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Quick Walkthrough on How to Reverse a Video in iMovie

feature reverse video in imovieNowadays, video watching has become one of the mediums to pacify our entertainment needs. With the development of different social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, etc., video enthusiasts innovate creative ways to beautify their project videos. One of these techniques is reversing videos. Reverse videos are a common trend on video-sharing platforms such as TikTok, Funimate, Vigo video, etc., that offer short-form videos. The reverse effect makes videos entertaining to watch, which is favorable to millennials. However, have you wondered how content creators reverse their videos? Well, if you are interested to know, this article curated walkthroughs on how to put a video in reverse on iMovie on your Mac and iOS device.

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How to Reverse Video in iMovie on Mac

Distinctive Features: It can stabilize shaky footage, which is perfect for videos that were captured using mobile cameras.
Supported Formats: BMP, H.264, HDV, Apple Animation Codec, MP4. 3GP, MOV, and more.

iMovie is a video editing software developed by Apple Inc. in the 4th quarter of 1999. It is an intuitive video editor due to its comprehensive timeline editing function and three-pane-editing feature to enhance and edit video footage. It is equipped with basic editing functionalities, split a clip in iMovie, trimming video clips, merging GIFs, crop and rotate video and more. Additionally, it is equipped with advanced editing features such as video transition, 4K video support, Chroma Keying, and more. Most importantly, it can reverse videos into any duration speed quickly and smoothly. Lastly, users can enhance the Reversed videos with its various video filters and effects.

Beneath is the walkthrough on how to put a video in reverse on iMovie.

Step 1 Launch the iMovie Editing Tool

We all know iMovie is a pre-installed application on any macOS device. Therefore, all you have to do is manually launch the software on your Mac and familiarize its functionality. Afterward, click the add button to import video files that you want to reverse.

reverse video in imovie interface

Step 2 iMovie Reverse Clip

Next, once the video file has been imported, drag the video into the timeline. Then, select it to highlight the video. You will notice a yellow box around the video which means it has been selected for edit. Afterward, click the Speed icon from the editing clip option located at the top-right part of the iMovie. Tick the Reverse box to reverse the video you have selected. You will know that the effect has been implemented on the clip once the video has a backward play button icon on it.

reverse video in imovie process

Step 3 Export and Play Reversed Video

Lastly, to export the video, start by ticking on the File button in the menu bar. Afterward, hover over the Share option and click on the File. A dialog box will open, modify the name of the file and the output selection. Once done, select the save button to render and export the reverse video fully. Once finished, go to the output folder and play the reversed video clip.

reverse video in imovie save

How to Reverse Video in iMovie on iPad/iPhone

Distinctive Features: It is equipped with a built-in screen recorder that iMovie does not have.
Supported Formats: MP4, MOV, and more.

Since most of the video-sharing platforms like TikTok and Snapchat are available on mobile devices. It is more convenient to utilize a video reverser on iPhone or iPad to reverse video clips. However, iMovie on mobile applications does not have a reverse clip feature just like in the Mac OS version. In line with these, users can conveniently utilize a third-party application to reverse video footage. One tool to use as iMovie alternative application is Reverser Cam. This tool is a straightforward tool that is intended for reversing video clips on iPhone and iPad. It enables users to directly record videos and reverse them on the application quickly and smoothly. This lightweight application is completely free to use. With only 2.5 MB, it does not compromise the storage of your device. It can also quickly share videos on different short-formed video platforms such as TikTok, etc. Below is collated steps on how to reverse a clip in iMovie using Reverser Cam on iPad/iPhone.

Step 1 Install the iMovie Alternative Mobile Application

First, go to your App Store to download and install the Reverser Cam. Tap the install button to save the software. Wait until the installation finishes. Once done, launch the application and familiarize its functionality.

reverse video in imovie interface ipad

Step 2 How to Put a Video in Reverse on iMovie Alternative

Then, hit the Reverse From Library button to import your media files. Then, tap the next button to initiate the process. You can also choose playback speed for the reversed video. It has 3 options: normal, slow-motion, and fast-motion playback. A notification pop-up will appear to let you know how many percent of the reversing process is taking place.

reverse video in imovie interface mobile process

Step 3 Play Reversed Video

Lastly, once the process has finished, go to your media folders or gallery to open reversed media files. This walkthrough is feasible and plausible on both iPad and iPhone.

reverse video in imovie interface ipad play

Comparison Chart

Software Target Audience Other Functionality Concerns and Limitations
iMovie Basic, Professionals Video Enhancer, Video Background Changer, Stabilizer, and more. The mobile version has no reverse feature.
Reverser Cam Basic users Screen Recorder Sometimes crashes.
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