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Detailed Way on How to Merge Two Videos in After Effects

merge clips in after effects featureAs we all know, Adobe is a software company that designs powerful tools. One of their produced tools in After Effects, a video editing software. After Effects is a traditional video editor that is used to edit and apply effects to a video. The effects include transitions, filters, and more. You can quickly merge clips in After Effects since it has easy-to-use basic and advanced tools. Aside from After Effects, we will also introduce the best alternative to After Effects. So, that you have the choice of tools when combining clips. One of these alternatives is the AceThinker Video Editor which will help you merge clips.

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Detailed Steps to How to Merge Videos in After Effects

Price: $27.62/ Monthly
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

After Effects is one of the video editors of Adobe, this tool is used to blend two videos. After Effects is software with complex video editing tools that allow you to smoothly create or merge video clips. This tool is for professional video editors primarily for their video presentation and business proposals requiring merging or combining clips to organize the video. You can quickly merge video clips with this tool since it has the advanced and essential tools you need to edit or merge them.

Key Features:

  • You can edit and create 3D videos.
  • It has a green screen feature that allows you to remove the background in the video.
  • You can use to create professional videos such as advertisements.

Step 1 Import Video Clips

Launch the program once you have the After Effects ready as it is done and installed. Drop and drag the files into the project panel after importing the clips to the tools server to begin combining video effects.

after effects interface

Step 2 Sequence Layers

Right-click the video file placed on the left side to show the setting, then below the clip select “Keyframe Assistant” then tick the “Sequence Layers” after that, a pop-up window will show hit “Ok” to save changes.

after effects sequencelayers

Step 3 Export the Merged Clips

After setting up, the server will automatically blend two videos After Effects. Save the changes to complete the process. Then you can begin saving the merged clips by exporting them. Repeat the steps mentioned to merge another clip.

after effects export

How to Combine Clips in After Effects Alternative

AceThinker Video Editor

Price: $49.95 Lifetime Payment
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

AceThinker Video Editor is the best alternative to After Effects. With this tool, you will know how to merge clips in After Effects. Since this tool is a multi-functional tool, it is suitable for beginners and professional video editors. You can merge video clips with this tool because it is an easy-to-use tool that provides a comprehensive and straightforward interface. AceThinker Video Editor offers a lot of video and audio effects and even transitions that you can use to combine your clips into one project. Aside from applying effects and filters, you can also insert subtitles to your combined video clips.

Key Features:

  • It offers effects, including cinematic and old films.
  • It has essential editing tools such as rotate, crop, cut, and split.
  • It also supports different video and audio formats.

Step 1 Install the After Effects Alternative

Click the download button below to download AceThinker Video Editor on your computer; this tool is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Click the left download button if you are a Windows user. If you are a Mac user, tick the right button. Then pass through the installation process.

Try it for Free.

Step 2 Choose Editing Modes

The tool has a total of seven modes that you can use to merge your video clips. Choose the best size that is appropriate for your videos. If you are a new user of AceThinker Video Editor, select the “New Project,” If you have been using this tool, tick your drafts to continue the editing.

avd select editing modes

Step 3 Learn How to Merge Two Videos in After Effects Alternative

Once you have completed the setup, the tool's main interface will automatically appear on your screen. To begin the process of how to merge videos in the After Effects alternative, import your video clips by clicking the "Import" button that you can locate on the left side of the tool's interface. Then click "Import File," and a window will appear showing your folder. Select the clips you want to merge, then drag them to the editing panel to merge them together.

avd import videos

Step 4 Merge Video Clips and Save

After that, you can start utilizing the tool’s unique features, including adding text, transitions, video, and audio effects. You can also layer or mix the background audio by layering the file in the editing panel of the Video Editor. If you are done with all of the editings, save the project, click the “Export” button then wait for it to be processed and saved on your computer.

avd merge videos

Step 5 Play Video

To check the output file, locate the saved project to the output folder of AceThinker Video Editor on your device. Play the video to check and review the applied changes. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, repeat the process to explore and know more about the other functions of the tool.

merge clips in aftereffects avdplayvid

Four Alternative Solutions to Merge Clips

1. Power Director

Price: $19.99 Monthly
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Power Director is one of the tools that suit to be an alternative to Adobe After Effects alternative. It is fast and fully packed with advanced and basic video editing tools. It also offers the newest and latest technologies such as advanced features. Still, they keep them easy to use, especially when combining two or more video clips. Power Director is also one of the most known tools for pro software. It has the essential tools wherein you can use to merge, cut, trim, crop video clips. This alternative supports animated titles and motion graphics that you can’t do in After Effects.

Key Features:

  • It renders and processes fast.
  • It can do Multicam editing.
  • It can produce 3D videos in 4K quality.

merge clips in aftereffects powerdirector

2. DaVinci Resolve

Price: DaVinci Resolve 17 $425 One time payment
Supported OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

DaVinci Resolve is another tool that you can use as an alternative to After Effects since it has the ability to blend two or more video clips. With the help of its unique functional video editing tools that includes a trimmer, cropper, merger, and more. You can create a fantastic video out of short clips that you will combine. Aside from combining clips, you can also customize your interface to create it more convenient. DaVinci is also known as a sports video editor.

Key Features:

  • It has professional video editing tools.
  • It offers numerous video and audio effects, filters, and transitions.
  • It supports multiple formats including MP4, M4A, and more.

merge clips in aftereffects davinci

3. Fastreel Online Video Merger

Price: $9.95 Monthly Unlimited Premium
Supported OS: Mac and Windows

This next tool that could help you with merging video clips is the Fastreel Online Video Merger. It has a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that could support you in combining your short and long video clips. It provides various choices of transitions and themes to stitch your videos seamlessly. But it only supports files with MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, and MOV formats. It can combine clips that size up to 500 MB. Aside from video files, you can also combine audio files with Fastreel Online Video Merger.

  • It has a total of seven transitions that are free to use.
  • Offers built in templates.
  • It has an organized video editing panel.

merge clips in after effects fastreel

4. iMovie

Price: Pre-installed on Mac devices
Supported OS: iOS and Mac

iMovie is a notable video editing utility that is designed for Apple devices. Its essential editing functions can merge and combine clips at lossless quality. It has a timeline editing panel to merge multiple clips in a single output. Additionally, it is equipped with different transitional effects to make the project video natural and clean. You can also utilize its inbuilt media player to preview and check the changes made to the project video. What is more, this tool can export merged clips on different social media platforms, including Vimeo, YouTube, iTunes, MobileMe Gallery, and more.

Key Features:

  • Provides ready to use templates.
  • It has advanced editing functions such as Chroma Keying, split-screening, and more.
  • It is equipped with video templates that can insert into the project video.

merge clips in aftereffects imovie

Conclusion and Recommendation

Now you have discovered the steps on how to combine clips in After Effects and with its alternatives where you can find the top four powerful video editors that could help you with merging clips smoothly. Consider AceThinker Video Editor as our recommended tool that produces quality videos with easy-to-use tools and a straightforward user interface. Discover more about this tool by visiting this product page AceThinker Video Editor.

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