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Must-See Ways on How to Merge Clips in Premiere Pro

feature premiere pro merge clipsWe, humans are so obsessed on self-documenting ourselves. With advanced technologies like smartphones and digital camcorders, we always wanted to capture and share our daily experiences. With the help of different social media platforms like YouTube, we can disseminate our thoughts through video blogs. Yet, we are all aware that one video blog is not continuously recorded. It is created through different clips and merged into a single outcome. We can do it with the help of different video editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro. This software is a unique tool that provides clean and smooth merging and combining clips in one output. But, most video enthusiasts do not know the tricks and tips on how to combine clips in Premiere Pro.

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How to Combine Video Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro

Distinctive Feature: It is designed to merge not only two clips together, but it can also create a cinematic output with 20 clips merged all at once.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a preeminent video editing program that provides basic editing processes like trimming, adding filters, reverse clip Premiere Pro, and more. One of its basic features that are necessary for video bloggers is Adobe Premiere merge clips. It uses a nesting process to create a single container that consists of the combined clips. This feature is beneficial for video editors who want to simultaneously insert filters, effects, and beautification on all of their clips. Additionally, it provides a smooth transition on the merged clips, making an illusion that the output has been recorded continuously. Below are the steps to do the process and additional features of Premiere Pro.

Key Features:

  • It is an interactive video editing program that enables different users to work on a single project with its feature Shared Project function.
  • It supports Lumetri scopes that provide color correction and enhancement processes.
  • It supports all popular video containers, including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and others.

Step 1 Install Adobe Premiere Pro

First and foremost, to do the process on how to merge videos in Premiere Pro, you have to install Adobe Premiere Pro on your device. Then, acquire its installer and run it on your device. Once installed, launch the tool and create an account to utilize its functionalities fully.

premiere pro merge clips interface

Step 2 Premiere Pro Merge Clips

Next, add your video files to the software by utilizing the Media Browser. With this function, the added files will not be compromised or receive an error like Premiere Pro no audio import. Then, drag the clips on the timeline editing panel to merge them into a single file. Highlight the two clips by ticking them. Afterward, right-click on the highlighted clips, and a dropdown menu will appear. Select the Nest option to create a nesting sequence. As we tackle above, this will merge the two clips into a single container. Add beautification and filters to the sequence to improve its outcome.

premiere pro merge clips-process

Step 3 Play the Merged Clips

Lastly, hit the export button to produce the merged video on your device once it is all settled and done. Wait for the system to analyze the clips thoroughly. Once finished, locate it in its designated folder. Play and preview the file. To re-merge video clips with Premiere Pro, follow through the guides above.

premiere pro merge clips play

You can create multiple nesting sequences in a single project video. Each nesting sequence can be edited and enhanced separately.

Easy Way to Combine Videos Online for Free

Distinctive Feature: It uses a multi-core processor and hardware acceleration technology to merge video clips in a single output. It can combine clips 50x faster with lossless quality that Premiere Pro lacks in its functions.

AceThinker Video Master is a comprehensive multi-format video processor that enables users to combine clips in a single container. Users can trim multiple parts to remove unwanted frames and merge them in a single output with its merge and cut functions. Not only that, but it provides a sleek and clean transition even without using transitional effects that Premiere Pro lacks on its functionalities. Additionally, it can export merged files into different video presets that are compatible with different portable players. These devices are HTC, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, Android device, Xbox, and more.

Key Features:

  • It can add filters and effects on the merged clips with its Effect and Filter function.
  • Users can insert a product logo or watermark on the combined clips .
  • It can export merged clips into portable formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, WebM, H.264, MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.

Step 1 Install the Premiere Pro Substitute

Without further ado, the first step you need to execute is to download the AceThinker Video Master on your PC. Hit any download button below to run and install the software. Then, finish through all the installation wizards and prompts. Once installed, launch the tool to get acquainted with its functionalities and features.

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vm interface

Step 2 Optimized ther Settings

Next, modify the settings according to your preferred setup. You can finalize the output location, task schedule, enabling GPU acceleration, and more. To do the process, go to the Menu icon located in the upper right corner of the tool. A drop-down will appear and select the Preferences to hover over on the setting window. Then, modify some changes and hit the OK to save the modifications.

premiere pro merge clips vm settings

Step 3 Add Media Files

Afterward, import your media files by hitting the plus icon located at the center part of the interface. A window will appear that provides you access to your device’s folders. Next, browse on your device and select the media files that you want to merge. Hit the Open button to import them successfully.

premiere pro merge clips vm import

Step 4 How to Merge Two Clips in Premiere Pro

Then, once the files have been imported, tick the Merge into one file button to initiate the merging process. After that, utilize different processes to beautify the project clips. Hit the convert all to apply the changes made on the two clips. Wait for the system to finish through the process.

premiere pro merge clips vm process

Step 5 Locate and Play Merged Files

Lastly, once the exporting process has been done, locate the output folder of the software to play and preview the output file. Thus, it is necessary to set the output location on the settings to explore the output video quickly. To merge files again, follow the steps before this one.

premiere pro merge clips vm play

Utilize the task schedule functions to automatically perform any task such as open output folder, shutdown computer, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Merging Clips

1. What is a prominent tool to use to merge clips?

Premiere Pro is a reliable tool to use to enhance and beautify project videos. Yet, for a simple basic editing process like merging clips, utilizing Premiere Pro can be time-consuming and complex. Thus, a lightweight tool is needed like AceThinker Video Master. This tool provides advanced functions that Premiere Pro has but in the most straightforward and comprehensive ways and processes.

2. How to merge videos in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Merging clips with Premiere Pro is much more complex for beginners but comprehensive enough for professional editors. The first thing to do is to put important files on its storyboard and highlight the clips you wanted to combine. Next, right-click and use the nesting sequence. Then, insert beautification and export the file.

3. Does merging files compromise the quality?

There are video processing tools that will compromise the quality of your video if you merge them with different clips. Thus, it is a must to research video editing software that provides lossless quality merging functions. One of these tools is Video Master, which uses an advanced technological processor that can merge faster while retaining 100% of the quality.

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