

Films that Uses Reverse Motion Effects

This part will provide a list of films that use reverse motion effects on their output production. See the list of films below.

  • Tomorrow Never dies- Remote Control Car Scene
  • Le Testament d'Orphée - Uses reverse action
  • Tenet - uses time-reversed motion on one fight scene
  • Beauty and the Beast(1946) - the actor placed woods on the fireplace in a backward motion.

films uses reverse motion

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