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7 of the Best MPEG Video Editor to Explore

feature mpeg video editor Video creation is rising, replacing blogging and traditional social media marketing. This is often because of its ability to boost customer engagement, leading to higher ROI on social media accounts. Most of the video editing software is designed to be used by professionals, which means it's not easy for non-professionals to use and edit their videos. This is where tools come in handy. They can help you open and edit mpg video quickly and make your work easier. The most common video file formats are MPEG, AVI and MOV. MPEG is the most common video file format that you can use in various devices, such as DVD players and set-top boxes. The quality of the video created by this format is usually good enough to be broadcast on satellite or cable TV. It is not easy to edit mpg files without MPEG editing software.

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LiVES is an audio, video, image, text, and graphics editor. It is, in fact, a free MPEG editor. It was specially designed with a specific user in mind, but it's straightforward to use. You can import audio, video, and still images and apply effects, such as fades, swirls, and colors, to them in real-time. By combining standard effects like fades, swirls, and colors, you can create your effects. You can place and arrange the clips on the other area of the interface. Additionally, it has a multi-track timeline to render immediately or save for later. Video is such an essential part of the 21st century that it's essential to have reliable and efficient editing and manipulation. LiVES is one of the best options out there. It has many features designed to help you manipulate your clips quickly and easily, including a customizable keymap for easy navigation and the ability to "scratch" backward and forward through the video and audio in just a click away. Even if you're not planning to perform live visual effects, the power to bring video and audio together in real-time can open up possibilities for your live events, presentations, and gatherings.

edit mpeg videos using lives


Natron is not a linear video editor, but it is an open-source program used for visual effects and motion graphics compositing. It is used for adding visual effects and creating motion graphics to make any project look more cinematic. If you are searching for a MPEG editor that charges no cost, Natron is an excellent choice. Natron is a digital compositing software application designed to give you the power to edit and build 3D animations with your video footage. It works well with various video formats. It enables you to put special effects to videos and then export the output to other media such as DVD and the web. Once your shot is finished, switch to a different video editing or sequencing software (like one of the open-source ones listed in this article) to place it into a longer full video with audio and other scenes.

edit mpeg videos using natron


Avidemux is a free, open-source MPEG video editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a free MPEG editor, and it's designed to be relatively simple and easy to use. Avidemux lets you import and edit videos, and it's suitable for editing video clips and making pretty simple changes. You can add additional clips to the end of your current one. However, it also allows you to sort work that may be best for a full non-linear editor. You might use Avidemux for simple tasks such as adding subtitles and audio tracks to a movie or processing individual clips into a single video. Its detailed and extensive set of export options means you can also use it to encode to a wide range of formats, including the widely used MP4 container.

edit mpeg videos using avidemux


The interface on Flowblade's modern look should feel familiar and intuitive to most users, with the timeline tool buttons appearing in a single row. There are plenty of moves and trim tools within this slightly pared-down toolbar, but the "insert editing" model automatically pushes all clips to the left may take some getting used to if you're coming from different programs. It is also very convenient as it has many effects available to Linux video editors, from transitions and image filters to custom titles and keyframe-based audio editing. The focus of Flowblade is a simple editing tool with just enough extras to make it easier to use. Sticking with just the core features avoids adding any unnecessary features that can slow it down but still gives you the performance and stability of a professional video editor.

edit mpeg videos using flowblade


VidCutter is an open-source MPEG video editor. It's cross-platform, working well with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Its interface has a light and dark theme option, so you can pick one that's more your style. You can add multiple clips, rearrange them in the index, and see thumbnails in a small preview window at the bottom. It is an excellent choice to edit mpg videos. The timeline allows you to add clips on the fly, so they are not exported as part of the original video. The video file will contain the entire timeline with all the clips, and you can easily rearrange and move them around if you want.

edit mpeg videos using vidcutter


Blender is a unique MPEG editing software because it's a multi-purpose application. It has video editing tools, but you can also use them for 3D modeling, sculpting, painting, and animation. It even has powerful tools for visual compositing and game development. With the help of tools, you can create high-quality videos in minutes and have them ready to share online in just a few clicks. There are plenty of tutorials available to walk you through it all, from free ones on YouTube to paid training from the Blender Institute and the Blender Cloud subscription. In addition to 2D, 3D graphics, and animation, you can add 3D graphics and animation to your WordPress site. There are many plug-ins out there that make 3D and animation much easier to achieve.

edit mpeg videos using blender

AceThinker Video Editor Pro

AceThinker Video Editor Pro is one of the best MPEG video editors compared to other MPEG editors discussed above. Combining your videos, music, and photos is now just a click away. Whether you want to create any business promotion video, education tutorial, software review, game video, or others, this video editor will not let you down, as it offers all the editing features and effects for making stunning videos. It is a perfect choice to edit mpg videos, but it supports multiple formats. You can apply various effects to enhance the quality of the video you make. The software is easy to use, so you'll be able to create a high-quality movie in a matter of minutes. If you search for a free MPEG editor, AceThinker is the best choice in this regard. You can even get Hollywood-style effects to turn your ordinary video into something outstanding. With the increase in video marketing tools, video creation is rising, replacing blogging and traditional social media marketing. It isn't easy to edit mpg files without having perfect MPEG editing software. Most video editing software is designed for professionals, which means it's not easy for people without any professional training to use them and edit their videos. With the increase in video marketing tools, video creation is rising, replacing blogging and traditional social media marketing. It isn't easy to edit mpg files without having perfect MPEG editing software. Most video editing software is designed for professionals, which means it's not easy for people without any professional training to use them and edit their videos. On top of that, the transition toolset is robust and used in making slick transitions from any video or photo sequence. It also has more than sixty motion graphics available to set for the project. With these, you can create a special feeling for a specific scene.

Key Features:

  • Delete unwanted parts and trim out only the sections you want.
  • Cut a long video into several shorter parts to keep the piece you like.
  • Rotate video to fix sideways and upside-down videos and crop unwanted or disturbing areas.
  • Adjust video brightness to a different style to get a better overall look.
  • Customize all audio files with editing tools like easily trim, split, speed up, slow down, adjust volume, and more.
  • There are more than 40 filters you can apply to your videos to give them the style and feel you want.
  • Over 20 different types of overlays can enhance the visual effect or make your video look like old films.

edit mpeg videos using acethinker video editor pro

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