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Review of the Most Notable and Reliable MP4 Video Joiner

feature mp4 joiner onlineVideo is one of the popular mediums we have to entertain ourselves. With its increase in demand, many users create their project videos. Although we have advanced technology to capture picture-perfect views, mistakes still linger. Capturing multiple takes and shoots is inevitable. Thus, many video developers innovated different ways to join these video files. They developed different MP4 video joiner that can seamlessly combine two or more MP4 clips. These video utilities provide time-saving functions. Video enthusiasts can now shoot short clips and combine them in one output. In this article, we cover some of these video editing utilities. We also included a bonus walkthrough on how their function works.

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10 Suitable MP4 Merger Free For Your Device

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It uses timeline editing panel to merge and join MP4.
Supported Formats: MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, and others.

AceThinker is a video editor for vlogs that provides seamless processes to enhance videos. One of its popular functions is to combine MP4 files free. This process is attainable with the help of RAM requirements. Even if users use a low-end PC, its processes will not be compromised and interrupted. It can organize and create sequences for multiple clips and merge them as one output. It also has different transitional effects that provide enhancement and make the output more natural. These effects can create an illusion that the video was captured and shot in one take only. It can also export videos up to the high-quality output. This feature makes the output video more enhanced and boosted. What is more, it has an integrated media player that can provide a real-time preview for your merged MP4 files.

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Step 1 Install the MP4 Video Joiner

The initial guide you need to pass through is installing the AceThinker Video Editor on your device. Acquire its installer by ticking the download button above this step. Run the package on your device and pass through the installation wizards. Once done, launch the tool to familiarize its functions.

ve interface

Step 2 Merge MP4 Files Free

The next step is to add your video files to its system. Tick the import button to access your device’s folders. Afterward, hit the open button to import your videos successfully. Then, drag and drop them on its timeline editing panel. You can also organize the sequence and apply some beautification.

mp4 joiner online ve process

Step 3 Export and Play the Merge Video

Lastly, hit the export function to save the changes made to the video clips. Then, locate it in your output folder to preview and play it. Suppose you want to merge different video clips; follow through with the above steps.

mp4 joiner online ve play

Utilize its transition effects and apply it to the merged MP4 clips.

2. Clideo

Distinctive Feature: It can download merged MP4 videos with different cloud-based storage. These are Google Drive and Dropbox.
Supported Formats: MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI, and others

Clideo is an online editing utility that offers different functions to enhance project videos. One of these features is merging MP4 files, and it uses a timeline editing panel to merge MP4 files. What is more, this timeline panel enables users to upload their MP4 files one at a time. This function will organize the process, and users do not have to rearrange the video sequence. Moreover, it can adjust the aspect ratio of your video appropriately for different platforms. Some of these sites are Facebook, YouTube, and others.

mp4 joiner online clideo

Use its transition effects like crossfade to connect and merge videos.

3. Online Converter

Distinctive Feature: It can merge four MP4 clips and turn them into a single output.
Supported Formats:: MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, 3GP, MKV, WMV, and more

Online Converter is another online-based video editing utility. This tool provides a different process for video enhancement. One of its functions is merging MP4 files automatically. It allows users to separately upload video clips on its system and merge them without arranging the sequence manually. To achieve this, users can utilize the merge button located at the bottom part of the imported files. Although its navigation is comprehensive and straightforward, it still has a fallback. One of these lapses is that it has too many advertisements on its webpage.

mp4 joiner online online converter

You can also use this tool to merge documents, videos, and images.


Distinctive Feature: It can merge MP4 videos uploaded from different platforms like Google Drive.
Supported Formats: M4A, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPE, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, and others is also a web-based video editing software that provides better enhancing functions to its patrons. One of its notable features is its timeline editing panel. With this feature, users can merge multiple videos without limit. It also provides an option to rearrange and organize the sequence of the MP4 files. Moreover, it is designed with different transition effects to switch on the next frame effortlessly. Some of these are dissolved, fade to black, and others. Moreover, it has many editing functions that can beautify the merged videos. These are text annotation, filtering, drawing, and more.

mp4 joiner online veedio

You can enhance the audio of your project video by modifying its sound waves.

5. AC Converter

Distinctive Feature: It can upload and merge online files. This process is possible by acquiring the link and pasting it on its search box.
Supported Formats: MP4, AVI, FLV, MPG, MKV, WMV, M2TS, WEBM, and more

AC Converter is an online-based tool that provides processes suitable for different media files. One of its functionalities is merging MP4 online. This MP4 merger free tool is intuitive to use, and it only uses a few buttons to upload and merge MP4 clips automatically. Its system will analyze the video clips and make them readily available for download. What is more, is it is equipped with an inbuilt media player. Its users can utilize this function to preview and play the merged MP4 files.

mp4 joiner online ac

It can also merge and convert different media files like documents and audio files.

6. Free Video Cutter Joiner

Distinctive Feature: It can upload and merge online files. This process is possible by acquiring the link and pasting it on its search box.
Supported Formats: MP4, MPG, RMVB, AVI, F4V, MPEG, RM, MOV, and more.

Free Video Cutter Joiner is furnished for video enthusiasts interested in cutting and merging video files. One of the most notable utilities in the multimedia category can merge MP4 files free. It enables users to combine multiple numbers of files in a single output. In addition, it has a more straightforward interface compared to different video utilities. This tool allows users to perform a task for various files without any issues. In order to get started, you only need to import your file and attach the video clips in their proper sequence.

mp4 joiner online free video cutter

It can also be used to cut out any part of the video and re-combine the video.

7. Video Toolbox

Distinctive Feature: It is capable of processing and merging MP4 video files up to 1.5GB.
Supported Formats: MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, WMV, and more.

Another MP4 video joiner free, Video Toolbox, is competent in merging video files without losing the original quality. It has two ways to merge MP4 files. One of them is the Simple mode. Users will only select the output format in this mode, and the two clips will merge. In contrast, the Advanced mode is adept at making changes on advanced settings such as the video codecs, resolution, and bitrate. Moreover, it can also cut out the starting and ending points of the project video. This process will determine the duration of your output project.

mp4 joiner online video toolbox

Users can utilize its webcam camcorder to attach video clips to their project video.

8. Bandicam

Distinctive Feature: It provides a lossless quality merging process. It allows users to merge MP4 files without re-encoding the video codecs.
Supported Formats: MP4, AVI, MPEG-4, MKV, and others.

Bandicam is another MP4 merger free for all users; even beginners can navigate its functions. These functions include merging MP4 files, and it can combine multiple files and turn them into a single video file. Also, users can manually organize and arrange the sequence of the video clips. It is also designed with a built-in media player to play and preview the changes applied to the project video. Moreover, it can export video in a high-speed mode. This process enables the project to be exported to your output folder in a short period.

mp4 joiner online bandicam

If you want to remove the audio of your merged file, you can tick the remove audio tracks located under the export tab.

9. AoA Video Joiner

Distinctive Feature: This tool is superior to other video merging utilities. It can join multiple video files even if they are in different video formats.
Supported Formats: MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, and 3GP formats

AoA Video Joiner is the same MP4 video joiner as some applications already mentioned in this article. It allows multiple files to join in a single file, and it also enables users to arrange multiple clips according to their desired sequence. Moreover, due to its multithreading function, it can save multiple clips into the same video format. This process is possible by modifying the output format located at the bottom part of the sequence tab. Lastly, this tool is free of charge, and no monetary payment is needed to access its functionalities.

mp4 joiner online aoa joiner

It also comes with audio extraction and an MP4 patch.

10. Fastreel

Distinctive Feature: It has multiple transitional effects suitable to add between multiple clips.
Supported Formats: MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and WMV formats

Last on the list of the best MP4 joiner online, Fastreel joins the set due to its ability to combine clips. It is designed with a timeline editing panel to merge videos easily. With this function, users can also organize and arrange the sequence of the video clips manually. Not only that, but this tool can merge MP4 files with still images. Moreover, this tool has different templates and aspect ratios. These templates are suitable for a business demo, academic needs, and personal video clips.

mp4 joiner online fastreel

Utilize its inbuilt media player to preview the changes applied to the project video.

What Needs to Consider When Merging Video Clips

Merging is an easy task to do in the field of video editing. However, this task can result in an unfavorable outcome if you have not focused your attention on it. Therefore, it is essential to know the different obstacles you might encounter when performing this task, and we listed them for you.

  • Beware of the quality of your video clips when merging different videos. If one clip has lower quality, you may adjust the resolution of the other one to have a standard output appearance.
  • Not all clips are perfectly shot and cut out. You may try to trim the endpoint of all your clips to have a natural transitional outcome.
  • Most clips do not look the same. So, your video clips might not have the same colors and ambiance due to filming in different locations, lighting, or weather. You can resolve this by adjusting the temperature of your project video. It will provide a consistent color combination when you combine the videos.

mp4 joiner online tips

Comparison Chart

Software Target Audience Supported Platforms Concerns and Limitations
AceThinker Video Editor Basic, Prosumer, Professionals Windows and Mac Not available on mobile devices.
Clideo Basic Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others. It can only upload MP4 up to 500MB.
Online Converter Basic Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others. It has a 200MB file size limit to import MP4 files. Basic and Prosumer Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others. The output files on this platform have a watermark on them.
AC Converter Basic Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others. Its web page is clouded with advertisements.
Software Target Audience Supported Platforms Concerns and Limitations
Free Video Cutter Joiner Basic Windows 10, Windows, 7, and Windows XP,Android and iOS It has an outdated interface.
Video Toolbox Basic Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others. It has a slow import process.
Bandicam Basic and Prosumer Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 (64-bit) It is not designed for heavy editing processes like filtering.
AoA Video Joiner Basic Windows and Mac There is an anti-virus advertisement that keeps popping out from time to time.
Fastreel Basic Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others. It can only process under 500MB of MP4 files.
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