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List of Eight Video Editing Software that Supports MKV

feature mkv video editorVideo elevates and enhances the quality of our lives. It provides entertainment and a satisfactory feeling away from the agitation of city noise. Not only that, the business video has become one of the turning points of one’s business success. According to a survey conducted for video marketing, 68 correspondents say that they like to learn about a new product by watching product videos. With this data and increasing demand, video creation is currently on-trend. Nowadays, people rely on high-quality resolution, one of the best video containers to store video is MKV. This container supports audio and video codecs that provide a high-quality playback experience. Although, creating videos with MKV is an easy task; looking for a great tool to use is not. Nevertheless, worry not as we collected the reliable MKV editor listed below.

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Best 8 MKV Video Editor for Windows, Mac and Online

1. AceThinker Video Editor

What is it Best For?: This utility is best for creating video tutorials, vlogs, and how-to demos.
Pricing Plans: It is a freemium service. Availing its premium plan costs $ 49.95 for two computers with lifetime support.

AceThinker Video Editor is a full-featured video editing software that provides better editing output. Also, it supports all famous video and audio formats. These include MKV, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, and many more. Thus, this tool is considered by video enthusiasts as one of the best MKV editing software. In addition, it offers essential editing functions, including trimming and cutting video files. It enables users to delete the unwanted parts of the project video. Furthermore, it has various visual effects that users can apply to their footage. It has over 40 filters, 20+overlays, 50 transitions, and 60 motion elements. These features allow users to create a personalized style for their project video. What is more, this best vlog editor enables users to export videos with preset settings. These settings are suitable for Bilibili, Facebook, YouTube, and other video-sharing sites.

ve interface

It has a built-in recorder. Users can use this tool to screen-capture their computer and add it to the project video.

2. OpenShot

What is it Best For?: It is suitable for Animated project videos due to its animation and keyframes functions.
Pricing Plans: It is a free service.

OpensShot is open-source editing software that provides essential editing functions. One of its editing functions is trim and slice. This process enables users to trim down and collect the desired frame suited for the project video. Also, it is suitable to edit most multimedia formats. These include MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, and other video containers. This ability is one of the reasons why OpenShot is included on the list of free video editing software MKV. Moreover, it has a simple interface with full-packed editing features. These advanced features are 3D editing, audio waveforms, and others.

free video editing software mkv openshot

It enables users to customize a watermark or logo for the project video.


What is it Best For?: It is favorable for creating product videos or demos. This tool is suitable for video marketers.
Pricing Plans: It offers a free service for basic editing features. However, it will cost $288 annually to get its premium services. is a web-based video utility that provides editing functions for its patrons. It provides users with cloud-based storage up to 2GB of maximum file sizes. This function enables users to create multiple project videos on its platform. Additionally, it supports the most popular video codecs. These formats are MKV, AVI, MPV, WebM, and others. Furthermore, it can export videos up to 720p, which is the standard quality for most video-sharing sites. However, if you avail its premium plans you can export videos up to 1080p. Moreover, it supports direct upload for well-known video-sharing platforms. These include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

free video editing software mkv clideo

Utilize its video templates to have a better video outline for your project video.

4. Clideo

What is it Best For?: It is suitable for editing and enhancing small video clips such as Instagram stories.
Pricing Plans: It has a free service for basic editing functions. Nevertheless, it will cost users about $72 annually to get its premium services.

Clideo is another web-based editing utility that provides editing functions. One of its functions is to merge video. This feature lets users upload video and image files to its system and combine them in one output. Also, it is equipped with cut video features where users can move markers to cut MKV files. Clideo became notable video editors that support MKV, due to its vast number of available formats. Most notably are MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, WebM, and more. Not only that, this tool has advanced editing functionalities. These include a DPI converter, merging audio, stop motion, and other features. More so, it is a free service and premium service. Availing its premium plans allows users to export videos without watermark on them.

edit MKV files with clideo

This tool enables users to add subtitle files to any video format. It can also personalize the font and style of these subtexts.


5. Avidemux

What is it Best For?: It is best for transcoding video codecs to enhance video quality.
Pricing Plans: It offers a free download, and no pricing changes are needed.

Avidemux is another open-source video editing utility capable of encoding MKV files. Its process can be automated with its project, scripting capabilities, and job queues. Also, it supports various file types, including MKV, AVI, MOV, and more. Additionally, it has three editing functions, cutting, encoding, and filtering. Cutting allows video enthusiasts to copy, save, and delete selected video parts. On the other hand, encoding enables users to convert video to different formats. Lastly, filtering allows users to add personalized beautification to the project video. These three functions are one of the reasons why Avidemux is touted as the best MKV container editor.

edit mkv files with avidemux

Users can use its custom scripts to store easily and apply the customized settings for the project videos.

6. VideoProc

What is it Best For?: It is equipped with GUP accelerated technology. This tool is fast in performing basic editing functions such as trimming, cutting, and more.
Pricing Plans: It offers a freemium service. Its premium plan starts at $78.90 for 1 PC with lifetime support.

VideoProc is a video editing utility that provides extensive editing functions. One of its abilities is to pass through MKV streams without encoding. This process allows users to edit and enhance video without losing its original quality. Also, this tool provides users with a video stabilization function. In this process, it enables users to stabilize shaky project footage. Furthermore, it allows users to remove and correct fisheye lens distortions. What is more, this tool can turn MKV video files into GIF forms.

edit mkv files with videoproc

Users can create and customize video logos and watermarks for their project videos.


What is it Best For?: It is best for blending multiple layers of videos to create a single file.
Pricing Plans: Freemium/ $19.99-Pro edition

VSDC is a robust MKV editor that comes with professional features. A multimedia suite helps users improve their audio, recording voice narrations, and desktop screens. Furthermore, the tool supports almost every available video format. That includes MKV, MP4, MOV, FLV, and many more. Besides that, users can edit the background of the video through its "Chroma Key" function. Plus, it can sync video effects to the beat of the background sound to make the video more engaging. Also, it supports trendy video effects, filters, and transitions. In addition, users can apply the picture-in-picture effect or make objects change their position over time during the playback. Moreover, its premium plans will enable users to export videos up to highest quality resolution like 4K.

edit mkv files with vsdc

Users can preview the video before ultimately rendering it to ensure it won't appear choppy.

8. Blender

What is it Best For?: It is suitable for editing animated videos and motions.
Pricing Plans: Free

Last on the list of great video editors that support MKV is Blender. This tool provides elaborative functions dedicated to animations and animated movements. It has CPU and GPU rendering functions; this allows users to have better-quality output. It also supports VR rendering and a real-time viewport previewer. Since it is suitable for animated films, Blender dedicated its functions to animation and animated motions. It is designed with 3D painting, Python scripting, and multi-resolution subdivision. What is more, this tool has auto manual tracking, camera reconstruction and supports Planar tracking.

edit mkv files with blender

This tool enables users to customize its interface for their preferred layout.

How to Edit an MKV Video

In this section, we will be providing you with a quick walkthrough on how to edit MKV files. We will be using AceThinker Video Editor as our primary tool to have a better process. Follow through the guidelines below to achieve cinematic MKV files.

Step 1 Install the MKV Video Editor

We need to follow the initial guideline to install AceThinker Video Editor on your computer. Get its installation package by ticking the download button below. Then, run the package and pass through all installation wizards. You will know if the installation process is completed once its interface pops out on your screen. Familiarize its functions and navigation to have a proper workflow experience. You can also utilize its tutorial, located at the uppermost part of the tool, to learn more about its functions.

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ve interface

Step 2 Edit MKV Files

The subsequent step is to add the MKV files to the Video Editor. Hit the import button located at the Media tab to access your MKV files. Once imported, drag and drop them on the timeline editing panel. Highlights the video by double-clicking it to access different video editing tools. Utilize them and enhance the project video according to your desired effects. Afterward, prepare the video for the export process.

acethinker video editor editing mkv file

Step 3 Export and Play the MKV File

The last step is to hit the export option to save the project footage. A new window will appear to give you an option to change the file name, output location, and even video quality. Once you have modified these parameters, hit the export button. A notification sound will inform you that the process is completed. Locate the video in its output folder. Play and Preview the video to see the changes applied to it.

acethinker video editor playing mkv file

Reasons Why We Save Videos in Matroska

MKV file is a multimedia format that can contain video and audio streams. It is designed to be future-proof; the file it has would not become outdated. This function is possible due to its developer's several critical features on its system. Below are the listed features the MKV file has.

  • Fast seeking
  • It supports chapter, metadata, and menu
  • It has various selectable video and audio streams.
  • It is capable of online streaming
  • It supports subtitle (soft-coded and hard-coded)
  • It is capable of error recovery. It can playback corrupted videos.

mkv files key features

Comparison Chart

Software Supported Platform Target Audience Limitations
AceThinker Video Editor Windows 7/10/8, and Mac OS X 10.11 and above Basic, Prosumer, Professionals Not available on mobile devices.
OpenShot Linux, Mac, and Windows Basic When applying filters, the tools tend to become slower. It is suitable with all popular web browsers. These include Chrome, Firefox, and others. Basic, Prosumer It only has 10 mins video export length.
Clideo It is suitable with all popular web browsers. These include Chrome, Firefox, and others. Basic The import process is slower than other web-based editors.
Software Supported Platform Target Audience Limitations
Avidemux Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows Professionals Its interface looks a bit complicated. New video enthusiasts might take time to get used to it.
VideoProc Windows and Mac Basic It is linear editing software. It means that it needs an internet connection to function.
VSDC Windows only Basic, Prosumer Hardware acceleration needs to be disabled to have a smoother export process
Blender Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, Haiku Professionals Its interface and function are not suitable for new users.
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