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Best Ways on How to Resize Video in iMovie

feature resize video in imovieSmartphones and personal computers are increasingly popular nowadays. With the development of modern technologies and the availability of the internet, viewing web videos is quite easy. Yet, not all of us have a supersonic internet connection to binge-watch high-quality videos on the internet. Some of us rely on different downloaders to save high-quality videos offline, for us not to experience viewing disruption. This technique is a great idea if you have a large storage space capacity. However, this will cause some issues if you have to download multiple videos and save them on one device. Therefore, this article will teach you the best way to change the size of video in iMovie and other alternative processes this 2021. Read through below to know them better.

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How to Resize Video in iMovie

Distinctive Feature: This tool has a vast number of video templates perfect for creating and editing small video clips.
Supported Platform: Mac only.

iMovie is a video editor that creates professional-looking videos with its intuitive navigation. All of its functionalities are located at the top part of the interface. It also utilizes storyboard pane or three-pane-editing functions that allow users to edit videos conveniently and quickly. Additionally, it is equipped with basic editing features, one of these is trimming and cropping which is perfect for resizing and shortening video clips. It has high-fidelity filters that can add a cinematic touch to the project video. Furthermore, it is equipped with advanced editing features, including the ability to split a clip in iMovie, etc. Moreover, it can compress and resize video files into smaller clips to maximize the space of your device. This compressing and resizing process can be done easily. We will tackle more on how to resize video in iMovie below.

Step 1 Launch iMovie

The first thing to do on how to change size of the video in iMovie is by launching the software on your device. Since iMovie is pre-installed software on Mac, there is no need to install it on your device. Once launched, familiarize its navigation and functionality. You can create a new project video by ticking the "+" sign located at the upper-left side of the tool.

resize video in imovie interface

Step 2 Change Size of Video in iMovie

Next, you can start adding your media files to the software by clicking the My Media menu to access your video libraries. Once imported, drag down the video on the three-pane-editing function and utilize various editing features to enhance the video. You can also crop and trim the video to minimize its file size. Afterward, to fully resize the video, tick the share button located at the upper-right part of the interface and select the File menu. A popup window will appear that enables you to adjust resolution and quality.

resize video in imovie process

Step 3 Export and Play the Video

Lastly, click the File button which is located at the menu bar. Hover over on the Share button to access through the dialog box. This popup window enables users to modify the file name and output folder. Afterward, tick the Save button to export and render the resized video. Once done, locate the video on its output folder to play the compressed video.

resize video in imovie save

Alternative Way to Reduce Video Size on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: It can do a fast compression and resizing process without losing the original quality of the video.
Supported Platform: Mac and Windows.

We are all aware that iMovie works well on Mac devices only. Therefore, we gather ways on how to resize a video on iMovie alternative which is AceThinker Video Master. This tool is an ultra-fast video converter that compresses and alters media files to enhance their output quality. It utilizes a multi-core processor and hardware acceleration for a fast conversion, compression change video resolution process. Also, it converts and compresses high-quality videos such as 4K and 1080p videos while preserving the original quality of the video. Furthermore, it has a video preset that can turn the source video into different portable formats for iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC, LG, and more. On top of that, it can do batch conversion allowing users to compress and resize video simultaneously.

Below are the ways how to resize videos in iMovie using this alternative.

Step 1 Install the iMovie Alternative

First, install AceThinker Video Master by selecting one of the download buttons below. Finish and pass through all installation wizards to continue the process. Once done, launch the tool to familiarize its functionalities.

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vm interface

Step 2 Utilize Compress Function

Then, on the tool’s interface tick the Toolbox menu to access various features. Select the Video Compressor tool to open the pop-up window. Click the "+" to add and import the video file. Afterward, the dialog box will appear to provide resizing features. Toggle the mark on the Size to resize the file size. Once settled and done, click the compress button to initiate the process.

resize video in imovie vm process

Step 3 Locate and Play Compressed Video

Lastly, once the process has finished, go to the output location to locate your video. Preview and play the compressed video. To recompress the video again, follow through the steps above.

resize video in imovie vm play

Users can also utilize the Crop and Cut function of Video Master. Simply import your video, access the cut function or the scissor icon to crop video, then hit save.

Final Thoughts and Comparison Chart

Above is the two most undeniably video compressing software that aids users in reducing video size into smaller files. Though they have similar functions to edit videos, they are different in some ways. If you are trying further to enhance the video appearance with filters and effects, iMovie is suitable for you. Yet, AceThinker Video Master also has those video processes. It has video filters, effects, and transitions. It also consists of a GIF maker, metadata editor, video enhancer, 3D maker, etc., that iMovie lacks in its features. Underneath is the comparison chart to aid you on which tool is suitable for your taste.

Software Target Audience Supported Format Limitations
iMovie Basic, Professionals 3GP, AVI, M4V, MP4, MOV (QuickTime). Editing and compressing large quality video makes the tool perform a little slower.
AceThinker Video Master Basic, Prosumers, Professionals 3GP, WebM, M4V, MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, FLV, SWF, AVI, WMA, MKV, GIF, etc. This tool is intended only for computers.
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